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message 1: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 25 comments Mod
Post and questions you have an I will answer them.

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) Do our characters need to be approved or will you tell us if something needs to be fixed.

message 3: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 25 comments Mod
Characters don't need to be approved, and yes, i will let you know if something needs to be fixed.

message 4: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Hi! I'm wondering if the moderator's still checking on this group.

message 5: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Yes. And I'd love an interview with Caesar Flickerman!

message 6: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Agree. And the other ones who submitted form don't even show up in the Training Center, lol.

message 7: by Maddy (new)

Maddy I think its time to start the hunger games in the arena

message 8: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 25 comments Mod
Hey guys so i'm still keeping an eye on everything but I haven't been notified on this questions topic so I didn't see all the questions, sorry about that.
Anyways yes we can do interviews and chariots if you would like, but they are not mandatory. The questions for the interview will not be set out, so it's all what you would like the questions to be, especially because I don't think Caesar would ask the same questions over and over again to all the tributes. =)
Guys there are not enough tributes to have the arena, we need all twenty four people whether they are rping in the training center or not.
As for creating a whole knew arena it is possible but I don't think we would still have enough to rp the arena as soon as you guys would like, but as of now you are all allowed to make two character so we can get the first arena started.
Also I really don't like you guys advertising other Hunger Games roleplays in this group, I think this has potential to be a very great group. Anyone that advertises there own hunger games roleplay as well as get people to stop rping in this group will be deleted from the group as well as there character and all other comments posted in this group. I'm sorry if I sound strict or mean but the comments posted in this topic are making me a bit frustrated.
One more thing all comments and chats are to be posted in the Chat topic only.

message 9: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina  Montanez Sorry!

message 10: by Maddy (new)

Maddy Opps sorry

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