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The Mockingbirds (The Mockingbirds, #1)
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Adriana Discuss The Mockingbirds here!

I prefer the other cover. I have a thing for boarding schools and having not only that but helping someone get justice after their date raped has really gotten me excited for this book.

message 2: by Nathan (last edited Jan 02, 2013 02:20PM) (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) Adriana wrote: "helping someone get justice after their date raped"

So this sentence makes this book sound totally up my alley! Another one for the TBR list! haha

Adriana Kind of reminds me of Speak but I could be wrong... Maybe not. I think that's what happened. This book is sitting at the library waiting for me but books are being shipped to me and they are taking forever to get there!

message 4: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) It does sound like a similar situation as Speak. That was a pretty good book as well.

Adriana Read it! I did really enjoy it and gave it four stars but I felt the friends and even her didn't seem as angry as I think they should have. They did. But I didn't feel as much as I wanted to. Other than this book could be intense sometimes and I loved what The Mockingbirds represented. I despised the boy who raped her and how he told her she was begging for it. People are such... expletive. I was surprised when I found out in the end that the author was date raped at college. Wow. He only got a semester suspended. I would take a metal bat and beat him with it or hire some people to make him go away. If there is going to be a ruling it better be a ruling that I never see his face ever again. *shudders*

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Nathan (nthnlwly) Adriana wrote: "People are such... expletive."

lol! Books like this always make me feel that way too. I can't imagine the stuff girls go through after that happens, especially when the idiot who did it doesn't get half of what he deserves.

Adriana I actually now have it for three stars. Not wanting to read the second book means you can't get that many stars. I expected more from the book and I really feel like the guy should have been kicked out or someone should have kicked his ass...

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