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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin M. (siriusyareader) | 11 comments Mod
Create a ghost here.

Age When Killed:
Date of Death:
How You Died:

message 2: by ★RavenclawReader★, Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy-Warty Hogwarts... (new)

★RavenclawReader★ (stargazer101) | 543 comments Mod
Name: Vex
Age When Killed: Unknown, no one really kept track.
Date of Death: Unknown
House: No House, he's a poltergeist
Background: Since Vex was killed, he took pleasure in causing mischief at Hogwarts. He loves to trick new students especially. Over the years, they have tried to get rid of Vex, but he is always too fast and malevolent for them to get near.
Appearance: White hair on sides of his head, suspicious grin. Changes shape frequently, though.
How You Died: Many suspect Vex was killed by a beast in the Forbidden Forest, and stumbled over to the school and died inside it's walls. No one is certain.
Personality: Described briefly earlier, also to be revealed more when RPing
Hobbies: Causing trouble, knocking down large and delicate objects.

message 3: by Tekyan (new)

Tekyan (FeliAndKikuAreMahBesties) | 12 comments Name:Anna
Age when killed: 17
Date of death: 1956.
House:...None :3
Background: Was and is very curious.Loves to cause mischief, being a weirdo/idiot, during a test, likes to tell people the wrong answers, will give up mischief for a day if given any small animal (for instance, a snake)
Appearance: long, messy hair with oval shaped face.
how you died: At night, was hearing voices from the forest. Full with curiousity, walked in the forbidden forest. When deep in the forest, stopped hearing the voices/noises and did turn to walk away. But then fell in a lake and drowned.
Personality: Funny, mischievous, odd, curious.
hobbies: scaring first years, mumbling stuff around the castle, finding spiders and places them on Slytherin students noses when they're asleep, likes to pick up little objects and talk to them, finding students' books and reads them

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Luna Diana Half-Moon
Age When Killed: 18
Date of Death: 02/07/1603
House: Ravenclaw
Background: Luna was born to abusive Muggle parents. Hogwarts was the first home she ever knew. Luna was a talented student, and after graduating went on a tour around the world. When reaching a mysterious island surrounded by mist, she mysteriously died and returned as a ghost to her favourite place ever, Hogwarts.
Appearance: Long thick chestnut curls, pale blue eyes, a pointed chin and freckles, dressed in a white dress and looks very sad.
How You Died: No-one knows but her, and she will not tell anyone.
Personality: She is very intelligent and talented, and always tries her hardest in everything. Since she died, she has been melancholy and sad, moving around the corridors of Hogwarts with a serene grief. Sometimes her old bright spirit comes to light, but rarely. Nevertheless, she is very friendly, and often helps other students. She knows more about the castle than most people. She is mysterious and enigmatic, an enigma that none know how to solve.
Hobbies: Hanging around the corridors, showing students where to go and when, debating with the other ghosts.
Other: She is the ghost of Ravenclaw tower.

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