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Current Congregation member of the de Claremonts.

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Shopgirl320 Who do you think it is? Why?

Erin Mccormick Most likely Verin de Clermont. She says she knows alot about Matthew and Diana as a couple. Only someone on the Congregation would say that, since she had never met Diana in person. Or it could be one of Matthew's many siblings, or children.

Michelle Something about Matthew's tone and his reluctance to admit his involvement in the past, or the present member, leads me to believe that he deeply regrets the current member's position. It's obviously not Baldwin. Verin does seem a likely choice, but given that she already knows so much about Matthew and Diana from her father, I don't think she would agree with Congregation's actions.

Erin Mccormick True, she most likely wouldn't agree with the Congreation's actions. That is why she does go to Sept-Tours eventually. Same goes for Agatha Wilson popping in and out of Sept-Tours to check-up on her granddaughter. She's still on the Congregation, but doesn't condone them taking Margaret for their own purposes. They only members who have taken steps against Diana and Matthew are Satu, Peter Knox, Domenico and Gerbert, not the entire Congregation.

Denise I think it is a de Clarmont to benamed later or one we have only briefly met.

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