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↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Okay, now, what shall our thingy be about? =3

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Ehh... Not particularly...But I guess it depends.
Normally I despise the class, because the the teacher makes it hell for me. Not to mention that she makes it sound amazingly boring although it's not. Plus it's hard to pay attention to her, and she kinda scares me... Oh, right. Going off subject. Ignore what I previously wrote.

Perhaps we can make it work. =3

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Hehee.. That's how I always am... ^ ^'

Well...I always was interested in the World Wars... But my history teacher won't even bother to teach about them... ;-;
Oops. There I go again.
Though I don't think I know a whole lot about them... Let me re-phrase that: I don't know as much about them as I would like to know, for fear of feeling like an idiot.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments xD *laughs* I know, right?! Not to mention the fact that I'm German, too...

About all I know about the world wars are: Anne Frank's diary-thing, and that they basically made everyone hate the German's asses for a while...

So. Anyway, what are your ideas?

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments XD Hetalia style... What's the difference? That we RP with countries like you and Kharo?

Sure...As long as you don't turn into my history teacher and yell at me for talking when I'm not.... ;^; xD

message 6: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Dec 28, 2012 06:28PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Okay then.

*nods quickly* Uh huh...Yeah, I think... *blank stare*
So that's how Hitler came into power...

*stares at wall blankly*

So, uh, normal people, then?

message 7: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Dec 28, 2012 06:40PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments You can keep going...I enjoy listening...

How can you know all of this by memory..? o.o

message 8: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Dec 28, 2012 07:02PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Okay...Your knowledge is actually quite amazing. ^ ^

So. To recap on our RP... We're going to do this with normal people, in the second world war, and... o-o

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Sure, why not? ^ ^

But I gotta go now, that headache from yesterday is back again...That's what I get for staying up so late and not getting my 12 hours of sleep... Goodnight, Cubie!

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Imma back~!
Sort of.... I'm a little slow with my posts... I don't know why...

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments SOOOOOO, so sorry, Cubie dear... >.<'

Cubes and Raindrops wrote: "Hehe me too. In da middle of drawin a person. :3 So what shall we rp, dear Ryou-san?"

I don't know... Maybe we can do it Hetalia style, with contries, but which...? ._. I'm too nervous to think of anything... >.<

message 13: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Dec 30, 2012 06:15PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Ehh...Before and during I RP I get nervous that I might suck at it to an extreme extent... >.<''

message 14: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 02, 2013 03:05PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Yes, Cube, we are friends. ^ ^
But still, I'm afraid that I'll bore you...
Off of the subject, right....

It's a little late for this but, Happy New Year!

message 15: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 03, 2013 05:09PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments ^_^

You see...that's the problem....I have no creativity when it comes to that... o__________o So....whatever you wanna do, I'm okay with it. ^ ^

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Well....I do have one idea...But it's kinda derpy...But then again, it's too little to actually be considered an idea...So forget I said anything... T_T

That's probably why I should leave the ideas to you...Because when I'm not trying to come up with ideas, I get ideas. But when I actually try, I get nothing...

message 17: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 03, 2013 05:30PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments I truthfully...Don't understand it anymore...Nor do I understand what my intention was when I came up with it. I'm horrible when it comes to this kinda thing.

So, do we stick with the WWII thing? I might actually get some ideas once we start... X)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments I'm okay with either. ^ ^ But if we do the Hetalia version, which countries could we RP with? You're the history expert here...Maybe that would help? o.o

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments o____o
Okay. You said that you wanted to try an RP with vulnerable humans. Which would you prefer? ^_^

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments I don't know...
I've wanted to try Hetalia style, but at the moment, I don't really see a whole lot of possibilities...On the other hand, doing it normal sounds a whole lot easier. me knowing nothing about the subject.....

I don't mind sticking with this RP idea. It's interesting; I like it. ^_^
I guess I could just use wikipedia or something to brush up on some info... xD

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Cubes and Raindrops wrote: "You sure? Hm... Alright... Setting... I think it should be France.... I think? GAH! So many possibilities to choose from! >.<

Which one? France, Germany, or Poland? In Poland, there were a shit lo..."

Hmm....Poland sounds good. xD


One that involves ghosties. :3"

O'rly? My idea thing actually involved ghosties, too... o.o

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments X) Ookay! I'll try not to take very long, because I have to go soon...

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Hey....Around what age should they be? o.o

message 24: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 03, 2013 07:12PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Cubes and Raindrops wrote: "Note that my character will be different from your's"


I'm gonna try and make her innocent-ish...Though I have no idea what that has to do with anything. o____o

message 25: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jun 15, 2013 06:23PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Name: Armine Olvey

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: (view spoiler) ( Sorry that it's not in color... )

Personality: Shy and perhaps a bit antisocial. Likewise, she is sweet and gentle. She can be very inviting when she wants to be. She tends to exclude herself from most people without notice and is wary of others. She can be caring, as well.

Extra: Nothing at the moment....

(( I might edit later on, to improve stuff... ))

message 26: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 03, 2013 07:21PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Cubes and Raindrops wrote: "Otay! >:] I am going to introduce my charrie in the RP as we go along. That okay?"

Sure, okay~ ^ ^

But...I have to go now.... >.<'
Goodnight, my dear Cubie.

message 27: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 04, 2013 06:00PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Heller! And thanks! ^_^

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Sure~!
Do you want to start, or should I? I must warn you: I take a long time and my posts are overly long....

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Yuss, It's fine. ^_^ ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine rushed outside, over to the big tree that she loved to sit under, the shady one. She fixed her dress, sat down and began to unpack some of her lunch: half an loaf of bread. She smiled with delight as she nearly swallowed it whole. She watched the fiery-colored leaves fall off the branches of the trees with every slight gust of wind.

message 31: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 06, 2013 06:14PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( If i'm correct, that's "shit" in German, isn't it? XD ))

Armine stopped chewing the massive amount of bread in her mouth. She thought that she had heard something close by...She was reluctant to set her loaf of bread down. She didn't want some ants to finish it before she did. No ants should be worthy of such fluffy goodness. But she did anyway. Setting the bread down, she was able to use her two arms to get up. She looked around. She didn't really see anyone very close to her. Letting her guard down a bit, she picked up her bread and inspected it for any unwanted insects before bitting into it.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Yus! I didn't need Google translate...Having a German mother helps. ^_^ *little kid voice* I did it allll by myself! xD ))

Armine nearly chocked on her lunch from being startled. She reluctantly trudged behind the tree to notice a boy with bloodstained clothes. She let out a light yelp, nearly dropping her bread. Her eyes widened.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( *brofist* :3 ))

Armine put her hands on her head at the sound of the explosion. "What the hell?!" She yelled. She was never one to curse, but at the moment, there were more pressing matters. She looked around, stunned by her surroundings. "Where....what is this...." She mumbled to herself. "Where's the schoolyard..?" She asked, dumbfounded. Because she obviously wasn't there anymore.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Another explosion. It threw some debris in the trench. "Okay." She replied without objection, struck with fear. "But...Where are we? Who are you? What the HELL is this??" She asked panic-ridden, for the first time in her life wishing that she was at school, in the schoolyard with her fluffy loaf of bread....

message 35: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 06, 2013 07:22PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine found herself instead of in a muddy trench, in the schoolyard again, sitting beside her bread, which was now covered in ants. She picked it up with a heartbroken look on her face, and tossed it behind her like it was crap. The bread hit some random kid in the face, whom yelled in protest. She once again examined her surroundings. She sighed heavily and fell sideways in relief and shock. "I'm either crazy or dead and in heaven...." She thought about that for a moment. "School makes a lame heaven. But compared to...Wherever I was...It makes a very fine heaven."

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine twitched a bit before looking at him. She opened her mouth like she wanted to say something, but closed it again. That continued to happen, until she managed to say: "I need a moment..." She lay on her back, staring at the sun-lit multicolored leaves.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Cubes and Raindrops wrote: "((got to go to bed. Night Ryou-san!))"

(( Goodnight, dearie! I should go too... ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Sorry, I had to go eat dinner... ))

After some time, Armine was able to recover from shock and speak correctly. "What...was that?" She asked, now able to look into the boy's eyes. She sat up and sighed.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( ...You sure? ;^; ))

Armine blinked. " are" She asked, still not understanding. She was fascinated yet horrified at the same time, and she wanted to comprehend what had just happened.

message 40: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 07, 2013 04:47PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Okay, I will~ ^_^ ))

Armine examined the boy. "...I've never really seen you around, either..." She said, laying down again. This was all so crazy...She still couldn't comprehend it....None of this made any sense to her.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Yey! Well, I've never typed in a German accent before, so I won't bother either. ))

"Seen? No, not seen. I've heard things, yes...And felt. But you're the've seen." Armine said. "You look awfully...How do I say it?...Here in the flesh to be dead..." She sat up to get a better look at him.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( I've never tried, but I don't quite think I will get the hang of it the first time...
^_^' ))

Armine, curious, reached over to poke his knee. "So you are here, but you're not here?" She said, continuing to poke his knee. "...You really look like the real deal." She began to poke his leg.

message 43: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 07, 2013 06:37PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments "Like you're alive..." Armine replied. "And...I don't think I quite caught your name." She stuck out her hand. "I'm Armine."

(( Dear God, I spelled "stuck" wrong... ))

message 44: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 07, 2013 06:56PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine smiled slightly. " often do you relive your death, anyway?" She asked, continuously glaring at random kids that tried to approach.

(( I guess...Then I should probably stop making Armine speak so formal-ish.. xD Yeah, I do that too...I keep having to remind myself that I'm 14... X) ))

message 45: by ↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ (last edited Jan 07, 2013 07:12PM) (new)

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine glance at the other kids. "That explains the concerned looks on their faces." She said, chuckling. She picked up an orange maple leaf and played with it. "So, what's with the uniform?"

(( Stop, I meant stop... "She has to stop speaking formal." *face palms* Damn. I must really be tired... xD Yeah, I still have to remind myself that I'm not 13 anymore. ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine looked down at her leaf. She mentally decided that maybe she should stop asking so many questions...As she played with the leaf, it began to crumple into tiny pieces.

(( I'm really tired... I should probably go... Goodnight, Cubie dear. ^_^ ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine looked up from her leaf, which was now a tiny crumpled pile of...leaf. "Oh, nothing." She said. "So, you're a nazi?" She asked with a light tone of voice, afraid to have asked the wrong question or somehow offended him. She could never be too careful. She didn't trust herself.

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( My deepest sorrows I could not respond....I barely had any internet...But, now I at least have some... ))

"You used to know?...For sure? I mean, if being what you used to be satisfied you?" She asked, hugging her legs, hoping that Johann would understand her question. She didn't make a whole lot of sense to other people very often.

(( Oh, that sounds good! So, you wanna do it? ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments Armine stared down at the grass, thinking. Thinking about what to say next. Thinking about wether she should offer her help. Normally she would have offered it without question, but there was one thing that bothered her...She decide to stay quiet for the time being and think over her next response. Not noticing, her gaze drifted over to Johann while she thought.

(( Okay~! ))

↬ℛɣσʋ-sαɳ~ℬαsɦ∮ʋℓ ℛℯα℘ℯr↫ | 306 comments (( Sorry, dear... So much shit to do... ))

Armine jumped slightly, surprised to be awakened from her daydream-like thoughts. "Yes, Johann?" She asked, trying to hide her worry, not sure if she was being successful .

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