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Obscure and Obsolete Words and Phrases

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Hi, I decided it might be helpful to post definitions of certain obscure words in Tristram Shandy here. All of my definitions come from the OED, unless otherwise indicated:

crasis- "The blending or combination of elements, ‘humours’, or qualities, in the animal body, in herbs, etc." (OED) (Appears in Volume 1, Chapter XI)

heteroclite- "2. fig. A thing or person that deviates from the ordinary rule; an ‘anomaly’. (Very common in 17th c.; now rare or Obs.)" (OED) (Appears in Volume 1, Chapter XI)

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Ashley Campbell | 50 comments Mod
scholiast- "One who writes explanatory notes upon an author; esp. an ancient commentator upon a classical writer." (OED) (Appears in Volume 1, Chapter XII)

vaticination: "prediction of an oracular or inspired nature; a prognostication or prophecy, a prophetic utterance or forecast." (OED) (Appears in Volume 1, Chapter XII)

Ashley Campbell | 50 comments Mod
pasquinade- "(Originally) a lampoon posted in a public place; (later) any circulated or published lampoon or libel." (OED) (Appears in Volume 1, Chapter XIV)

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Volume 1, Chapter XV:

messuage: "Originally: a portion of land occupied, or intended to be occupied, as the site for a dwelling house and its appurtenances. In later use (chiefly Law): a dwelling house together with its outbuildings and the adjacent land assigned to its use." (OED)

toft: "Originally, a homestead, the site of a house and its out-buildings; a house site. Often in the expression toft and croft, denoting the whole holding, consisting of the homestead and attached piece of arable land." (OED)

croft- "A piece of enclosed ground, used for tillage or pasture: in most localities a small piece of arable land adjacent to a house." (OED)

view of frank-pledge- "a court held periodically for the production of the members of a tithing, later of a hundred or manor." (OED)

escheat: "The right of appropriating property subject to escheat." (OED)

deodand: "A thing forfeited or to be given to God; spec. in Eng. Law, a personal chattel which, having been the immediate occasion of the death of a human being, was given to God as an expiatory offering, i.e. forfeited to the Crown to be applied to pious uses, e.g. to be distributed in alms. (Abolished in 1846.)" (OED)

free warren: "a right of keeping or hunting beasts and fowls of warren" (OED)

seigniory: "The territory under the dominion of a lord." (OED)

hereditament: "Any kind of property that can be inherited; any thing, corporeal or incorporeal, that in the absence of testamentary disposition descended to the heir at common law, and now (Act 60 & 61 Vict. c. 65) to the ‘real representative’; real property." (OED)

advowson: "The right to present a member of the clergy to a particular benefice or living. Also occas. more generally: guardianship, protection, or patronage of a church or religious house; an instance of this." (OED)

glebe-land: " a parsonage, manse (now only in Ireland)" (OED)

toties quoties: "As often as something happens or occasion demands; repeatedly." (OED)

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