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message 1: by Shirley (new)

Shirley (shirleythekindlereader) I know most watched it when it was on the telly.
The series has made it's way to Netflix. I love it. Yes, it is new too me. Very timely and it has been a long time since I actually laughed at the dialogue.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

me & husband got into this series when it was first on Uk TV. It's a fab series (and a completely nuts political system!) Bought the lot on DVD and, every now & then, run through them all in order. However, we now know them far too well & can recite lines of dialogue at each other! Listened to the news, about the US tax rises on the richest and the debt ceiling - both of which I have an understanding about via the West Wing.

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth (eparks4232) | 1871 comments I LOVE this series and own the DVDs too. I watched it straight through again while pregnant with my daughter, but am due for a fresh viewing, but it would pull me away from my books.

message 4: by AmyK (new)

AmyK (yakyma) | 1044 comments I LOVED West Wing when it was on TV. I think it might have been my favorite tv show at the time.'s been a while since i checked out what's new on netflix, I might have to watch it again!

message 5: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 2608 comments Love West Wing, one of my all time favourite TV series. I have the box set :o)

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