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mind numbing, like sinking in quicksand, ponderous, unforgivable

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Janet Garber Such a great wondrous writer - usually. Skip this book - they obviously saved money by foregoing an editor. check out his other books, esp. Winter's Tale. Helprin is One with the Words. He has everything to describe what is in the world and out. Words will never fail him. He will never come across the ineffable. He's the one to go to for a visual sense of the world. But. . .this book's not worth the effort, sadly.

Carla I know what you mean. It took me weeks to get through the first half of the book before I gave up and put back on my shelf. It was too long winded. So disappointed in this book. I did mark it as read, though even when I don't have intentions on picking it up again.

Peggy Wordy, ponerous, boring read. Skipped many chapters just to finally get to the end.....hate to not finish books.

Joan I gave up by the 3rd chapter. I don't like to leave a book unfinished, but this was tedious.

Eleanor Pompous tosh....I agree with all the previous reviews

Lobstergirl Terrible. I think it was a New York Times reviewer who called it "a Harlequin for men". Not just wordy and long winded, but idiotic characterization. The two protagonists had no flaws.

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