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Jo's Revenge in Chapter 4 - Burdens

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Stephen Had to laugh in empathy with Jo in Chapter 4 when she recounted how she teased her pious old aunt when she caught her reading the naughty The Vicar of Wakefield.

While still in high school I worked at a bank that employed an off-duty policeman as a bank courier for an after hours cash letter delivery. That particular off-duty policeman was well-known by students at my school for establishing speed traps to entrap students on their way to school and issuing them their first tickets.

When it came time for his annual fishing trip / vacation, I was tapped by my boss at the bank to cover for him and he had the job of training me by riding along one night while I drove. I purposely kept the car at just under the speed limit the entire way until it looked more and more like we were going to miss our delivery deadline and he was put in the position of having to ask me to exceed the speed limit a little to make our delivery on-time.

Jo's rather wicked teasing of her aunt by forcing the aunt to ask her to continue reading a book that she'd earlier disparaged reminded me of my victory over the pompous policeman.

Mary haha!!! what a fun!

Mary oops, story :D

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