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Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) I started my goal in 2012 at 50 books and as of right now I am sitting at 363 books ☺☺☺☺ I know my goal for 2012 will be at least 250 books but haven't decided on a definite number yet LOL.

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Lucy (gfigure) | 18 comments How do you do it? That's amazing!

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) Thanks Lucy!!!Well for one we don't have tv...well we do have tvs but we don't have cable LOL we do have Netflix but I still don't watch it. I've never really been a big tv/movie watcher even when we did have cable. I would usually turn the tv on just for the noise and then go pick up my book LOL. I crochet a lot too so when I am crocheting I will listen to an audiobook. I do work but I don't have small children so MOST of my free time is mine. My boyfriend has hobbies (golf and woodworking) so that allows for extra free time too ☺

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Lucy (gfigure) | 18 comments Some good tips there. I can't do audio books for probably The same reason I can't watch mind wonders too much. Tv is more a noise thing for me while I craft or read. That is still a great amount of books. I applaud you.

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) Lucy it took me a while to get used to audiobooks because my mind would wander and sometimes it still does. But I have found with the audiobooks, if the narrator isn't good then the mind does wander more. At first when I started with the audiobooks I would not do anything but listen, and then I gradually started doing a little bit here and there and pretty much trained myself to listen. Kind of like when you were in school and had to listen to the teacher lecture LOL Now I can listen and do whatever and still focus on the audiobook. Thanks Lucy ☺☺☺

I sneak in a lot of reading time too. I have some form of a book with me at all times. IF I'm standing in line for long periods of time at the grocery store walmart,bank,wherever I pull out my book and read...even if it's only for 5 or 10 minutes...that's 5-10 pages I read in that short time frame LOL

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Lucy (gfigure) | 18 comments Maybe I will give it another shot as I do cross stitch and crochet a lot and seem to be able to listen to the tv

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Lucy (gfigure) | 18 comments Thanks for all your tips!!

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) You are more than welcome Lucy!!! I hope you can use some of them and be successful with them. It is very easy to lose focus on tv/audiobooks while doing other things but I hope you do give audiobooks another shot as they are really enjoyable,especially if you are doing crafts or whatever. I don't even listen to the radio much any more because I would rather listen to a book LOL.

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