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Shomeret | 1371 comments 7)Snow Fallingby Robert Harken (science fiction short story) Source: e-book sent by author Started: 11/18 Finished: 11/18

Why Read: Robert Harken sent me a review request on Goodreads. I thought that his premise was potentially interesting.

Comments: This is well-written and suspenseful with a great backstory for the MC. The MC is sympathetic. This is an "if this goes on" story about social networking. It seemed to be a plausible and very horrific dystopia based on current trends. This is painful story, but it is well done. Rating B+

8)Janeby Robin Maxwell (historical fiction)320 pages. Source: 11/18 Finished: 11/22

Why Read: I loved Tarzan of the Apeswhen I read it as a pre-teen. I especially loved the glossary of ape language. I think it's the first novel I ever read with a glossary. This book also has a glossary. It's the story of Jane Porter, Tarzan's Jane. It was authorized by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate. I also thought I could use this book for the Around the World challenge.

Comments: This was a Jane who wanted to be like Tarzan and was willing to learn from him. She had a foot in civilization and another foot in the African jungle. She was like a bridge between them. She's definitely my ideal version of Tarzan's Jane. Rating A. See my December blog post "Tarzan's Jane For 21st Century Readers" at

9)Another Man's Moccasinsby Craig Johnson (mystery) 290 pages. Source: Library Started: 11/25 Finished: 11/26

Why Read: I decided to go on to the next Craig Johnson book that interested me. I don't mean RIO exactly. I've skipped one. This book had to deal with the MC Walt Longmire's experiences in Vietnam. I hoped to get some good character background on Longmire.

Comments: Yes, this was excellent for character background. I felt that I knew and understood Longmire better than I did after reading the other three books in the series that I've read previous to this one. Rating B+

10)Clean Breakby Osha Grey Davidson (alternative technology/environment)Source: Kindle Started: 11/26 Finished: 11/28

Why Read: I read about this Kindle Single on Alternet, a news website. The story on Alternet had a link to the book's page on Amazon. The article indicated that there are some interesting developments with regard to renewable energy in Germany and that we could learn from their progress.

Comments: Most Americans would expect that Germany has made this progress by getting their government into the renewables production business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead the German government has given tax incentives to all German citizens to invest in renewables. The result has been de-centralized private production of alternative energy. Rittersport, a very large German company that manufactures chocolate bars, now has a side business of solar technology. I found this book fascinating. Rating A+

The month started well and finished even stronger. I got quality instead of quantity. I hope to do the same in 2013 only with more mysteries than I read in 2012.

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Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments I've got a couple of Longmire books in The Pile and keep meaning to get to them. Maybe before the next season of the TV show starts!

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14410 comments Shomeret: Clean Break and Snow Falling both sound like important short stories to read.
Though sometimes painful or depressing to read, we should be aware of where we are heading without some intervention, and that there are alternatives. Thanks for sharing two examples.

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