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Ginny&Tom Riddle's Diary
Whitney Whitney Dec 27, 2012 12:45PM
Does anyone know if a book or fanfiction has been made on this topic? Because if so, I'd love to read it. Someone should make this happen.

I would love to see the depth of Ginny interacting with the Diary, and how she grows to trust it, and eventually becomes posessed by it.

If anyone writes or has written something about this, please tell me. c: thanks

Why don't YOU Do it ?????????????????

Make one of YOUR OWN ?????????????????

Yes, there probably ARE Plenty of them, if not hundreds, but, yeah, you could/should start one of you own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney I don't think I am a very good writer, but maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for a strong push c: ...more
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sounds great! i'd love to read it!

I'm not aware of any, but I agree with the suggestions above. That is, after all, how most writers start out - they can't find what they want to read, so they start crafting it themselves and before you know it, they'r a writer. I say go for it!

Have you tried fanfiction.net? You could restrict the search to include only Ginny and Tom Riddle. Good luck in your quest.

Whitney I found a few on ff, but I think I'm going to take Lashya's advice and write my own. ^-^ thanks for the answer ...more
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deleted member Jan 05, 2013 04:19AM   0 votes
Good idea...maybe you should try? If you'd give us a link so we could read it...

I write multiple fanfictions and some published works are being printed for my family. I'll write a short on if you'd like?

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