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Bryn Hammond (brynhammond) | 55 comments Michael Alexander Eisner

This author doesn't have a bio. I've typed the beneath from my copy of his (single) book The Crusader: can we use this? Thanks!

Michael Eisner is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School. After college he worked in a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodia border, and was in Chile during the transition from Pinochet's rule to democracy. An expert in international law, he worked on the Middle East peace process as a lawyer for the U.S. State Department. It was during a trip to Syria that he visited the massive medieval fortress Krak des Chevaliers, whose fall to Islam in 1271 signalled the end of the two-hundred-year existence of the crusader states. Inspired, he began writing his first work of fiction: the novel The Crusader. Michael Eisner lives in New York City.

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