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Don't you think that Jeffrey Archer's novels have similar plots? Aren't they predictable?

I like his style, but his plots are becoming stale. It's the same story.

Yes, too predictable. I just pass them by on the shelf to find other less obvious plots and characters.

Yes biput isn’t the same for most authors?

Ravi Bedi Certainly not. Writing style may be same but the plots would be entirely different.
Nov 17, 2017 06:48PM · flag

yeah, i guess you are right, but what make me reads all his books, is his way with the words, and he makes me guessing what the next twist, although i'm sure in the end Good pepole win

I won't necessarily call it 'predictability', as one is still left guessing how the narrative will unfold. Rather, these are themes that speak more to the writer and he is at ease with.

I found out that when I read a certain author's title I become aware to themes and styles of writing peculiar to them.

Life as whole is one big predictable miasma- life, then death - but it is the in-between that advances the plot with twists making it exciting all the same; that Jeffrey Archer does quite well.

If Fletcher and Nat are twins, how come they didn't realise they were brothers earlier? Tom met Fletcher at Yale, and Fletcher even saw Nat in the paper.

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