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First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Nick Name: Optional


Age: 18-25

Appearance: *No anime and please try to add a picture, if no picture add a long description of your character*

General Style:

Personality: Three to five sentences

History: Five to eight sentences


Relationship Status and Sexuality:


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Gouri (gourianil) First Name:Bruce

Middle Name:Nicholas

Last Name:Wayne

Nick Name:Bruce,Nicholas,Nick,Wayne



(view spoiler)

General Style:Suits,T-shirts,shorts,trainers

Personality:Friendly,funny and outgoing.He is not good at flirting.He is very determined and does not drink or smoke.He loves to talk.He is very interested in photography and is good artist.

History: He belongs to the very rich Wayne family.He was born in New York and used to live with his family.He went to very well known business schools and after graduation he began to take care of this worl famous building group.He is not that interested in making money.He is more interested in art than business but obeys and respects his father.

Job:Business man,photographer(he can sing too)

Relationship Status and Sexuality:Single

Other: None

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Approved

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wanderer (chloemai) First Name:Charlotte

Middle Name:Annabella

Last Name:Lin

Nick Name:Goes by Charlie. Yes, with an 'ie'



Charlie has the typical exotic looks that only Asian people possess. She has long, silky dark hair, the colour being compared to that of a ravens wing, and her eyes are a beautiful hazel, slightly lighter than average for her race. Her skin is the colour of coffee, and is spotless and blemish free. She has quite a curvey figure, probably down to the fact that she has earned it from the two children she has had, although you'd have never had guessed she was a mother with her flat stomach, small waist, wrinkle free face and pitch black hair. Her cheekbones are highslashing, her long dark lashes often resting on them as she sleeps, her nose is small and well sized, her lips small yet full. Due to her heritage she is very short, only standing at 5'0 and her arms and legs are very skinny, her hands and feet also being rather petite as well. She is often underestimated down to her looks, and this annoys her immensley.
(view spoiler)
Her eyes...
(view spoiler)

General Style:
(view spoiler)

Charlie has always been a very smart person, probably due to her harsh upbringing.She often discared the rules and was a free spirit much like she is today. She is quite a vibrant person, bursting with new ideas on ways to do things and is definatley not afraid to express her opinions. She is very much a person that 'wears her heart on her sleeve' and it is easy to determine what she is feeling, although there are moments when it is hard to figure out her emotions. She can be quite loud, but her heart is truley in the right place when she tries to help. Charlie is one of those people that feels as if the whole world is upon her shoulders, and will try to help other people as much as possible. She is a sucker for donating money to charities advertised on the TV and when she isnt working she will volenteer at the nearby shelter. Everybody is welcome in her home, as she tries to be the exact opposite of what her parents were. She has two children, to whom she cares about dearly, and loves them to death, seeing as they are one of her only links to her deceased husband.

Charlotte Annabella Lin was born in London England on the first of April. The weather being springtime rain. From a young age her parents pushed her to be the best, and if that was not what she produced then there would be consequences, consequences that she would have much rather avoided altogether. She was born into a strict household, but was much more of a free spirit who disregarded the rules and more often than not she was frowned upon by not only her parents, but the rest of her family as well. She was basically the stereotypical asian student. Excpected to get the highest grades, play the violin and be the 'good girl' of the school. But she was unsettled living in the prison of a life her parents set up, and so decided that she wouldnt let them control her. At the age of 16, she aqquired her childhood sweetheart, a boy, Danny, also originating from china, but having been adopted, was now living with two fathers and an older sister from elsewhere in the world. The two quickly fell in love, and it was evident that their relationship was not just some 'childhood fling'. Charlie's parents werent exactly happy about the situation, in fact they banned her from seeing Danny, and in consequence of this, she promptly packed her bags and moved in with her boyfried, being greeted with open arms. At the age of 18, Danny proposed, and a year later they tied the knot in a simple family gathering of a few close friends and her new husbands family. Everything was perfect, but her other half dropped a bombshell after the marriage. She had always known it was his dream to fight for his country and join the army, and so he announced that he would be doing so. Of course, Charlie being the person she is, supported him, even though it was painful to do so, but a ray of hopefullness shone down on her as she turned 19. She was carrying Dannys baby. In due course, she gave birth to a baby girl, and her and her husband cherished and loved her as much as any parent could. Yet three years later, tradgedy struck. She recieved a call from the army, informing her that Danny had been injured severely in battle, and was already being flown back to England.
Upon his arrival, Charlie had rushed to the hospital, where she was met with an almost sticky atmosphere, the feeling of an upcoming departure. Her husband lay in the room, his breathing slowing yet his eyes wide and searching, and as he caught sight of her he seemed to relax ever so slightly. She had rushed to his side, holding his hand in her own. It was clear that he was slowly losing his battle with life, but still he was fighting on for the sake of his wife and his child. With tears welling in her eyes and her heart heavy and numb, she had nodded, her voice breaking as she told him that it was ok, that she would be ok and that she would always love him. And whispering out his final words of 'I Love You' Danny slipped away from life.
For a short time, Charlie was distraught, and had been depressed, but after his funeral another glimmer of hope flickered onto her pathway. She happened to be pregnant again, with her dead husbands baby. She through herself into caring for her unborn child, was especially careful and over the course of 9 months escaped her depressive state and focused solely on her daughter and the soon-to-be born baby she was carrying. She gave birth to a son, and a year after he was born moved to Las Vegas. She had owned a small Shabby Chic shop back in england, and transferred her business over to america. She is currently living happily with her two children, if anything a bit lonely.

Job: Owns a Shabby Chic shop, she works there as well.

Relationship Status and Sexuality:
Single.[Widower] And straight


*Still editing*

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) First Name: Serenity

Middle Name: Jean

Last Name: Douglas

Nick Name: none

Gender: Female

Age: 21


General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Serenity is a very nice person. She can have a temper when you get under her skin or push her buttons. She can tell if someone is lying to her and she will confront them and get the truth out of them. She is very stubborn and hates when people tell her no.`She is very talkative and creative; she tries to do everything in a new way or in a different way.

History: Serenity’s father owns 5 of the hotels on the strip. She has always lived within the hotels and learned how to play every kind of poker and slot machine. She does have a slight gambling problem but doesn't care because she usually uses her dads money. She knows everyone by name and tries to talk to all the employees and guests. Very often, she will act like a kid again and play with the elevators.

Job: works at one of the resturants

Relationship Status and Sexuality: straight and single

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) First Name: Lacey

Middle Name: McKenna

Last Name: Beckett

Nick Name: Dice ((Because she is lucky when it comes to rolling Dice. Always rolls good numbers))

Gender: Female

Age: 19

General Style:(view spoiler)

Personality: Lacey is a Vegas girl at heart. She is used to the drama and dangers of the city. She has lived on the strip her whole life and grew up Gambling. Because of all the experiences and life lessons she has received, Lacey is strong and independent. She is strong willed and gets what she wants. She lacks fear and gets into dangerous situations everyday. She is a free spirit and never listens to the rules.

History: Lacey and her family are pretty famous around Vegas. Her father is the owner of a lot of the casinos in Vegas and is also a skilled gambler. He is like a modern day mobster. Lacey grew up in casinos and learned fast how to take care of herself. Her mother was killed in a drive by shooting when Lacey was just two, leaving her alone with her father and three older brothers. They never paid much attention to her so Lacey was forced to become independent.
Her father started paying attention to her when she was about fifteen years old when he realized Lacey was a skilled gambler and could earn a lot of money. (Not that he really needed anymore). He started using her in games. Lacey can work a casino with such skill and play the games so well that she was given the nickname Dice.
Most people don't even who Lacey really is. they don't know she is the daughter of the famous Marco Beckett. She is just a shadow that comes into the casinos and robs everyone of their money.

Job: Doesn't need or want one. She has enough money for life.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Straight and single

(view spoiler)

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) APPROVED

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First Name: Adara

Middle Name: Mave

Last Name: Watson

Gender: Feminine

Age: 20


General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Born of high aristocracy in Dublin, Ireland, Adara is a quiet, reserved young lady. She is not at all the stereotypical haughty and spoiled daughter. In fact, she does not like to flaunt her status in society. She isn't exactly popular; she only has a handful of friends. She is not one who is extremely social, nor is she one who is a misanthropic miser. She has a voice, a soft one that struggles to be heard over the din of the others. She is not one who tends to express herself readily; however, when asked of her opinion, she mostly gives her truthful feelings.

Intelligence is another matter with her. Seeing as she is a quiet one, she, thus, engages in activities that require little to no silence. She did not want to join the loud, boisterous bandwagon her two elder sisters gladly are members of, the route that requires a happy-go-lucky attitude and a strong body to resist the effects after drinking alcohol. She, instead, is a serious one who worries about her academic career and studies. Reading and studying are things that comes easily to her, allowing her to skip certain grades and progress her academic career rather quickly.

Adara is also one who could handle certain things. As she is one born with certain features that make men stare in awe after her, she has often been a receptor of perverted remarks thrown at her. Though she is one who can manage a bit of kink in her life, too much would overwhelm her and would make her disgusted and annoyed, thus making her want to do nothing with the person who caused her such feelings.

Flirting and other whorish behavior, she does not partake in nor does she accept. She, in fact, finds it repulsive that women and men alike would stoop so low to revel and accept attention. Her idea of sexy is to reveal less, so more people can wonder.

History: Adara was born to a high-tech businessman and a professor of physics; Eric Watson and Emmaline Watson in Dublin, Ireland, inheriting her unique British accent. As a young girl, she was pushed to be fluent in the language of etiquette and money. Her parents, highly respected by the country, encouraged to her that unlike the majority of the population, she need not worry about her spending habits. She was free to spend and enjoy luxury. She was almost under the spell like her sisters, but after visiting an orphanage on a school field trip when she was four years old, she saw that there were certain people who suffered in poverty. She secretly saved up her allowances, using the trips awarded to her for buying luxuries instead to visit orphanages and other charitable funds to donate heartily. She was, thus, respected by all and soon her parents heard of this.

They were surprised to see that their young daughter was a role model for others to help the destitute, and felt such pride emanate in their hearts. They used Adara as an example to point out to her two elder sisters, who soon became jealous that their youngest sister was basking in the glory of receiving continuous praise and commendations from not only their parents, but also the whole community. They began to secretly abuse her with threats and violence, snickering and yelling at her for no reason. She, afraid to speak out, never explained the light bruises found at her arms and legs. She instead prevaricated their recurring questions, feigning a cheery disposition and diverting the topic, her sisters smirking in approval.

Soon, though, her mother walked up to her room unexpectedly one day, carrying a load of fresh laundry, when she saw with utmost horror, her youngest daughter receiving a torrent of harsh slaps from her sisters, who had their backs turned to their mother. Soon, though, Mrs. Watson walked in, chiding them mercilessly and sending them to live with their great-aunt for three years. Miraculously, they came back, changed, and offered kind smiles to Adara.

With all this drama occurring in the Watson family, it was time to send her two sisters off to college. The eldest, Louise, harbored a love for acting and soon received a scholarship to Julliard School. The second sister, Angelica, happily proclaimed that fashion was her dream, soon admitted to London College of Fashion. Finally, it was Adara's turn. She shyly confessed she had an interest in medicine, and her parents, finally happy that one of their daughters had chosen a, in their opinion, a useful career, beamed in pride as she, like her sister, received a scholarship to M.I.T.. She quickly finished her studies and passed with flying colours, skipping several years to start her career early.

Job: Adara is a doctor. As she has worked so hard, her parents awarded a treat to her efforts in the world of medicine, allowing her to go to one of the most toured places in the world; Las Vegas.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single and Straight.

Other: Adara has played the piano for 15 years.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Approved

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 18 comments Mod
First Name: Cameron

Middle Name: Alec

Last Name: Hott

Nick Name: Hott, Alec




(view spoiler)
General Style: emo looks mostly

Personality: He is young and free. He does have a bit of a drinking problem and he smokes. He appears calm and collective out and about but when alone he is much more deeper thinking. He almost seems to look into the soul and find things no one lese can find. He has been known to carry a camera with him snapping shots at the oddest of angles.

History: He was born in Paris, France. His parents left him a very large chunk of land in the states and he has been vacationing ever since there death six years ago. He recently received an invite to a large aprty in vegas and has arrived here with plenty of cash to spend and fire in his pants for anyone "hott" enough.

Job: He does photography and is a natural artist and musician. Plays violin, piano, guitar, drums, key board, sings, and loves painting and sketching and photography.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single, bi

Other: He loves any sort of serpent.

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iomai (irun) First Name: Camryn
Middle Name: Zabrina
Last Name: Cromwell

Nick Name: Cam
Gender: Female
Age: 19


General Style:
(view spoiler)

Personality: Cam is a free spirit who can't be told what to do. She loves to escape the norms and do what she wants, regardless of what others think. She lives in the here and now, she doesn't plan of take much time to think before she acts. She's not afraid to speak her mind and be heard.

History: Cam grew up in a small town in Oregon. Her parents raised her, their only daughter after three sons. They spoiler her rotten with girly dresses almost to apologize for naming her Camryn since they were expecting a boy. She was an A, B student in school and what you could call 'popular'. She moved out right after graduation to got to college in New York.

Job: She's a full time student

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single/ Straight

Other: Her and her friends are there to celebrate her birthday.


First Name: Cote
Middle Name: Xavier
Last Name: Malik

Nick Name:
Gender: Male
Age: 23


(view spoiler)

General Style:
(view spoiler)

Personality: Cote is aloof, not concerning himself with other people. He keeps his thoughts to himself and basically ignore the outside world. He doesn't care what people think of him. They can shove it up their butts and let it melt.

History: Cote was a child genius. He graduated high school at the age of thirteen. In school he was relentlessly bullied because of his age and size. He learned to ignore people as his only means of survival. Eventually they left him alone. He received his bachelors degree in teaching and mechanical engineering. He began teething at eighteen and received his masters degree in both fields. He is now getting his phd.

Job: He is a college professor

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single/ Bisexual


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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 18 comments Mod
First Name: Troy

Middle Name: Julian

Last Name: Ferraz

Nick Name: Jul

Gender: m


Appearance: (view spoiler)

General Style: v-necks, and cargo shorts normally..except when going out he wears a casual suit.

Personality: He is rather strong and charming in his personality. He has been known to be clever and sly and rather seductive often turning the status of straight guys into something questionable. He tries to maintain a high look and very chill.

History: Born in Berlin, Germany. He family owns a casino in vegas and a hotel. he tries to keep from plublicity, but it never works. His family is known to be one of the richest in vegas. He pratically lives off his families wealth while the family buisness will soon be put in his hands after his mothers death as she is ill.

Job: none...he lives off the family wealth

Relationship Status and Sexuality: gay and single

Other: He lives in the penthouse of his families hotel.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) all approved

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 18 comments Mod
First Name: Austin

Middle Name: Greggory

Last Name: Aima

Nick Name: Ace

Gender: m

Age: 21

(view spoiler)

General Style: He is always up-to-date on the latest fashion for men.

Personality: He is wealthy and he knows it. he spends wisely, but not conservatively. He always tries to get what he wants and never looses a bet, even if it means he has to play dirty. He is more clever with his words than anything.

History: His father owns almost half of Las Vegas. His family believes combining the powers of the Aima's and Beckett's families with a single marriage the two most compatible single individuals of their families. He is being pushed to try and give Dice a chance, but he is unsure if it will work with the Ferraz family pushing Troy to keep the two powers from joining to keep things seperated and their large buisnesses running.

Job: He goes to college a major in Photography and a minor in Male Modelling

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Straight, but bi curious and single


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) I Like the conjoined story. xD

message 16: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 18 comments Mod
lol thnx especially since Troy is Gay and still wanted to either keep the other families apart or marry into Dice's family. Can Troy and Dice be really good friends? oh and pick where we start.

message 17: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Yes Troy and Dice can be really good friends, I'm going to have Dice not like Austin at first. And I posted at the Bellagio.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 18 comments Mod

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Yepp!!

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Lucy Tearling First Name: Lynn

Middle Name: Marisol

Last Name: Fei

Nick Name: -

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Long black hair, dark eyes, height 5'8,
(view spoiler)

General Style: Short dress, short, skinny jeans and high heels.

Personality: Lynn is a charmer. She can charm almost everyone she met and escape every trouble with only her lovely dimple. She is also sociable, smart and funny.

History: Lynn's mother is a Mexican and her father is a Chinese billionaire. They met when her mother is one of the casino waitress in one of the casino in Las Vegas. Now, his father leaves for his business in China while Lynn and her mother stay in Las Vegas. She loves Las Vegas and everything about it. She loves casino and she loves to play table games.

Job: She is a potret painter.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single/ Straight

Other: -

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) All approved

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) First Name: Aphrodite

Middle Name: Noel

Last Name: Silver

Nick Name: Queen of Hearts ((Shorted down to Hearts))

Gender: female

Age: 20


General Style: (view spoiler)
Personality: Hearts doesn't take no for an answer. She fights for what she wants and always gets what she wants. She is creative but also manipulative. She is a flirt and likes to play men (Hint the nickname Queen of Hearts)

History: Hearts is the cousin of Dice. Her parents both died when she was four years old and Dice's parents took her in. Hearts works for her uncle and is a great business girl. She plays dirty and will do pretty much anything to get what her uncle's company wants.
She is also an all star gambler, just like her cousin, she can work a casino with skill and knows how to play the game.
Job: Works for Marco Beckett (Her uncle)

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single straight


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First Name: Jane

Middle Name: Maria

Last Name: Black

Nick Name: none

Gender: Female

Age: 19


General Style: when day time, jeans, tank tops or concert shirt with some Converse shoes. at night tight black dresses with tights and heels

Personality: She is kind, smart and cunning when getting her money, she can take care of herself and doesn't like people helping her in her fights. She is sometimes short-tempered and that can cause problems, with her job

History: Orphan, she was brought up by a family that used her like a personal slave. She ran away from home looking for a better life, she found Las Vegas, hoping that could be the answer to her was until she was broke..she searched for a job, the only thing is did good was dancing and performing, finding her a job in the strip club..

Job: stripper

Relationship Status and Sexuality: single, straight

Other: She would like to have a break and enjoy life for once

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) APPROVED

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) NOTE: IF your character format is not bolded correctly, your character will not be approved!

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Jasmine wrote: "
Piper Rose Smith




A lovely, deep azure (blue) with flecks of pale, somber green and radiant grey . . .



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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Ⓢⓨⓓⓝⓔⓨ❤ wrote: "First Name: Serendipity
Nickname: Sera
Middle Name: Hope
Last Name: Phillips
Age: 22
D.O.B: Feb. 12
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sera stands at 5'6 with long legs and naturally tan skin. She is skin..."

approved when finished

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) First Name: Lucas

Middle Name: Smith

Last Name: Silver

Nick Name: Smith or Silver

Gender: Male

Age: 22


General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Lucas is arrogant and cocky. He is sarcastic and always thinks he is right. Just like his little sister Hearts, he always gets what he wants and doesn't take not for an answer.

History: His parents died in a tragic car crash when he was young. He and his sister were taken in by his uncle. Lucas grew very close to his cousin Dice and relied on her a lot.
Lucas started hanging with the wrong crowed at a young age (Around 14). He started smoking pot and drinking alcohol. Soon those progressed into heavier and worst things. Lucas got hooked on Crack. He doesn't want to use his Uncle's money for his drugs so he fights in the underground fight clubs to earn his drug money. He is a skilled and talented fighter and rarely looses a fight. He make thousands of dollars a night for fighting.
He truly does want end his addiction and has tried many times, but he fines it way to hard to stop.

Job: underground fight club fighter.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single

Other: His tattoo:

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Christina *Cantarella* | 4 comments First Name: Bella

Middle Name: Ann

Last Name: Holt

Nick Name: She doesn't really mind what nickname you give her, as long as it's not offensive or anything.

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Appearance: description

(view spoiler)

General Style: Very casual and creative. You'll probably find her wearing a rather large T-shirt with a design involving one of her favorite bands across the front or back. But otherwise, it's a little something like this;
(view spoiler)

Personality: Bella is a free spirit, a dreamer. She isn't really afraid to say what she thinks... However tends to secretly regret any harsh words later. If she actually takes a liking to you though, harsh words are the last thing you need to worry about from her. She's clever with words and art, and uses her talents to her advantage whenever she can. She can come across as snarky or rude to some, and has a pretty good sense of humor. She's very creative and more than just a bit rebellious.

History: Her relationship with her family is shit, to say the least. That's why she's now living in her own apartment not too far from the clubs and all that. Her Mom and Dad never really gave her the support she believed a daughter deserved. And there was obvious preference which her parents showed between her and her two younger siblings. See, those things made her upset so she used painting and music as her escape, never really bothering to please her parents with good grades in anything but art and English. Although she's pretty happy with her job at the bar since it gives her all the money she currently needs, she's aiming to try and get some job which would involve a lot of travel and painting.

Job: Waitress/Bartender at the bar.

Relationship Status and Sexuality: She's straight and single.

Other: She hates people who just get tattoos to get tattoos, however takes a liking to those whose tattoos have some sort of meaning or story behind them. That being said, she's been planning to get some sort of tattoo either on her wrist or the back of her neck, so that's always something to talk about. Also, Good luck getting her to have sex with you if you're a totally random stranger at the bar.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Ⓢⓨⓓⓝⓔⓨ❤ wrote: "I finished!"

You're approved

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Christina *Cantarella* wrote: "First Name: Bella

Middle Name: Ann

Last Name: Holt

Nick Name: She doesn't really mind what nickname you give her, as long as it's not offensive or anything.

Gender: Female

Age: 22



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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 3 comments First Name: Adrianne

Middle Name: Marie

Last Name: Cross

Nick Name: Ian

Gender: Female

Age: 22

> eyes are heterochromia iridum, left eye is blue while the other is green
> she's rather small, she's just 5'4.
> has a lean and tough body. even if she works out, she never got muscular, not that she wants that.

General Style: jeans, shirts and her black leather jacket and boots, rarely dresses fancy and only when needed for her job

Personality: She's easy going but tough. She goes with the flow than against it. Adrianne had her share of fights that made her tough or soft, which way you see her. She likes to act naive and stupid in times when she gets into trouble, she have always get away that way. She's more of a 'clever gal' than an intelligent one. What gets to her nerve is when people treats her like a little girl because of her height, but she refuse to wear high heels, 'Can't run in that.' she says.

History: Adopted by her parents since she was a baby. When she found out she was adopted, she rebelled at the age of 14 and end up always in jail her entire teenage life. Though she didn't do drugs or get wasted, she got into fights which earned her a few friends and enemies around Vegas. When she was 16, her parents told her that they would help her find her real parents and that seem to pacify her in the mean time, it gave her purpose. Since then she been good, finished college, got her own car, a job and traveled from time to time to find her real parents.

Job: jack-of-all-trades, currently looking for a job

Relationship Status and Sexuality: Single and Straight

Other: ---

Christina *Cantarella* | 4 comments asdfghkl thank you ^___^

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) APPROVED

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