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What was your favourite book in the series and why?

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Eugenia (Genie In A Book) If you have read all the Harry Potter books, which one was your favourite and why?

Alicia It's really hard, but I would pick the Goblet of Fire because it was really interesting and surprising, and I think this book was when the romance started.

Ricardo Santos i liked the deathly hallows because every secret gets revealed and the truth comes out

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Prisoner of Azkaban, because of the Marauders. :)

Dorottya I liked Goblet of Fire the most, because it was the most exciting and interesting one, and it was the first one, in which, well, for me at least, the darker tones were introduced, and which really persuaded me of the fact that this book series shows us the development or changes of a teenage soul. Also, who doesn't love the Quidditch cup scenes?

Currer Jean Prisoner of Azkaban. This book takes a small detour from Voldemort and lets us see Ron, Harry, and Hermione as these budding teenagers who are really starting to feel things and understand the world around them. It is also the first time we get to take a look into the Marauders'life and meet such amazing characters. Also, am I the only one dazzeled by Honeydukes?:)

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Brittany wrote: "Prisoner of Azkaban. This book takes a small detour from Voldemort and lets us see Ron, Harry, and Hermione as these budding teenagers who are really starting to feel things and understand the worl..."
Um, no. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Colleen Stitch Brooke wrote: "Brittany wrote: "Prisoner of Azkaban. This book takes a small detour from Voldemort and lets us see Ron, Harry, and Hermione as these budding teenagers who are really starting to feel things and un..."

agree. i loved the marauders' map and the possibility of harry being free of the dursley's forever

Maya Patel My favorite is The Goblet of Fire because it has so many exciting events such as the Yule Ball. Hermione looked so pretty in her Yule Ball gown. I love The Goblet of Fire!

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Nae My favorite is The Half-Blood Prince because this is when Harry realizes his feelings for Ginny and the beginning of the end starts in this book and Harry finally realizes what he has to do to defeat Voldemort

Jenika Ioffreda uhm... loved all of them... maybe more than what I liked most I can say what I liked less, The Order of the Phenix... because one of my favorite characters was lost forever in that book (buuuaaaaaaa!!!) otherwise all the other books are on the same level...

Rochelle The Sorcerer's Stone where it all began is my favorite. It was so fun meeting all of these characters for the first time, especially Harry, because he finally learns about his parents and his future.

Colleen Stitch my favorite was prisoner of azcaban because it was the only book that didnt have voldermont in it. he was mentioned, but didnt appear. plus i liked the release of more details about lily and james potters murder.

Farheen The books in my favorite list's no. one is Deathly Hallows,Goblet of Fire,Philosophers stone,Order of Pheonix,and Chamber of Secrets.......Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood prince on the second number....and it will be kind of long and hard to tell why I like the 5 of them most.............

Filza Prisoner of Azkaban, it was exciting! And the marauder map really pricked my imagination........

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Prisioner of Azkaban, it was such a plot twist and everythig was so exciting about that book. When I finished that book I wanted to devour the rest of the series.

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G Half-blood Prince, because of just one singular scene. When Harry kisses Ginny. Throughout the entire book I wanted them to be together, and when they finally got together, I was excited!

Kelly Genie wrote: "If you have read all the Harry Potter books, which one was your favourite and why?"

The best book is The Order of the Pheonix. I love it because the character relationships grow so much. Harry and Sirius have a family bond which Harry feels for the first time. Furthermore, Ron and Hermione start to realize (not just the readers) that they might have more than friendship going on. The tension and maturity from these lovable characters gets the audience cheering them along.

Kressel Housman The Order of the Phoenix because of Luna's conversation with Harry about what's beyond the veil - absolutely my favorite moment in the entire series. I also liked occulmency and the D.A.

Stepheny I loved Order of the Phoenix! It was such a change in tone and it was very dark. I absolutely loved Harry's inner conflict- him trying to figure out if he was a "bad" person. His conversations with Sirius and Luna were by far some of the most intense dialog in the series and I found it to be quite moving. I think this was the one book where we all felt we could relate...When bad things are happening constantly around us or to us we start to really question our point and place in the world. I really loved this book. Sirius' death was horrible and I was so upset that she killed him off but it was such a pivotal point for Harry. He finally started taking on his role and realizing that no one was going to face Voldemort for him. Loved seeing that side of him. I find it funny how many people don't like this book...it is definitely interesting to see the differences in everyone's responses!

Rhiyaah i like Prisoner of Azkaban because .. i just like it . with Sirius and Lupin . and their friendship back then . and everything .. i also like the deathly hallows, with all the secrets being revealed .

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I loved the HALF BLOOD PRINCE!!!! Definitely my fav! because I really liked the bit of drama between Ron and Hermione pretty much how romance blossoms. I loved Slugghorn's class and how Hermione was kinda was going insane because she was no long the top of the class. I loved the POTIONS BOOK the most it was my favorite thing in it and the ending was amazing. OMG and obviously I loved Draco LOL so ya I have a lot to say about this book its amazing!

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Liam I have two favourites!

Philosopher's Stone, because it was the beginning of everything. So colourful! I loved Diagon Alley. Harry first met Ron and Hermione in this book. There is also humour in this one.

Goblet of Fire, because of the Tri-Wizard tournament. The Tri-Wizard tournament was fun! It is also the first big Harry Potter book :).

Megan Book # 3 ( I would name the book but to be frank i don't know how to spell it ) I am IN LOVE with Sirius Black that the only reason I loved the book so much. I LOVE HIM, seriously I cried when he died!

Gabriela Barisic Goblet of Fire, I can't quite explain it, but I find it most fascinating and I think that the imagination of J.K. Rowling came alive in this book, and who didn't fell chills while lord Voldermort was coming back?

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