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Jane was cleaning her axe, and humming a tune, she sighed as she looked at her wound

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She stood up and ran to Kyle 'You alright?' she asked. Then looked at his arm, she ripped some of her shirt and cleaned the wound with it.

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She smirked, 'Gotta have a good arm if you are going to fight' she nodded her wound, 'Same as me' she joked

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She pulled out a bandage and some leaves 'These should help' she bind it up and smiled, 'There you go'

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She shook her head then rolled her eyes 'I'm not a nurse..and I don't plan to be one' she stood up

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She laughed, 'Yeah..right..would you like anything Mister Kyle?' she joked

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'Mam? I'm that old, huh?' she grabbed her axe that was cleaned and sharpened.

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She rolled her eyes, 'I'm gonna get going..careful not to move that arm too much' she said and picked her stuff up.

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She smiled faintly and headed out

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Selene and Matthew walked in the armory both carrying their knives and swords. Matt was also arrying his quiver to sharpen the arrows. They met after a long day together.

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