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Paul Toderas Hey guys. I will start posting my short dialog sessions here. I got two different ones.

Sunflower Valley and Hotel Park

! Please note : I wrote them a while back, my English was the worst, but I feel they should not be modified!

Enjoy :)

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Paul Toderas Hotel Park – If it rains

Samuel: I think that I will go ahead and buy that umbrella.

Picard: Sir?

Samuel: And then the rain won’t fall on me, and I won’t be wet.

Picard: Why do I need to know about this, sir?

Samuel: You are the doorman, aren’t you?

Picard: Yes, sir. That is correct.

Samuel: Than I can talk to you about anything I wish, and you must listen to me.

Picard: So I did, sir.

Samuel: So why don’t you just answer my question then?

Picard: You said that I only need to listen, sir. And there was no question there, sir.

Samuel: All right, but it won’t kill you to answer, will it now?

Picard: No, sir.

Samuel: So what do you say about me getting that umbrella?

Picard: I would say that it is a very bright idea sir, and you should do it! But the sun shines on the sky, and they say it will be like this for the whole week, sir.

Samuel: Very good! Call me a taxi please, that’s a good lad!

Picard: I can’t do that sir.

Samuel: What?

Picard: I’m the doorman sir, I open doors.

Samuel: What, you have a man who calls for taxi?

Picard: Yes sir, we do.

Samuel: Where can I find him then?

Picard: Inside, sir.

Samuel: Very well, then please call him outside, I usually don’t like to go back into a building that I've left only minutes ago.

Picard: Why is that, sir?

Samuel: Superstition.

Picard: I see, sir.

Samuel: So? Chop chop!

Picard: Sir, may I suggest you and alternative?

Samuel: Sure! I’m all ears!

Picard: There is a place down the street called Cloud Shop. You can buy an umbrella there, sir.

Samuel: An umbrella?

Picard: Sir?

Samuel: What on earth do I need an umbrella on such a sunny day?

Picard: I’m sorry sir but I must leave you now, I need to go to feed my pet turtle.

Samuel: Very good! Au revoire!

Picard: Have a nice day, sir.

message 3: by Guy (new)

Guy (egajd) | 11106 comments That's funny, Paul. And I think you may find the popcorn thread something you would enjoy, if this is typical of the kind of writing you like. Here's the link to Get to Know Your Character (Popcorn Served). I'm looking forward to your contributions!

Guy: Ahem.
Neve: [Doesn't say anything.]
Guy: Ahem!
Neve: What?!
Guy: Paul's script has a small typo.
Neve: So?
Guy: He said that 'it shouldn't be modified'.
Neve: Surely he doesn't include fixing typos as a modification?
Guy: I don't know Paul. Is he a literalist? I can't imagine any writing being un-modifiable. All writing is ephemeral.
Neve: Now who is sounding like a 'literalist'?
Guy: You're right, you're right. And, really, I guess, what does it matter, in the universe of words, one small typo? Not much.
Neve: Wow. Did you ever change your mind fast! I've never seen that before. Are you sure you're alright?
Guy: Hard to say. Getting old is fraught with the strangest inklings and achings.

message 4: by Edward (new)

Edward (edwardtheresejr) | 2434 comments There's a typo in my copy of the first Harry Potter book. It amuses me everytime; the bizarre number of grammer mistakes less so.

Pet turtle - I'll have to remember that excuse.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Toderas Guy wrote: "That's funny, Paul. And I think you may find the popcorn thread something you would enjoy, if this is typical of the kind of writing you like. Here's the link to Get to Know Your Character (Popcorn..."

:P Well my English is not top notch there. Wasn't back in the 2010 when I wrote these :P

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Paul Toderas Hotel Park – Bark for attention

Samuel: I have a new dog.

Picard: Good for you sir!

Samuel: It was a very expensive dog.

Picard: Yes, sir.

Samuel: I need you to go, and walk my dog.

Picard: Sir, as I already told you countless times, I need to watch the door.

Samuel: Tell you what! You do and take the dog to a nice walk, and I will call my butler, to watch the door for you.

Picard: I don’t think that is an option sir. I can get fired for this.

Samuel: Nonsense! I won’t allow that!

Picard: Still, I’m not that good with dogs, sir.

Samuel: Sure you are! Here, take this leash and let him guide you.

Picard: I own cats, sir. Dogs hate me.

Samuel: Really? That could be a problem you see.

Picard: I know.

Samuel: You smell of cat?

Picard: I don’t know sir. Care to smell me?

Samuel: What?

Picard: Do you sir want to smell me?

Samuel: Why do you think I would smell a doorman?

Picard: There is my point sir. I am a doorman! I open doors!

Samuel: All right, all right, I get it.

Picard: Can I help you with anything else sir?

Samuel: You are in a hurry?

Picard: Yes sir, I need to go and feed my turtle.

Samuel: And the cats.

Picard: Yes, those too.

Samuel: Very well then! Au revouire!

Picard: Have a nice day, sir.

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Paul Toderas Hotel Park – A red egg

Samuel: I've got an egg.

Picard: Very good, sir.

Samuel: No really, look, this is a red egg. It was in front of my door this morning.

Picard: Maybe the children played on your floor, sir.

Samuel: Since when do children play with red eggs, pray tell?

Picard: It’s easter,sir, children usually play with colored eggs in these times.

Samuel: Most disturbing.

Picard: Why is that, sir?

Samuel: When I was young we used to eat them.

Picard: The children, sir?

Samuel: The eggs you idiot! We used to eat the eggs!

Picard: Boiled?

Samuel: Yes, for three minutes.

Picard: I’m a omelet fan, if I may say.

Samuel: That food is for peasants.

Pircad: I am a peasant, sir.

Samuel: Now now, don’t say that. You are a true gentleman.

Picard: Thank you, sir.

Samuel: Who opens doors.

Picard: Thank you for reminding me that, sir.

Samuel: So what should I do with this egg then?

Picard: Painted eggs usually are well boiled, so I would suggest to eat it.

Samuel: What? Just like that? Here?

Picard: I can provide salt, if needed, sir.

Samuel: Well, I guess no harm can be done. I wouldn’t be the first man eating a hard boiled egg on the street, yes?

Picard: No sir.

Samuel: Provide the salt!

Pircard: Here.

Samuel: Thank you. Now let’s see. Ohh, I got a problem.

Picard: Sir?

Samuel: I need this egg cracked!

Picard: I would suggest using the wall there.

Samuel: I can’t crack an egg on the wall! That would be vandalism!

Picard: You are not painting it, sir. Give it a bum.

Samuel: I rather you do it.

Picard: I can’t do it sir.

Samuel: Why not?

Picard: I need to go and sort my socks.

Samuel: Very well then! Au revouire!

Picard: Have a nice day, sir.

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