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Jeremiah Kleckner (jeremiahkleckner) This book doesn't go into too much detail about who or what Peter Pan is. Is he a boy who has been doused with fairy dust or is he some sort of imp or mystical creature? What do you think?

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A boy who the island favored! *shrugs* I dunno

Jeremiah Kleckner (jeremiahkleckner) Funny how you worded that: "A boy who the island favored." I never thought of Neverland as a living thing.

Your guess is as good as any I've heard.

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I read a few books, ya know, about the beginning of neverland, and it just came across as a living thing.

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I always had this thought about him since I was a child, even now:

Peter was abandoned as a baby; seeing as in those times in those types of institutions they do not really give babies that fondling love that you see with mothers, Peter didn't laugh. He grew dead eyes and blank like the rest of them.
His eyes never lost their brightness though.
As he grew older in an orphanage when he grew up to be a sort of leader (though he would not take this role on, if not by accident), a kid who was funny, and smart mouthed when he wanted to be without breaking his cool.
Of course he got beat up a lot because of this.
He ran away after some time, getting tired of it all; maybe even carrying along a little friend with him (everyone needs a sidekick).
After sometime of stealing for food, which provided them with little, and living in horrid places like alley ways and such, the Peter's little friend got sick.
He didn't get better
And one day when they were running away from a man (a vendor maybe) his little friend got hurt and couldn't get up; Peter took the licking and carried the little boy away. It starts raining...
And the kid dies- but just before, maybe he says something, like a conclusion to one of their many (bickering) arguments. Like: See, you're slick... So slick you can slip out of death's grasp...
And he's answer, "Just barely, just barely..."
(Or something -_-)
Then they'd share a laugh born from their silliness for one last time.
Seeing as the boy hadn't laughed before as a child, and was still one at heart, despite the acts that he tried to put up earlier, his laugh was pure.
And that pure laugh probably made tinkerbell (speculative though...).

Skip ahead the night when Peter sleeps alone. Someone. Fast and quick and agile took him away.
He woke up on an island.

(what I am suggesting is that there were many other 'Peter pans' and this one chose Peter because he heard such a pure laugh. Liked his spunk and what not. Taught him only so much so as not to spoil the islands' adventures.
Then one day he disappeared.
Also suggesting that you'd have to bring people on the island to leave. Which Peter probably realised after years spent on it- he probably tried, but couldn't leave the boys he brought here the way the 'other' 'Pan' did. So he stayed:)

And Peter became the new Pan.
Peter Pan.

((Sorry if it's stupid and not to the books... It's what I thought as a child, and I kind of still do...))

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