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Sanskriti Nagar | 23 comments Mod
Duration: 01 Jan '13 to 31 Dec '13

For this challenge, a book will be considered to be set in a particular country ONLY IF a major part of the book is set in that country. For books, where more than one country is mentioned, the readers can use their own discretion.

Here's the new scoring system:
1. +2 for every new country
2. +1 only if repeating a country ( since we want to encourage more variety instead of just depth)
3. +1 for a unique first read, that no one else has read during the challenge round
4. +5 for every 5 reads in the same region. The world is divided into 8 regions as follows:
Africa: 57 countries
Asia: 36 countries
Caribbean: 31 countries
Europe: 56 countries
Latin America: 23 countries
Middle East: 18 countries
North America: 3 countries
Australia, Oceania, Antarctica: 24 countries
5. +3 for World Travel, books set in 3 or more countries qualify.
6. Competing an entire region gives you twice the points as the no.of countries in the region
E.g. Reading all countries in Europe will give you +112 points, all North American countries will give you +6 and so on...

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Sanskriti Nagar | 23 comments Mod

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