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Are the movie and book similar?
Rabia Idil Rabia Dec 26, 2012 04:02AM
Hey! I didn't watch the movie but I wanna see your ideas ! :)

I think the movie followed the basic storyline, but it wasn't particularly memorable, and I thought Tom Hanks was badly miscast.

The movie "Angels and Demons" is NOTHING like the book. If you read the book, the movie will be a big disappointment.

I have read, watched and listened to this book and the written word is so much better than the film. The audible version has issues with the voices the narrator has decided to give the characters. Be warned only read this book!! :)

I enjoyed the book more. I just dont like it when they change parts for a movie from a book that dont need to be change. They did that in this case and it was just so unnecessary.

yes they are familiar and i enjoy the both

Yes, they are the same: both bad.

The book was much better. I was left pretty unsatisfied by the movie.

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I didnt like the movie. My husband didn't read the book and couldn't understand the movie at all. I liked the book.

They're both terrible.

the same story but the book is more detailed and I felt more enthusiasm while reading than watching

Yes I think it's similar though since it's the movie, of course it wouldn't cover all the aspect from the book.

actually the movie insulted my intelligence and tom hanks is so silly and the french actress is awfull

the think is .. i watched the movie before i read the novel so i didn't understand it well .. when i read the novel i liked it so much .. so i'm gonna watch the movie again and see .. but i'm pretty sure the novel is much better.

The movie was bit disappointing. If you havent read the book, you wont understand most of the things shown in movie.

Not at all!!! Books are far more interesting and keep you on the edge than the movies. Plus, the movie makers maneuver the plot and theme of the books so much that the book looses its original essence and everything seems lost into the translation.

Book is best.. Movie was nothing...

the movie is good yet not that much! the book is much exciting & I think if you didn't read it you won't understand the movie!

Sedina. I do so agree with you.

I dont Know,I does not watch the Movie.

I thought the book was sooo much better

Saw the movie first and then read the book. Was hugely disappointed on how the movie was. For one, they made the detective look naive and incapable of much

Mikhael you are spot on with your critique.I remember being in the theater and people were laughing out loud at the acting and dialogue

Movie and books are similar on story line, but if you just watch the movie without reading a book then you might not get all the things. But if you read the book , which by the way is amazing, and then watch the movie then you'll feel that movie is incomplete. My take is book is very much better than movie.

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Some details from the book are usually not present in the movie. However, this is not bad. According to what I've learned, it is not the intellectual way to find out what is the difference from the book to the movie. Though, we always do that but it is not the right way to criticize a film after reading the text version. It will always give differences and not all the details in the book are as easy to put up on a movie.

Dislike movie, book is much better and more exciting. Trough the reading you can imagine every scene and caracter,Dan described it in full.

Sedina I agree with you :)
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Aswathi yes,like it...
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