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Burke Hodgson | 150 comments I paid $17.99 for TCV -- a mighty 2 bucks less than the hard copy edition. I wanted to lend it to my granddaughter to get her opinion on it, but when I checked my Kindle library I have just discovered that you can't lend it. At the price I paid I should be able to send it to the moon !!!!!

Carrie Clark | 1 comments I agree with you!

A Serious Lover (renaissancelady) | 2 comments I agree as well. I read an article not long ago about how you can will your Kindle library to someone as you 'own' it. I don't see how the restrictions on lending can stand in the face of that.

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W (Thereader1) | 4 comments Very unfair, i live in South Africa, and tried the Amazon Prime, but lending is only available in the U.S. :-(

Burke Hodgson | 150 comments You aren't missing all that much. You can only borrow one book a month and many of the brand new, quite pricey kindle books are not available for Prime lending.

I did borrow all three of the Hunger Games books with Prime. I quite liked the first one, but the subsequent two were more typical Teenager Saves The Universe books. They were pretty good but not awesome.

Katy (dipebrei) | 6 comments I know it is frustrating. We should be able to lend any book we want at least once. But I have Prime as well and never borrow books....most are cheap unheard of ones. And very few of my books are lendable.

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A Serious Lover (renaissancelady) | 2 comments I use ebookfling, lendle and booklending (just add .com and google these) for borrowing (and lending)Kindle books. No charges as long as long as you offer up at least three of yours. It's working out quite well for me and I avoid the Amazon fees for Prime and the restriction they have of one book per month.

Burke Hodgson | 150 comments This sounds like a great tip. I'll give etc. a try.

I just noticed that since CV dropped off the NYT best seller list, the Amazon price has dropped to eight bucks and change. I paid $17.99 for it

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