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Erin M. (siriusyareader) | 11 comments Mod
The professors are all retired in this modern day and age. Never fear, though, because Hogwarts is a timeless place that's unaffected by technology.

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★RavenclawReader★ (stargazer101) | 543 comments Mod
Name: Clara Sage
House: Ravenclaw
Teaching Position: Headmistress
Appearance: Tall, with large amber-colored eyes with glasses, and honey-colored curls.
Personality: Stiff and strict, and always 'in the know' at what happens at Hogwarts.
Birthday: July 1
Background: Half-blood, her mother a witch and her father a muggle.
Wand: Fourteen-and-a-half inches, unicorn hair, maple.
Pet: Barn owl, named Bronwen.
Other: Worked as the Professor of Arithmancy before moving up to become the Headmistress of Hogwarts.

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★RavenclawReader★ (stargazer101) | 543 comments Mod
Name: Darius Leech
House: Hufflepuff
Teaching Position: Charms teacher
Appearance: Thin graying hair and small spectacles, very tall
Personality: Nervous, and very hesitant. Fairly good teacher, though.
Birthday: November 2
Background: Muggle-born, and worked for the Ministry of Magic before being employed at Hogwarts.
Wand: Nine inches, oak, with threstal's hair.
Pet: A small owl he calls Eoin.
Other: Does a very good Patronus charm, friendly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Name: Briella Doorian
House:Hufflepuff(Not the headmisteress of hufflepuff just an old hufflepuff))
Teaching Position:Herbology
Appearance:White hair to her shoulders, wears funny colorful dresses. Brown eyes.
Personality:A lot like luna. She's a bit kooky, but she's fun, causing a lot of people to like her. She's also good at her job
Birthday:January 8th
Background:Half-blood, nobody knows where she came from before Hogwarts.
Wand:eleven inches, mahogany wood with unicorn hair
Pet: No pet
Other: MMMM...nope!

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Name: Lupa Flavius
House: Gryffindor
Teaching Position: Care of Magical Creatures
Appearance: Brown hair to her shoulders, amber eyes, dark eyebrows, dresses in green, brown and other earthy colors.
Personality: Lupa is very similar to a wolf, with her wise and cool nature and her reckless bravery. She is very good with animals and very smart.
Birthday: No-one knows.
Background: Lupa grew up, raised by wolf animangi (not werewolves) in the Forest. She went to Hogwarts, finished school, got a job again. She has worked at Hogwarts for five years and is fantastic at her job.
Wand: Beech, 10 inches, dragon heartstring, strong and sturdy
Pet: A wolf cub named Lupus and a tawny owl named Athena.
Other: She has a cousin who lives in America, Janus. He is also a wizard and is Lupa's only contact out of school.

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Rose (dottedlines) Name: Annaliese Verness

House: Slytherin

Teaching Position: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Appearance: description

Personality: Despite Annaliese's innocent appearance, she's a strict teacher who expects nothing but the best from her students. Because she grew up a Slytherin herself, she's used to all the "evil" rumors. Perhaps she is evil. She's a great teacher who knows her material inside out.

Birthday: December 19th

Background: Annaliese was born an orphan. She can't remember anything from her past. Her latest memory was coming to Hogwarts at the age of thirteen. She was accepted as a Slytherin and stayed in Hogwarts until she was old enough to teach. Then she became a teacher, which she has been ever since.

Wand: 11" Dragon Heartstring made of Birch.

Pet: A rare Oriental Bay Owl named Mildred.


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Name: Gavan Nyx
House: Slytherin
Teaching Position: Transfiguration
Appearance: Tall and very thin, Gavan stands at a height of 6'1. He has shaggy black hair that reaches past his ears and almost to his shoulders. His eyes are a fierce gray, and his skin is pale. He has a harsh, almost craggy face. He's only in his early thirties.
Personality: Gavan is extremely intelligent, undeniably so. He is quick and clever, cunning, mysterious, and a master at the art of deception. He is very hard to fool. He is incredibly brave, and though he doesn't love and trust easily, he would sacrifice his life for those few he does love. He talks only when necessary and wastes no time on idle chatter. He has high expectations for his students, and is an excellent teacher. He keeps students in line. The minute he walks into a classroom, kids quiet down. He has a quick temper, which he keeps hidden beneath his cool, uncaring, and icy demeanor. There are rumors that he is evil, but he isn't, not really.
Birthday: August 29
Background: He lived with his Muggle parents, whom he hated and who hated him, until he was sent to Hogwarts. After he graduated, he worked briefly at the Ministry of Magic. He was offered the job at Hogwarts soon after and he accepted it immediately. He has been teaching for sixteen years and he does his job well.
Wand: 11 & 3/4 inches, walnut, core of dragon heartstring

~ He is a Parseltongue.
~ He is Head of Slytherin House.
~ He is Deputy Headmaster.

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Kimya Ahadi | 24 comments Name: Kimya Ahadi
House: Ravenclaw
Teaching Position: Astronomy
Appearance: Kimya is a green-eyed olive skinned witch with messy dark brown hair, which is often filled with mismatched hair clips. Her face is always flushed as if she's been running. Her face is generally rounded and relaxed, but will pinch up if in a temper. She only wears shades of red and green if she can help it. Her blouses and flowing trousers give her almost a dreamy look.
Personality: Mrs. Ahadi is quiet but friendly in nature but quick to flare up. She will reveal anything you ask about her, but it is difficult to tell if she is lying. She has differing expectations for her students, and caters to students individually. People call her intelligent, but it is masked by her cheery persona.
Birthday: April 13
Background: Foreign, but that is all she will give about her background. Some say she was a professor in Italy, others say she was an African princess, and others yet say she came from a motel room in Canada.
Wand: 12" Aspen
Pet: Norwegian Vampire Bunny (named Everette)
Other: //

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Ayah (shadowkisss1958) Name: Bianca Turpin

House: Slytherin

Teaching Position: Potions

Appearance: Has a sweet caring smile, blonde hair blue eyes.

Personality: Bianca is a sweet young caring professor only 4 years out graduating from Hogwarts. Although she is blonde she is a very bright witch.

Birthday: March 26.

Background: Bianca lives a quiet life in a cottage in
Spinners end, Britain.

Wand: 13 inches, Ash and slightly springy.

Pet: A brown cuddely cat


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- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Name: Gavan Nyx
House: Slytherin
Teaching Position: Transfiguration
Appearance: Tall and very thin, Gavan stands at a height of 6'1. He has shaggy black hair that reaches past his ears and almost t..."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Name: Isabelle Alice Cabret

House: Gryffindor

Teaching Position: Divination

Appearance: Extremely bright red hair that is very, very curly. It reaches down to the small of her back. She has very pale skin and a scattering of freckles across a small nose. Her eyes are constantly changing colors depending on lighting, emotions, location, etc. She's about 5 ft tall and is generally quite a bit shorter than her students. Her eyes are generally magnified behind huge purple spectacles that she constantly has to adjust as they fall off her face.

Personality: Mrs. Cabret appears to always be rather scatter-brained. But in reality, she always knows exactly what is going on, when, where, why, and how. This is slightly disconcerting to most people, however her most devoted students all love her. She wanders the halls when not in class and will talk to anyone about anything.

Birthday: December 31st

Background: Isabelle had a fairly standard childhood except for that fact that her father was a werewolf. He had turned shortly after her birth and because of this resolved to leave the household and never return so as not to endanger her. Isabelle's mother raised her alone. After Hogwarts moved from her hometown of Paris to London so that she could more easily work at Hogwarts.

Wand: 15 '' Elder with dragon heartstring, whippy

Pet: A large black dog named Marise. Marise often will sit in on Isabelle's Divination lessons and many of her students say that the dog understands every word.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 2 comments Name: Nero Exodus Novak
House: Ravenclaw
Teaching Position: Muggle Studies

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Personality: He is reasonable and always eager to teach students. He is often known for giving away points for simply answering the right question. He is extremely fair but does not tolerate talking in class while he is teaching nor does he tolerate tardiness. He values knowledge of his subject and any other subject for that matter. He holds a passion to teach and learn just as much from his students as he grants them everyday. He loves to challenge peoples minds with trick questions and make them actually use their brains to work. He has a darker side much like those in Slyhterin house, but he is smart to hide it, as he hates muggles and muggleborns, but knows more about them than anyone could possibly imagine. He believes in blood purity to the fullest extents.

Birthday: June 10th

Background: He is Romanian and his wife is the Minister for Magic. His son is Ezekiel Novak. They are one of the near to last pureblood families known. He was once a dragon keeper in the Romanian Dragon Reservation. He ensures his families safety always and often visits his wife on the weekends or regular days off from studies.
His son Ezekiel is a metamorphagus, as the trait skips a generation on his side of the family. Distantly on his wife's side they are related to veela's.
He himself fears that his wife is in far too important of a job to actually e having a family and thinks she should step down from her post before something bad happens.
His son was born in the UK and finds everything about the wizard world something worth discovering. Much like his father he loves a challenge, but seems to delve more physically into things than his father does.
Nero is a complete family sort of person. He values the idea wizard family image and holds it strongly to heart.
He would have supported the Dark lord during his reign of power, but he had a bit of a different idea on things than most pureblooded wizards who believed soully in blood purity. He always held the image of power and believed that they should bless muggles with the knowledge of the presence and make them the lower beings who follow the wizarding rules in life and pay a few pretty galleons for potions to heal their sick and weak sort.

Length:13 1/2 in.
Wood: White Oak
Core: Veela Hair of his wife's family and Sphinx Hair
with two rather tempermental cores his bondage of true love for his wife keeps his wand under control.

Pet: none he hates animals except for birds.
Other: He himself is an animagus he learned at an early age when he himself attended school as at his school they had a complete class for advanced students to take for learning how to become an animagus. He takes the form of a red-breasted Swallow.
(view spoiler)

He is Head of Ravenclaw

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Name: Alec Will Chopiak
House: Slytherin
Birthday: March 14
Age: 25
Teaching Position: History of Magic
Background: Alec comes from a long line of powerful witches and wizards. All of them were in Slytherin as he was. He now lives on his own in a small apartment near Moscow. His family lives in St. Petersburg. Alec had always loved Hogwarts and had always planned on coming back and working there for as long as possible. When his parents attempted to pressure him into working at the Ministry, he instead went straight to Hogwarts where he applied for the History of Magic teaching position.

Personality: Alec is very direct. He will say exactly what he means. This puts some people off, but underneath he is very abstract. Sometimes, too abstract for others. For example, he never matches his socks, hasn't done so for 20 years. Alec will sometimes zone off and will appear to not be listening, but he actually is. He collects quotes and all over the walls of his office are quotes from Muggles and wizards alike. Often in conversation, Alec will quote someone and once in a while the student he is talking to will recognize it and they'll have a quote battle. Alec will talk to anyone that starts a conversation that looks worth following. He always eats her sandwiches upside down. And, will often times be seen skipping down the halls of Hogwarts. He loves the topic of History of Magic. And, contrary to popular belief, he is able to make the subject fun. Alec is truly able to make the subject come alive and his students all love her.

Appearance: Alec has sandy blonde hair that is of medium length. He has piercing emerald eyes that usually also have gold in them. He's about 5 and a half feet tall. His pale skin is a result of living so long in the cold air of Russia. He has long fingers. Whenever he is not required to wear his robes, Alec wears band t-shirts and paint splattered jeans.

Animal: He has a tabby cat with similar eyes to his. The cat is named Mirror because he is often seen trailing behind someone. Occasionally, Mirror will even follow a student into their common room and spend the night in their dormitory. Of course the next day he follows them back to History of Magic or simply starts following someone else. All of Alec's students love Mirror.

Wand: 14 '' whippy, core of phoenix feather, birch

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