The Mists of Avalon (Avalon, #1) The Mists of Avalon question

What do you think of the mainstream books now and the ones back then?
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This book is my favorite book so happy I found it, but what im saying is that the books now you can easily predict the outcome of the story the plots are weak,yet there are stories in the genre of (paranormal,fantasy,etc..)that are different with great plot lines. Marion Zimmer Bradely did a great job in taking me on a suspenseful roller coaster, but the book I read now of this century only a few can, sometimes I feel that writers now don't write for the craft just for what will sell better, or be on the bestsellers list.

I remember my parents read a lot of fantasy at the time I read this, and none of it was nearly as good and all very formulaic. Dark, moody guy with a secret or some mission stumbles through adventures with magic gates/ dragons/dwarfs/giants/magicians/mysterious forces who either threaten or help him and are always entangled somehow with a pixie dream girl, who is either white as snow and weak or a fiery redhead and strong (may also have magic).
Turned me off the entire genre, and Bradleys books were the only ones I loved. Firebrand especially.

I felt that way for a while and so I stopped reading fantasy and moved on to other genres. I've since returned and found that there are a lot of genre-breaking books being pushed out. I have mixed feelings over them but it's interesting to see things evolve.

Have you read the Sevenwaters trilogy? I think that was published in the 90's and it is quite good. Similar in tone and setting as the Mists of Avalon.

Only a few can in any time period - but the less well written books of earlier times are forgotten, and all that we see are the Classics, which survived on their merits. And MZB also wrote just for what would sell - some of her Darkover books are magnificent and wonderful, and some are "potboilers".
By the way, the sequels to Mists of Avalon aren't anything like as good.

I'm from Devon, UK - the home of the true Celts and we know something special about this story - it's no fantasy!

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