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message 1: by Kimiko, Headmistress of Supernatural Academy (last edited Jun 25, 2013 03:10PM) (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Rules: Must follow

1)Minimize the cursing, there are little ones in this group.

2)Your charries can only be in one place at a time.

3)No hogging!!!

4)Your charrie has to be in a classroom LONGER than 1 post!!!

5)Dont be bfs/gfs with urself, it gets all weird!

6)If ur gonna create a charrie, it has to STAY IN THIS ACADEMY no transfering schools that are MADE UP!

7)You can have many charries as you want, students, teachers, staff, workers--you name it!

8)Ur charrie CANNOT be invincible!! Teachers, staff, workers anyone older than the Students (19 and younger) has to be stronger than the students!

9)Please be active we work very hard on this group

10)Help us make this group grow (Share ur ideas)

11)Keep it PG13. If u guys want your characters to have sex, rp it over messaging...plz. so it can be private.

12)ASK before you create threads!!!

13)No humans in SA wat-so-ever (Saul is an exception cuz he's carrying a demon in him)

14)Dont change the species of another character that isnt yours without permission!!!! Its very rude to do so. (ex: Insisting that another member's charrie that is a witch is actually a fairy)

15)MUST create ur charrie BEFORE rping it

17) Do not bend the rule to ur liking. Inform a Mod if u are gonna do so.

More rules will be added..srry for having so many rules..:3

message 2: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (madamejade) No hogging what?

message 3: by Kimiko, Headmistress of Supernatural Academy (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod
Urm. I forgot, it was a long time ago.

message 4: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (madamejade) Okay.

message 5: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 4 comments Cool rules

message 6: by Zion (new)

Zion Parks (Blackfairy) | 6 comments Love the idea not to keep switching species of supernaturals. One more thing, how do you create your like character?

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