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message 1: by Marjorie (last edited Dec 27, 2012 10:55AM) (new)

Marjorie (marjoriequinn) | 118 comments Felicia Day's Vaginal Fantasy was featured in Goodreads year-in-review infographic. We are the largest group started this year with almost 7,000 members. Thought I'd share this amazing news for anyone who hasn't seen it yet!
Posted the link to the infographic below.

Goodreads Infographic

message 2: by Kamil (new)

Kamil | 938 comments when quality meets quantity....

message 3: by Felicia, Grand Duchess (new)

Felicia (feliciaday) | 740 comments Mod
Just saw that! There's a typo too haha! But it's pretty cool to be included, I love this group! So glad we can have this community to celebrate our leisure fun! <3

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