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Cornwell: Buy Red Mist, or skip to Bone Bed

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Tracie You don't need to read Red Mist in order to enjoy Bone Bed. That being said, Cornwell is really back to her old self in Red Mist (I really didn't a few like Blowfly) so you might not want to skip it. Red Mist has more pages so you might get more bang for your buck, but it also might be easier to get from the library since it's older than Bone Bed. I loved Bone Bed because I'm from the Boston area and most of it takes place here. Happy reading.

Cher I liked Bone Bed much better than Red Mist, and you are correct in that PC is back. I read them in order because their lives progress throughout and they do deal with back-story at intervals in both books. Red Mist is huge, I have the hardcover. But bought Bone Bed on the Kindle. So if you ask me I would go in order, but to each his own. *shrug*

Elise if I remember correctly Red Mist furthers and concludes the key storyline of the novel that precedes it, so I definitely wouldn't skip it! I have read every Scarpetta novel in order of publication and Red Mist while not one of the BEST is definitely one that I thoroughly enjoyed :)

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