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How do you pronounce Lissa?
Abbigail Abbigail Dec 26, 2012 06:43PM
How do you pronounce Lissa? Like leeesa or like lissa with a short I?

I listen to the audio book and they pronounced it Lissa with a short I.

Also, damphir was pronounced more like damp-here. And Avalon, your spot on for strigoi

Hope this helps!

Rossy really? i pronounced damphir "damp-ear" lol fail :D at least i pronounced strigoi right :D ...more
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deleted member Jan 12, 2013 01:41PM   0 votes
I always say is Lisss-auh and I say her whole name Vas-ah-liss-auh.

Lissa, short i...
Then again, I think I mispronounce Damphir (Damp-fir)and Strigoi (Stri-goy) lol, but I think that is because I am dutch haha...

It's Lissa, with a short i. My girlfriends name is Vasilisa, and she pronounces it with a short i, so i'll take her word for it.

I call her Lissa with a short 'i' because that is how it is spelt.

Eva (last edited Jan 12, 2013 10:54AM ) Dec 27, 2012 04:44PM   0 votes
I pronounce it Lisa, because it is supposed to be short for Vasilisa.

I call her Leesa, but I am terrible with names. It took me forever to realize that the hunger games character cinna wasn't pronounced ceena. I also called Haymich Hamich.

Eva WAIT! Cinna is not pronounced Ceena??? shit...
Dec 27, 2012 04:43PM

L short i sssssssss short a

I always pronounce it Lee-Sah, Like Lisa Simpson.

Liss-a. That's how I say it anyways lol

to be honest i don't really i'm more into and by that i don't mean anything inappropriate female leads who are strong and don't rely on others to protect themselves and achieve whatever it is they want to accomplish

lissssss ahhhh

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