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message 1: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (last edited Dec 27, 2012 04:47AM) (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
My New Year's Resolution is:
“Short version is "Cutting my losses and dead weight”. The long version is: I will be getting rid of the people and things that don’t give me forward momentum. Those who don’t appreciate me, who don’t meet me halfway, & who take me for granted that I’ll always be there. Last year my resolution was to give everyone a clean slate, this year I’m giving myself one. This includes people I consider family, best friends, other friends, etc. This is my resolution because I don’t need people in my life who are energy-vampires. I (and I'm sure almost everyone else) have enough problems without others adding to them.

What are some of your resolutions for the New Year?

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments What a great resolution, Jessi. I did that one a few years ago but I don't "officially" make New Year's resolutions anymore (not for the last 15 or 20 years anyway). Now that I'm over 50, it all just seems like stuff I should do daily, not just at Winter Solstice :)

All that said, I guess my resolution is to get a better-paying job and work situation so that I can write more--more regularly and more often and more generally. I miss writing. I haven't been writing hardly at all (only 2 times, I know, because I can count them!) since October. It makes me soul-sick not to write.

Writers write. I need to do this but working 7 days a week and publishing the blog weekly and attempting to maintain promo tweets on Twitter and some smidgeon of Facebook presence pretty much leaves me zero time...when I have time, TBH, I've chosen to escape the grind and read someone else's book rather than working on one of mine. I miss it soooo much!

Resolution made! :)


message 3: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
I feel your pain. I can understand how having to be a responsible adult cuts into the things you like to do most.

message 4: by Sarah (last edited Dec 27, 2012 07:15AM) (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments Yeah, that's it exactly! Real life and work interrupting my fun :-)

Thing is, for a writer, "work" is fun!

message 5: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenjbeal) | 5 comments I made a resolution many years ago not to make resolutions! But this year I am resolving to find more time to spend on animal conservation and particularly tigers - as influenced by my deep love of Life of Pi!

Happy 2013 everyone - I hope you all have an absolute ball.


message 6: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Walker (jeriwalker01) | 2 comments I resolve to post to this group! It just always seems to fall on the wayside, but I do pay attention to the posts. I also am determined to read 50 books a year, so time will tell if I can pull that off with all of my reading and writing endeavors I have a hand in. The usual resolution still applies: eat less and exercise more!

message 7: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
That gives me the idea to start a thread for "2013 Book Challenge Resolutions" where you can post your challenges and we as a group can track your progress.

Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 123 comments Jessi, I really like your resolution. Usually, my standard resolution is to make no resolutions. But this year, I think I might take a page from your book, Jessi.

This year I will focus on making myself the best possible version of 'Alana' that I can be. I will try and practice more patience (with my kids and my own shortcomings), get out there and move my tuckus and not rest on my laurels, stop 'feeding' those that have shown they are not my friend (stop dwelling on the past, and trying to mend friendships that were not broken by me)... basically, I need to create, forgive, move, dance, play, read, release, and accept.

I spent months dwelling over, and being upset over a few former friends that not only dumped me, they did their solid best to black-ball me and forced me to leave a larger group of friends. I've been still feeding them ever since just by dwelling on that ugliness and negativity and wishing that it all went down in a different way. It happened, it's over, and I need to embrace those that appreciate me and learn to appreciate myself instead of allowing them to have that power over me.

Sorry it's so heavy, and that I vented a wee bit. It's really cathartic, though.

message 9: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
Yep I can definitely understand Alana. Cathartic is good. Everyone needs a cathartic release every now & again and I'm glad you found it with this little group of ours

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