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Cathrine Kisa sat under a large fur tree and watched the clouds go by.

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Bekah Rachel: I let go of Clark's hand and continue into the peaceful quiet of the forest. I close my eyes. I wonder if Clark thinks I am a freak for bringing him here. He wouldn't be the first.

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Seeing that Rachel needed some space he just stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets and wait for her. He shouldn't have gone that far in the cafeteria, he thought as his gaze roamed on the svelte stature of the girl who had intrigued him from the moment they met.

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Bekah Rachel: I sit cross legged on the soft grass. After a minute I turn to see that Clark is standing awkwardly behind me, waiting. "Come on," I say and pat the area of grass beside me.

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Clark slowly walked to where she was sitting and he sat beside her. Breathing through his nose, his senses picked up many things from nature but all he can scent was Rachel and it isn't like he had ever experienced before.

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Bekah Rachel: I can feel the blood pounding through my veins as the power and presence grows within me. I break to look over at Clark who is sitting stiffly beside me. "Sorry," I say "It isn't really exciting I guess."

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He didn't trust himself to look at her since his control was only a thread. Remembering the cheer leaders back at the cafeteria and how obvious they were at humiliating her he whispered, "It's not. It's quite the opposite to tell you the truth." He inwardly sighed when he felt her move. His gaze has been stuck on a butterfly flying around the flowers about 6 feet away from them.

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Bekah Rachel: I hold back my emotions by simply grabbing Clark's hand. I can feel teh stiffness in he is body when I do. I lean over and whisper "Thanks," because I know he doesn't understand the power and the presence from the peace and tranquility like I do.

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Clark's attention snapped back to Rachel as his thumb started to draw circles on her hand, "My pleasure," he whispered as he watched how beautiful her eyes were in the glow of the sun and when she unknowingly licked her lips his thoughts led him to a path that he would have never taken. He was so stunned by his thoughts that he gasped. His intake of breath was so loud that he flushed, "Sorry."

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Bekah Rachel: I face Clark completely, my stomach knotting itself in ways it never has before. "Why do you keep apologizing?" I ask even though I can feel myself stiff as his thumb circles my hand. He seems to be...afraid. Why?, I wonder.

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Instead of embarrassing himself further he chose not to look at her face anymore. "Isn't it obvious?" He asked as he slowly caressed her hand. He was once again speechless after that, being this close to her was like something he had never expected to experience in his life and this was because of his powers but now...

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Bekah Rachel: I am speechless. I can no longer keepbthe bubbling emotions reigned. I have never felt this so strong in any of my lives. I hope that this forest doesn't blow possibly killing Clark. I lean into him and kiss his cheek then rest my head upon his shoulder. Nothing seems to explode so that's good.

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He was surprised, no make that stunned as Clark felt soft lips kiss his cheek. It was so innocent and sexy at the same time that he didn't move, afraid that she will slap him senseless if he did move. Amazingly she moved closer and that's when he felt tenderness for a girl so much that all he could do was wrap his arm around her waist. Pulling her closer to his body he whispered in her ear, "What was that for?"

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Bekah Rachel: I whisper letting myself show a shred of emotion in my voice "Isn't it obvious?" His hand around my waist comforts me more than anything. I relax my muscles and continue to lean into him.

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Clark chuckled and he couldn't help but nuzzle her neck when she leaned even closer. "I guess I can live with that," he whispered as his nose skimmed the place below her ear and he can feel her shiver when he did so.

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Bekah Rachel: I had never felt this with someone. In any of my lives. Clark was different. Like me. He didn't care that I was strange and I know I am strange. There in that moment I wouldn't have changed a thing. I kiss his cheek again and say "Me too."

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He was content to only have her in his arms but when she kissed him again and when her lips beckoned him to kiss her for real he threw caution to the wind. With only a thought his arm around her pulled her close and he kissed her. Real this time on the lips. He moaned when their lips was Heaven.

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Bekah Rachel: Surprised though I was I didn't pull away, just closer. His strong arms around me and my lips on his, cheesy it sounds, but the world literally disappeared. All I could see was the one boy who had ever cared for me.

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The kiss went on but he knew that he should be careful with her. With his strength and how his emotions were wild he can easily crush her so with that thought in mind he slowly released her and with one last kiss he pushed her back.

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Bekah Rachel: I pulled Clark into one last kiss before he had to pull away. I knew it was best. I could only relieve my emotions for a short while before they became a lethal weapon against the world. Even though I pulled away I continued to gaze into his eyes.

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Clark smiled at her as he raised a hand to touch her cheek with the back of his hand, "Rachel, I'm sorry." He whispered as he let his hand fall down to his side since he was tempted to kiss her again and this was only because she had touched something inside him that had he had never thought was there.

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Bekah Rachel shook her head. "Me too, I-I started it and I'm - Sorry you probably...just wasn't maybe the right..." She stuttered to find her words. She was lost inside his beautiful eyes. She took his hand that was touching her cheek and interlocked it with hers.

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"It's not your fault. It was mine and I promise you that it won't happen if you don't want it." He closed his eyes since she was gazing at his like he had done something to earn that look. He was suddenly afraid to what he was feeling for her but he didn't take his hand away because he needed this as much as he needed the sun.

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Bekah Rachel leaned into him and said in a small voice "I didn't say I didn't want it to happen." She kept her head where it was. Close to his face. Being near him made her feel safe. She was capable of taking care of herself, being alone, but she didn't realize how much she wanted a relationship.

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He sighed as his emotions took on another level he was not yet willing to face, "It's just that I want you to have a choice." He said as let his forehead lean against hers. This was so unexpected, Clark thought with a small smile. He would have never seen that here in this new town with its new school and strangers that he would find something worth fighting for.

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Bekah Rachel pulled her head back and she laid on her back in the grass. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips. "I know," She said. She scooted closer to Clark and put her head in his lap. "So what do you choose?" She said.

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Yet again he was speechless, her actions have surprised him so much that he didn't hear anything she was saying for a moment and when her question did get to his mind he heard something that froze him in place. "Rachel, get behind me." He stood up and he pulled her to his back so that he can protect her and what he heard was not mistakenly a gun cocking about 50 feet away from them.

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Bekah Rachel obeyed but didn't fear for a second. She watched the forest around her. Safe though she was on her own, she wanted to be near Clark. So she came and stood close behind him. She leaned over to whisper to him "What do you see?"

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"Hear," he whispered back to her. Clark was never this afraid before and it was because of Rachel, he was afraid for her. A shot went pass them about a feet from his face and he closed his eyes for a moment so that he can pinpoint where the shooter was but not before a shot went pass them and this time it was closer. He turned to the east with Rachel behind him so that she wouldn't be killed and that's when he located the shooter, "Stay here." He said to Rachel before going to the assassin with his speed.

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Bekah Rachel stood where she was crouching down. She closed her eyes and felt the shadows around her awaken. "Haleos Monothetris," She muttered repeatedly.

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Clark stopped as he looked at the black hooded figure with a sniper in his hands. From where he was standing he can see that it was not with powers like him. He quietly walked to the guy and he whispered, "Who are we looking for?" With a shout the guy turned around and he smashed the gun to Clark's side.

Clark tsked and asked, "Who are you working for?" His tone was polite but inside he wanted to rip the guy into pieces for ever endangering Rachel.

When the guy didn't answer, Clark sighed as he took the guy by the throat, "I guess you're going to meet my girl then." With that he ran to where Rachel was. Clark saw the shadows but it worked to their advantage as he pushed the guy to the ground. "Tell us who are you working for I will let Rachel have a go at you," his voice still pleasant.

The guy snarled at him, "I won't tell you, you b*st*rd!" Clark sighed again but this time with a smile on his face. He turned to Rachel and nodded, "Your turn."

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Bekah Rachel grinned at Clark. Not only was he beating up a guy for her, but he was letting her have a go at him. That was so hot. She focused her eyes momentarily on the man in front of her.The shadows surrounded him and darkened the air. He gasped for breath but Rachel didn't budge.

Then she thrust her hand outward. Opposite her it came through the shadows and grabbed his neck. He fell face down to the ground and didn't move.

Rachel looked up at Clark. She shriveled back down to a smaller size. "Too much?" She asked realizing how much power she had just revealed to Clark.

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Never in this world would girl who was handling the ass was such a turn on but it was. He laughed at her expression as he went to her, pulling her for a quick kiss on the lips, "Better than fine," he whispered as he let go of her to turn to the guy who was whimpering on the ground.

He went to it so that he can plant his foot on the guy's chest and when the wheezed Clark lifted his boot a little, "This is the last time I'm going to ask you this question. Who are you working for," his patience wearing thin.

The guy shook his head vehemently, "I won't tell you!" Clark was about to crush the guy a little when he saw Rachel.

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Bekah Rachel blushed when Clark kissed her. She turned away as Clark questioned the guy. When she was sure Clark was going to crush him she breathed "Shadows." The darkness rolled around the assassin and Clark stepped back. The man sat on the ground holding his head in his hands. Rachel held ot a few more seconds before letting it go. "There. That should break him."

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"What did you do?" Clark asked Rachel with a lift of an eyebrow. The guy on the ground was muttering nonsense and he didn't realize that Rachel was this powerful. He felt a twinge of fear ran through him and he didn't hid it fast enough so that Rachel wouldn't see it but she did anyway.

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Bekah Rachel. looked down at her feet, feeling smaller than ever. "J-just trying to help." she squeaked. The man was babbling but it was clear enough that it could be understood.

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Clark shrugged the sense of fear off and since he was only a few feet away from her he tugged her closer by pulling her arm to him, "I know." He knew that his fear for Rachel had melded with fear of her but that was understandable since she was first girl who had powers somewhat similar to him.

His senses told him that the would-be assassin had said something that caught his attention. He didn't leave Rachel's side as he heard a name that would be forever be in his conscience: Lex Luthor.

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Bekah Rachel tugged away awkwardly. "Who's that?" she said hearing the name 'Lex Luthor'. It was familiar from one of her previous lives. Then she was much older and stronger than now. She was struggling within herself greatly now though.

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He shouldn't feel hurt but he was and for a moment there he felt so empty without her by his side that he wanted to...He wanted to...nothing. With great control he didn't let it show that it had affected him so much. "A friend," he said a cold voice as he looked at the drooling mess at his feet.

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Bekah Rachel crocuses down beside the insane assassin. This madness was her handiwork and she knew it. She forgot how frightening it was to ordinary people. She looked back up at Clark and asked "So what do we do with him?"

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"Leave him," Clark shrugged. He knew that it was too good to be true with Rachel. He should have known better to ever let himself trust another person. Looking at the trash at his feet, he scoffed. "Better this way," he whispered.

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Bekah Rachel stood up. "OK. Let's go," she said. She walked to Clark's side and grabbed his hand. "Sorry," She whispered "I didn't mean scare you like that. I guess I forgot you were not used to seeing anything like that..." Rachel looked awaybas her voice trailed off.

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Clark looked at the hand with distaste holding his. He slipped from her, "No need to apologize, Rach. It's not like you're not used to it, right?" He said in a bored tone as he gestured to mess they left behind. "It wouldn't be your last so forget about it."

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Bekah Rachel shook her head. It wasn't what happened to the guy that scared her. It was Clark's reaction. He looked afraid of her. One of the two looks in the world that she was far too used to. She just watched her feet and said "Okay." She leaned in closer to Clark.

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Clark's eyes glowed red for a second but he didn't notice it and what was weird was how much he wanted to hurt the girl beside him and it was like a temptation he was losing to. He didn't want her so close so he took a step to the left and just like that he knew that something was wrong with him.

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Bekah Rachel felt him move. He was. It was over. She sighed and but left her hand loosely in his. She was right. No guy ever looked at her that way for long. And they never would again. She was a freak. They got out of the darkness of the forest and approached the edge.

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They left, good god I thought they were going to kill me...He wiped the drool of his face as he concluded that they were far enough. Whipping out his phone he called his employer. It answered on the first ring and he said as he rubbed his throat with his other hand. "The job is done, I have shot the target with the red kryptonite just as you said." He flipped the phone off as he went to get his sniper. Out of sight, out of mind his motto always say.

Clark didn't shrug her hand off since some part of him truly liked her but he knew that she was pretending to be weak but in truth she can crush him with a thought. Not on his watch, "See you," he said to her as he walked the other way.

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Bekah Rachel stopped in the same spot as he walked the other way. She watched as Clark walked away. It hurt deep sown where she left her emotions but she didn't feel it. She had reigned heartbreak to where it bounced off the edges of her mind. When Clark was out of sight Rachel took off in a dead sprint for the dorms. Yah, she thought, this feels better.

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Clark heard her fading step and he couldn't even feel a little guilty by what he had done. He clenched his fists and he felt so powerful at the moment that he can even beat Rachel if he wanted to. Rachel...why had that name became so important to him in just a few hours? He shrugged it off as he still decide on where he would be going.

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