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I don't think there should be. Yes, there is unanswered questions, but if she did do a second book, and it answered the questions do you know how short it would be? Second, if it was long, it would just be boring stuff that nobody wants to read.

Ya because there are so much unanswered questions

i wish there was a fourth. omg love

Mariah wrote: "Cause i am dying for another one!!!!"

I think that, maybe it would have been to much with another book. The finally, for me, was perfect because you can imagine whatever you want :)

Ramisha True.. I have to agree. As much as I'd LOVE a fourth book. It could turn out to be a mess and there is something nice about an open ending, I mean I s ...more
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Well, its called a trilogy for a reason... and if she were to make another book, I wouldn't put it in the trilogy.
If she were to, I would hope that it would be about their life as wolves (well thats what it would be...).
But, no, I don't want another book in the trilogy. There was some unanswered questions, but it gives people room to wonder what really happened.
So, if it there were to be another, it shouldn't be in the series.

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If you read Maggie's blog on Tumblr, she posts videos from time to time. In one of her videos, she said she likes to leave her books open with endless possibilities. Like did Sam and Grace end up together? If so, are they human or are they wolves? The ambiguity allows the reader to imagine the ending he or she desires.

YES THE ENDING LEFT ME ALL LIKE "Whaaaat.....?" There should have at least been an epilogue but i think a sequel with maybe Sam and Grace's daughter/son involved would be fantastic!

It would be good to have answers to the questions, but that's kind of the point of finishing the series where it was; it still leaves people thinking about the book instead of closing it and forgetting it.

apart from if Grace's cure worked, what else was there to talk about??

yes, or a spin-off series!!!!!!!

Yes because it can't just end with Grace going to college and Sam moving the pack.

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Yes but not as long just as a epilogue saying whether the wolves go back to the boundary woods or stay in the reseveration

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Yeah I agree the story line had so many loose ends, I would have appreciated at least an epilogue just to answer my questions that I've had throughout the whole series but was never really answered.

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Maddy YESSS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!ugh y y y ?!!!?! seriously aAT LEAST and epilogue!!!!! the book was amazing and its one of my favorite books in the whole world b ...more
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Yes because i did'nt want it to end there i think we should know about their lives as wolves together-so romantic!

Yes! I think there should be a fourth book I want to read more about sam and grace


I really wish there was a fourth book because there are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of forever.

It is true there are unanswered questions but If she writes another book it will be boring because she had decided to finish the history in Forever, so it has to be this way. Although it broke my heart by saying it. I wish I could live in Mercy Falls with Sam, Grace, Isabel, Cole and the rest...
*Sorry for my bad english, I'm spanish. :)

I could go for a spin-off, but not a fourth book, because really, there isn't anywhere else for this story line to go.

I don't think there should be another book, I just wish she wrote the last book differently. I hated the ending and I wish she could have answered more questions...

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Its called a trilogy for a reason. I hate it when authors drag out series. This series s over, over, OVER at the end of Forever. A spin off series might not be that bad if she wrote about wolves with different characters and setting.

That kinda defeats the purpose right? Cos then it wouldn't be considered a trilogy anymore but a series.

I think that even though this trilogy left a big open ending, as far as Trilogys go, I thought it was a good close.

No! End of.. First book was brill but then it all kind of went down hill after that.

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