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message 1: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) I love Castle..I don't like the guy..but the cases are amazing!

Aηahι- Aηι:{P  (ani--justkeepbeingawesome--) yeah! I love all that kind of series CSI, castle, Bones, Cold Case...

Marija *I'm nothing but a slave of my misery* | 346 comments I love Castle! His sarcasm is great!

message 4: by Anushka (new)

Anushka | 15 comments Castle (show) is awesome!!! I love Beckett! It's mysteries are awesome. I can't wait wait for its next season to air here

message 5: by Nikhat (new)

Nikhat Hetavkar (nikbookchatter) | 169 comments I love Castle. Kate Beckett is amazing.
But I prefer The Mentalist!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't watched all episodes just one or two I liked it but haven't been able to see it lately

message 7: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) I like CSI better.....

message 8: by Tess (new)

Tess | 53 comments I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!

message 9: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (derek1) | 24 comments This is on my Top Crime Shows list. Castle is so amazing. And so freaking funny! Nathan Fillion is spectacular

message 10: by Delirious (new)

Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) I love Castle, my favorite character is Castle and Kate Beckett. I like one time when Castle says, "Do I look like a killer to you."
"You kill my patients, " Kate said. LOL

message 11: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) love the name, but need to watch it

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