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Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 8 comments Mod

<.b>Full Name:<./b>


<.b>DOB (Date of birth): <./b>


<.b> Weapons:<./b>

<.b> Type of Dragon:<./b>

<.b> Dragon Appearance:<./b>

<.b>Human Appearance: <./b>

<.b>Dressing Style:<./b>


<.b>Likes/ Dislikes:<./b>

<.b>Background History:<./b> 5-8 full sentences required

<.b>Strength and Weakness:<./b>

<.b>Family: <./b>

<.b>Relationship status:<./b>

<.b>Other: <./b>

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Name~ Glenda Marry Liliana Hope

Age~ 16

D.O.B.~ August 1st, 1996

Gender~ Female

Weapons~ Stubbornness, Fire

Type of Draki~ Fire

Draki Appearance~ vibrant red scales, narrow face, strong legs, large wings, and flared tail tip.

Human Appearance~ Long Red Hair, Forest Green Eyes, Pail Face, Light Freckles, Average Weight, pointed noes.
Hair Colour- description
Face Structure- description

Dressing Style~ Baggy shirts, Blue Jeans, And Black Running Shoes. She is also a fan of mid evil type dresses.

Personality~ Stubborn, Protective, Kind, Generous, Easily Frightened, hot headed sometimes, calm.

Likes~ Nicer People/Draki, Flying, Heat, family.
Dislikes~ Bullies, the cold, being in water, being reminded of her past.

Background History~ Before Glenda's eleventh birthday, her and her brother Kambern were very close. Kambern always stood up for his sister and took car of her when there parents were busy with Thundra.
But once Glenda turned eleven she manifested for the first time. When her parents say that she was a fire draki she immediately became the favorite and Kambern was not.
To protect Glenda from other draki who would want to use her for breeding, they kept her hidden. After two months of keeping her hidden Glenda's parents forced her and Kambern to bond.
Not long after the bonding Kembern ran off and there pride was under attack. Both there parents died, but Glenda and Thundra survived.
Thundra and Glenda have been sirching for a place to call home ever since. They hoped to find Kambern and be a family again.

Strength~ Heat, Fire, Family, Love
Weakness~ WATER, Cold, Fear, Pain, Love

Family~ baby brother (Thundra)and older brother (Kambern)

Relationship status~ With someone- Gildor

Other~ She is scared of falling in love, being used to breeding, having her wings clipped, and being "owned". She human skin and draki skin are both very sensitive to water and the cold.


Name~ Thundra Hope

Age~ 4

D.O.B.~ October 3rd, 2004

Gender~ male

Weapons~ none

Type of Dragon~ water

Dragon Appearance~ Blue and purple scales, chubbier face, smaller body, webbed feet and tail.

Human Appearance~ shaggy black hair, hazel-blue eyes, pail skin.

Dressing Style~ kid type cloths, he doesn't really have a style yet.

Personality~ quiet, lovable, over emotional, outgoing

Likes~ his sister, water
Dislikes~ Bullies, Humans, Bigger Dragons, Kambern

Background History~ Thundra's home village was under attack and his mother and father died protecting his sister. not long after, Glenda found him crying in the rewinds of his old room and took him in. So they moved from pride to pride, in hopes that they can start a new.

Strength~ Glenda, love, a seance of "home"
Weakness~ emotions, Glenda, fire

Family~ Older sister (Glenda) and older brother (Kambern)

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Melissa | 13353 comments Full Name: Sapphire 'Saff' Piretta
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): December 7, 1996
Gender: female

Weapons: none
Type of Dragon: Shader

Dragon Appearance: Pearly white scales, sometimes have a pinkish hue in direct sunlight
Human Appearance: She is rather short and has a small stature.
Dressing Style: Usually dark t-shirts and ripped skinny jeans, she also prefers to wear silver rings and studded belts along with doc marten boots. She always wears a sapphire necklace with a silver chain around her neck.

Personality: Is quiet and withdrawn around the other draki's since they looked down on her for most of her life and only started treating her as an equal when she manifested when she was 13. She never speaks much louder than a whisper.

Likes: Being alone, flying, swimming, and reading about the outside world
Dislikes: The pride elders, being around large groups of the drakis she grew up around, and cages

Background History: She was left on the steps of the previous shader's home when she was a baby. The old woman named her Sapphire for her striking sapphire blue eyes and cared for her. When Saff reached maturity she surprised the entire pride by manifesting into a shader draki. When her guardian died Saff took over the duties of the pride's shader.

Strengths: She is small, lithe, agile, and quick on her feet.
Weaknesses: Dry and arid places.

Family: None
Crush: Daniel Chambers
Other: The pride elders have been trying to find a mate for her for awhile but she's been resisting.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
she sound Pretty :)
i like her ^^

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Full Name: Caleb Simoth

Age: 18

DOB (Date of birth): 1994

Gender: Male

Weapons: peaceful

Type of Dragon: Earth

Dragon Appearance: mud brown scales, large wings, and strong legs.

Human Appearance: description

Dressing Style: baggy cloths, and a neckless his grandfather gave him.

Personality: sweet, gentle, protective, shy around girls

Likes/ Dislikes:
L- swimming, fish, heat, going for runs, girls
D- the other draki guys (mean to him)

Background History: grandfather lived with his family for as long as Caleb can remember. His grandfather thought him they ways of the earth draki, and that war is never an answer. Caleb was the last out of his siblings to manifest, and he was the only draki (other then his grandfather) who was an earth draki, everyone else was Onyx or water. when his grandfather died, he was left with a safire neckless, it's Caleb's most prized position.

Strength and Weakness:
S- earth, peace, love, hope
W- pain, cold

Family: mom, dad, and two older sisters.

Relationship status: single

Other: doesn't talk to ANYONE

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
lol sorry about grammar >.<

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Melissa | 13353 comments Full Name: Jett DiSotto
Age: 12
DOB (Date of birth): March 14, 2001
Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Hypno
Dragon Appearance: Green scales with a blueish tint.He's a little smaller than other draki's his age who have manifested.
Human Appearance:

Dressing Style: He's 12 so whatever's in his closet.
Personality: Innocent and a bit naive, he trusts other draki's almost blindly. He is well liked by almost everyone. (will add more later)

Likes: Being around other draki's and even humans.
Dislikes: Being alone

Background History:TBD

Strengths: A people person and well liked by everyone, can easily gain pretty much anyone's trust.
Weakness: Gets scared in high pressure situations

Family: His aunt, Vivian
Relationship status: He's 12, so single!
Other: One of the only draki's Sapphire actually cares about.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Full Name: Kambern Hope

Age: 19

DOB (Date of birth): 1994

Gender: Male

Weapons: knife

Type of Dragon: Onyx

Dragon Appearance: Jet black skails, powerful wings, large, FAST.

Human Appearance: shaggy black hair, hazel eyes, pail skin, 6'2.

Dressing Style: Dark baggy clothing

Personality: depressing, protective, harsh

Likes/ Dislikes:
L- siblings
D- EVERY other draki or human

Background History: was frost to bond with Glenda when they were little, to protect her. But he ran away right after because he wanted nothing to o with his perfect sister. But eventually he came to love her because of the bonding. He tried to stay away from her but could tell that she would never stop. So he made him home in a small town and waited for the she would find him.

Strength and Weakness:
S- protecting, siblings
W- fain, siblings

Family: Glenda and Thundra

Relationship status: single, and wants to stay that way.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Full Name: Gildor Dorthonion Helyanwë

Age: 17

DOB: 01 - January - 1995

Gender: Male

Weapons: Like all of the Visipcryptor he is armed with daggers to be used with sneak attacks. However Gildor has trained to become a man of honor and uses a sword to fight, occasionally he will use his daggers but he would never stab someone without looking them in the eyes.
(view spoiler)

Type of Dragon: Visiocryptor

Dragon Appearance: Sleek, black and quick.
(view spoiler)

Human Appearance: six foot, lengthy black hair and unique eyes

Dressing Style: He wears a tight fitting black singlet, are black scarf, a loose fitting large belt with black cargo pants and arm length black gloves.

Personality: Gildor is a quiet guy, he keeps mostly to himself because people rarely trust him, he is always calm and collected. Gildor is extremely loyal and to everyone's constant surprise never actually lies, he prefers to relax and hardly experiences his dragon form.

- Gildor has an obsession with honor, he would never lie or betray someones trust.
- Like all Visiocryptor, he prefers to sneak around and practice his discretion.
- Gildor has a random obsession to cook, he is also very good at it.

- Gildor hates attention, he would rather sneak around then be given any limelight.
- Although this constantly surprises everyone Gildor hates dishonesty.
- unsurprisingly Gildor doesn't like his family as he sees them as liars and cheats.

Background History: Gildor grew up with his family of sneaks and cheats, he never thought about it as a child but no one really liked them. As Gildor grew older he was rejected by other kids, he was called liar, thief, coward and other choice words even though he'd never done anything wrong. When Gildor grew to the age of 8 he had already begun to master his family techniques, he was a young prodigy, but disgust began to stir within him at who he was. When he was 10 Gildor was being considered for training in the ways of assassins, but by then he had begun to piece together the puzzle of his life. After a few years of training as an assassin Gildor began to develop his obsession with honor, his family tried to talk him out of it but he would hear none of it. On the dawn of his 14th birthday Gildor quit his training as an assassin and begun to train himself, he began to separate himself from his family and adopt a new way of living based on honor. To this day Gildor trains in the use of his sword rather than that of a dagger, he also took a personal vow of honesty, even though he still trains his abilities to sneak around, he would never use them to harm another.

- As a Visiocryptor Gildor was well trained in speed and discretion, he is very agile and hard to see.
- Although good at being nimble, Gildor is also an adept fighter, as he learnt how to fight with honor.
- Gildor loves to cook and is somewhat of a master chief.

- His attribute for honor is considered a weakness among his family.
- He considers his family and heritage a weakness because everyone classes him as one of them.
- Gildor is not good with surprises, he doesn't like not knowing things.

Family: Only those of the Visiocryptor draki.

Relationship status: Glenda

Other: As a dragon their scale colors vary. They can become invisible at will when in draki form. They are stereotyped as being untrustworthy since they can sneak around finding out secrets.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
I like him :)
He's accepted :)

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) :3 cheers, figured i should try a draki that hadn't been used, also he age close to the girls ages ;)

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Lol okie :p

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Melissa | 13353 comments Yay a new character

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Lol now it's not just you and me :)

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) :3 what about the other three characters?

... -.- just realized you made them

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Melissa | 13353 comments What about them?

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Thought they were made by other people :/

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Melissa | 13353 comments Nope, unfortunately not. We're not a very big group

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) S'all good, still sounds like a good one :)

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Melissa | 13353 comments :)

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Caramel Cat Universe Full Name: Sunny Lee

Age: 18

DOB (Date of birth): May 15

Gender: Female


Type of Dragon: Water Draki


Hair color: Blue
Hair Length: Short
Hair Type: Thick and Wavy/Straight
Eye color: Brown
Height: 158 cm/5’2 ft
Weight: 43kg/95lb
Blood type: B
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Languages : Korean (Fluent) , English , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic)
(view spoiler)

Dressing Style: She dresses very colorful and cute.

Personality: Sunny is sweet and doesn’t like to fight. She loves to have a good time and is usually found near the water. She can be shy, but warms up to most people fast. She is also very girly sometimes. She acts just like a kid and loves video games. She loves to sing and have fun. She also loves sweets, dancing, and singing. Sunny sticks her tongue when she's angry. She has never had her first kiss. She has a phobia to fireworks and loud sounds and hates milk. She is afraid of guns or anything that goes "boom".

Likes: Water, stuffed animals, cute things, good food, tea, flying, snow, music, singing, dancing, big fluffy things, and kind people, and nice people

Dislikes: Human (more scared of them), hunters, mean people, fire, loud noises, and people who want to fight

Background History: Sunny was born in a far Asian country that was about to be raging war. Her parents then sent her with her grandparent and brother to this pact to start a new life. She only has a picture of them that she keeps on her always though she gives it to Moke sometimes. Her grandparents then started the Jade Dragon restaurant. She then learned how to do the tea ceremony and mastered it after a while. She and her brother then got the restaurant when her grandparents retired and plans to give it to one of her children or nephews or nieces when she retires. She sometimes she performs at the restaurant singing and dancing.

Strength: Water, breathing underwater

Weakness: Fire

Daniel Lee (Father) {?}
Breanna Lee (Mother) {?}
Moke Lee (Brother) {Alive} [24]
Cathy Lee (Sister) {Alive} [14]
Hyoyeon Lee (Grandma) {Alive} [73]
Taemin Lee (Grandpa) {Alive} [76]

Relationship status: Single


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Excepted :)
Thanks for joining the role play ^^

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Caramel Cat Universe Welcome~! :D

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Have fun :)

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Caramel Cat Universe Full Name: Moke Lee

Age: 23

DOB (Date of birth): January 31

Gender: Male


Type of Dragon: Onyx Draki

Hair color: Black and White
Hair Length: Long
Hair Type: Thin and Straight
Eye color: Green
Height: 195 cm/6’5 ft
Weight: 63kg/140lb
Blood type: 0
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Languages : Korean (Fluent) , English , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic)
(view spoiler)

Dressing Style: He dresses in tie and suit most of the time trying to look nice.

Personality: A boy with an agile mind, he is looked up to by many others. Just like his sister, he is straight forward, but he also possesses the ability to make important decisions correctly and has the strong aura of a leader or superior. The only weakness of Moke is that he hates troublesome issues, and the only time he is not troubled by these issues is when they are related to his younger sister. He is very protective toward his sister, and can become slightly hysterical when dealing with things related to her. He can be mean sometimes, but is a softy.

Likes: Tea, protecting his sister, music, cooking, having fun, and nice people

Dislikes: Human (more scared of them), hunters, mean people, fire, loud noises, and people who want to fight, rude people, people who mess/touch/piss off/or hurt his sister, or bad cooking

Background History:Moke was born in a far Asian country that was about to be raging war. His parents then sent him with his grandparents and sister to this pact to start a new life. He only has a picture of them that Sunny keeps on her always. He sometimes looks at it though. His grandparents then started the Jade Dragon restaurant and tea shop. He and Sunny then got the restaurant when his grandparents retired and plans to give it to one of his children or nephews or nieces when he retires. He currently a cook there.
Strength: Protective

Weakness: Siblings

Daniel Lee (Father) {?}
Breanna Lee (Mother) {?}
Sunny Lee (Sister) {Alive} [18]
Cathy Lee (Sister) {Alive} [14]
Hyoyeon Lee (Grandma) {Alive} [73]
Taemin Lee (Grandpa) {Alive} [76]

Relationship status: Single


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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod

message 27: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe Thanks...

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod

message 29: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe Can there be a restaurant called Jade Dragon that Moke and Sunny own?

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Sure, I'll make it as soon as I fix my computer.

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Caramel Cat Universe Okay thanks~!

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
done :)

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Melissa | 13353 comments Full Name: Theodora Helyanwë

Age: Looks to be in her 60's

DOB (Date of birth): March 21

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Visiocryptor

Dragon Appearance: Sleek, not very big with black scales which are tinged gray from age. (Similar to Gildor's appearance). (view spoiler)

Human Appearance:

Dressing Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Loud and rambunctious despite her age, Theodora loves nothing more than to embarrass her grandson and the rest of her family. She doesn't buy into the visiocryptor stereotype, believing that everyone forges their own path in life and anyone who hides behind a group mentality is weak.

Background History: Not much different from that of the rest of her pride. She was raised to be an assassin and became quite skilled at it. She was quite good at mastering the techniques because she could remove herself from the situation and as a result created a separate personality. Her usual personality is quite loud and raucous but when she is in assassin mode she is quiet and serious.

Family: Husband~ Thomas, Son~ Geoff, Daughter-in-law~ Sophia, Grandson~ Gildor.

Relationship status: Married


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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
I love her! :)

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) ((I made assassin's like a prestigious and unique course in the Pride, very few made it in and even fewer lasted, that's why everyone ended up hating Gildor, because he was to be the next master but quit, Everything else is Brilliant :D love tha Ganny :) ))

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Melissa | 13353 comments Yay thanks ^_^

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) Full Name: Draco Stone

Age: 18

DOB (Date of birth): October 31st

Gender: male

Weapons: Huge battle axe

Type of Dragon: Earth

Dragon Appearance: 6 and a half ft tall with striking blue eyes. He is the color of dark soil almost black even. Four parallel scars on his left cheek mar the beauty of his draki form as does the straight scar on his throat. He is heavier than he looks also.

Human Appearance: about 6 and a half ft tall and 250 pounds of lean, powerful muscle. Except for the scars he looks average, tanned with dark hair and striking blue eyes are the only thing that is unique about him.

Dressing Style: has a black leather duster he wears sometimes but otherwise wears practical jeans and shirts. He also wears a necklace with a black diamond.

Personality: he appears intimidating but is actually quite nice to his friends. He is a draki of few words and even less of jokes. He will fight when threatened and fights with everything he has, whether protecting his loved one or not, and would die before he lets harm come to them.

Likes: nature and has a sweet tooth and a sweet spot on the back of his neck that when scratched gets a reaction like dogs basically.
Dislikes: cities and most humans

Background History: once he belonged to another tribe but that tribe was killed by hunters. When Draco tried to warn them a traitor stopped him and tried to silence him. He ran into the words and survived for over a year before he manifested early thanks to a pack of wolves. At 11 he was captured by humans and tortured and experimented on, he escaped three years later when they tried to kill him and has wandered ever since. Two years after he escapes he meets up with wild and erratic Visiocryptor Nick, who was exiled from his pride for the “taint” of the strong Onyx bloodline. They are the closest of friends, almost brothers actually, and defend and annoy each other in turns.

Strengths: he can control the earth like few can and is highly loyal
Weaknesses: distrustful and can’t hit a female

Family: his family was killed when he was 8

Relationship status: none at the moment

other: He has a code of honor that says if anyone beats him in combat and lets him live then he will serve that person until the debt has been paid tenfold.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) Full Name: Nickolas Silverscale

Age: 17

DOB (Date of birth): April 1st

Gender: male

Weapons: a katana named “luscious Lucy” and a frying pan named Big Bertha.

Type of Dragon: visiocryptor

Dragon Appearance: he looks like an Onyx except for a single silver scale on his chest. At about 65ft 7 he is quite small, and he has strong wiry muscles that he ran ripple and twitch on command.

Human Appearance: he is about 5ft 7 with slightly tan skin with black hair that has a silver streak in it. He has black eyes with dance with an almost feral delight. He would be considered handsome except for said mad light.

Dressing Style : nobody knows his style, not even Nick.

Personality: Spontaneous and erratic would be consider an understatement when describing Nick, he is unpredictable and swings from philosophical to bouncing off the walls from one second to another sometimes. He is also rude and obnoxious with a smart aleck streak as wide as the ocean. Despite this he is a loyal friend that is willing to knock said friend of the pedestal if need be. He is also more stubborn than a camel and happily admits it.

Likes/ Dislikes : likes candy and females. Dislikes any without a sense of humor

Background History : he was born to the Onyx royal family of his tribe but not in wedlock. His father is unknown so the family decided to see if what he would be. Saying they were surprised when he turned out to be a strong visiocryptor would be putting it mildly. They were so furious that they almost killed him on the spot. Though the pride tried he left them when he was 13 and never looked back. He spent the next two years doing odd jobs, during which he met a strong Hypno who shattered his mind when he broke the draki's control, and just wandering until he met Draco. He immediately said they would be brothers and it turns out he was right, they have travelled together ever since.

Strength and Weakness: his strengths are his stubbornness and his sharp tongue, they are also his weaknesses

Family: He was disowned so he considers them no longer family.

Relationship status : none but always searching

other: he believes that if you are given the chance, you make the enemy go out in a big boom.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) (have mine been approved yet? i can't tell if they have been or not)

message 40: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 13353 comments Elizabeth should've approved it by now....

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Sorry, been buzzy and didn't get the notification.


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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) anyone mind if i make a male fire-breather?

message 43: by Elizabeth, Firebreather (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod
Okay :)

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) name: Blaze Smith
age: 18
gender: male
Date of Birth: July 14
Type of Draki: Fire-breather
Draki Appearance: is about 6ft 3inches with wiry muscles covered by red-orange scales. eyes are golden.
Human Appearance: Stands 6ft 3 inches with pale skin and red-orange hair. eyes are golden.
Dressing Style: comfy jeans and shirts
Personality: he is brave borderline reckless. he is loyal to his friends and protective as well. he is sarcastic and loves to trade banter and insults. he has a soft spot for kids though and for females, giving in and tolerating them more than need be sometimes.
like/dislikes: likes to fly and to test himself. dislikes bullies and cowards.
Background History: he was part of a large pride until he beat the heir almost to death for trying to abuse a kid, he was banished and considered a liar though. he left and did odd jobs until he came to the area. he has been here for about a year now, staying hidden and surviving as best he can.
Strength/weakness: he is powerful with a strong flame. he can't fly as fast as others of his kind, also tends to act before thinking.
Family: another pride far away.
relationship: none yet
other: tends to be too quick to fight and if there is a fight there is a good chance he is there.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 14836 comments Mod

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Full Name: Iris klytos

Age: 18

DOB: 05 - February

Gender: Female

Weapons: Although adept in combat with almost all weaponry, Iris prefers the use of pole-arms, she is extremely flexible and is able to swing the weapon around her with such ease that it looks like she's dancing, she often carries around a staff with her gem embedded in the hilt and can very very deadly with it, however when she knows she may have to fight she prefers to arm herself with her Guandao.
(view spoiler)

Type of Dragon: Fire Draki

Dragon Appearance: Strong, majestic and large are words that best suit Iris's dragon form, She is quite large covered in deep red scales while goldn scales line her chest, her wings are large and powerful to fit the rest of her body.
(view spoiler)

Human Appearance: Iris has fare skin and long golden hair that reaches down to the small of her back, she also has deep red eyes that make it clear who she is. Iris is proud and strong, she refuses to show any weakness in her appearance and walks as though she was invincible.

Dressing Style: Iris wears a white robe rimed with red, the robe is loose and flutters in the wind. She also wears a red cloak, a red waist belt and red vambraces to hold her robe together. She also wears a red beaded necklace and a golden collar with a red jewel in the middle, even though it is decorative she uses this more to protect her neck in combat rather then have a weak point.

Personality: Iris is not a nice person, she hates people in general and can't stand sitting in one place for too long, she doesn't take orders very well and can often be found doing incredibly stupid things just to spite the person who tried telling her what to do. As for her positives, she can fight, as sad as it sounds that is all she is good at and it is what she is known for, Iris strives for power through her strength agility and speed, she can fight with any weapon and can hold her own in any situation, although like everyone she has her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fighting as well, she is deadly at close range but doesn't handle ranged attacks well and usually tries to close the gap with her speed. However, Iris is also a calm and relaxed person, she prefers to relax and ignore the world, she will only attack if she sees a reason and often doesn't care for any matters that don't directly concern herself.

- Fighting
- quiet moments alone
- Power

- People in general
- Sharing and being nice
- Being told what to do

Background History: Iris grew up in a Pride with strong fighters, she was trained her whole life to defend herself and how to take other down with many kinds of weapons. She grew up ignorant of many things, however as she grew older and more skilled she never lacked knowledge when it came to combat. She grew older and became better with every type of weapon that she used however she quickly took a liking to staffs and pole arms. When she first manifested she began getting many possible mates lined up, but she challenged each one to a fight and turned away any who lost to her, which was all of them. She soon became irritated with people and took to being on her own. When everyone refused to leave her alone she began attacking more and more of them, Iris ended up killing several of the members of her Pride before she ran away. After these events she decided not to manifest in front of others, so that none would truly know her. Soon after her fourteenth birthday she joined a new pride and rather then anything else she focused on training her combat skills. Now, 4 years later none in her pride knows her true form although everyone fears her with a weapon in hand.

- Combat skills
- Speed
- Strength

- Patients
- Common sense and intelligence
- Attention span

Family: None currently created (Open)

Relationship status: Single

Other: just got to do history, ps: the history could change depending on who else is in the pride

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) Full Name: Drakis McCoy

Age: 18

DOB (Date of birth): January 1st

Gender: male

Weapons: none

Type of Dragon: hypno

Dragon Appearance: whiter than fresh snow with pale blue eyes. about 5ft 9inches. very little muscle.

Human Appearance: same height as his draki with pale skin, white hair, and pale blue eyes.

Dressing Style: simple white clothes.

Personality: he is as dark as they come. he'd drown you if you get in his way but not before gaining your trust and the trust of others. or he'd set you on fire just to hear you scream. he hides his darkness behind a kind and polite demeanor.

Likes/ Dislikes: likes to control others, dislikes people with free will or if they get in his way.

Background History: he was once part of a pride of hypnos. when he manifested he found he could control them. when his family found out he killed them and blamed a neighboring pride. this sent his pride out in vengence only to kill them all. he wondered until he came to this area and found one pride mentally weaker than the others and has steadily taken over the pride.

Strength and Weakness: super strong mind power but very weak physically. he is also highly patient but sometimes slips up when confronted physically.

Family: killed them when he was eleven.

Relationship status: single.
((this do?))

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Finished the history :) check it out and let me know what you think :3

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cool :)

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