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Erin M. (siriusyareader) | 11 comments Mod
Create your very own character here. This form only applies to students!


Wand Type:
Favorite Class:
Favorite Food:
Blood Type:

*Note: View character rules. What house you're in depends on them.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) -Student-

Name: Clarisse Eliza Keenan
Year: 14, 4th year
Birthday: December 12th
Background: Born in Ireland, Clarisse was the middle child among her siblings, thus possesses a caring loving nature as well as immense curiosity. Her parents are both Muggle professors of small educational institutes in Ireland. They know nothing about magic. When Clarisse was shown with uncontrollable magical abilities, they were oblivious about what to do with her. Help was on the way though. In the form of a peculiar dressed person and a letter. So there it was, a solution to the problem. This institute for learning magic was willing to accept her, and her parents was happy to get any help at all. Off Clarisse went to study magic. Four years later, here she is now! Still eager to learn, still eager to explore and make friends.
Personality: Clarisse was a curious one, often preferring the great outdoors than being inside her house or sitting still in a classroom. She excelled in athletics and is entirely too energetic to settle down unless she has a few hour of time outdoors each day. She was an early riser too, anxiously waiting for the sun to rise, so she can go outside herself. She has a passion for animals, and has a natural bond with animals.
Wand Type: 10 inch, hazel wood with unicorn hair as core
Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Hobbies: Doing athletic activities, exploring the Hogwarts grounds, learning about magical creatures, listening to music.
Family: two younger twin brothers, one older sister, mom, and dad.
Animal: A little dark gray kitten with hints of black stripes at lighter areas of her coat and emerald green eyes, only a few months old. She got the kitten on her 13th birthday. She named the kitten "Peanut", because she thought that's a fun name.

Soft light brown hair just above the shoulders, green eyes, somewhat small looking for being 14. She always enters a room with her head looking around as if entering for the very first time. She has a passion for wearing hats. She has a signature hat for every season, that she wears without fail each and everyday of each season.
Favorite Food: Pizza Drink: Butterbeer
Blood Type: Muggle-born
Other: She has an heavy Irish accent when speaking English, which she acquired learning English through her parents.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Name: Clary Jocelyn Muse
Year: 4
Birthday: January 5
Background: Clary had always known there was something different about her. Yet, her mother wouldn't tell her anything. (Her mother Alessandra is a witch, whereas her father is Muggle, unbeknownst to Clary.) On her 11th birthday, Clary's mother told her father about Clary. He threw Clary out of the house and she went to live with her grandmother. She is now in her 4th year at Hogwarts.
Personality: Clary is a rather quiet person who prefers the company of books to people. She does have a few close friends though. Clary thinks of herself as intelligent and loyal.
Wand Type: 12 1/4" cherry with phoenix feather, pliable
Favorite Class: Transfiguration
Hobbies: Practicing her violin or cello, reading, homework, hanging out with friends.
Family: Mom, dad
Animal: Barn owl named Brass. He is darker brown than most barn owls and has light green eyes

Appearance: Wavy brown hair that reaches her waist. Medium height. Thin. Long fingers. Wears t-shirts and jeans when not in school uniform.

Favorite Food: Asian pears and chocolate eclairs (they're so amazing!!!)
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Other: Clary never matches her socks and her favorite animals other than owls are thestrals (which she can see). She is a Metamorphmagus who is particularly talented at changing into animals.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Name: Ginger Rose Oakwood

Year: 3rd 13 years old

Birthday: April 15th

Background: Was homeschooled until age 11 when she got her letter from Hogwarts, she stays with her dad who is a wizard, she never sees her mom because after they got married they split up after she found out he was a wizard. Afterwards she had her memory wiped so she couldn't tell anyone. She has one brother who is her twin but he didn't get accepted into Hogwarts and he was mad about that. She is at home alone a lot because her father is an artist and travels a lot. Because he is an artist, he gave Ginger lessons and she is quite a good artist herself. Hrmmm.... Her family is quite rich because Ginger's great great great great great great great godfather drew the Mona Lisa and they required quite a lot of money when Ginger's grandpa died.

Personality: hmmm...Ginger is like a fire, always changing. She is bubbly and light spirited but she has anger issues, get in her face, and you will meet her fist. But after she cools down she would come see her in the hospital. Unless she was extremely annoyed. You would definitely want her on your side in a fight or in a war. She's loyal too her friends and holds grudges. She's kind of like the Weasley twins, she's very funny and michevious.

Wand type: 8" dragon blood core slightly springy

Favorite class:DADA. I know it seems typical, but she likes learning about her history as a wizard, as her dad didn't teach her much. She also likes transfiguration because she likes when she accidentally half transforms something and sets it loose in a corridor room to trick some of her friends or for or just some ransom classmate.

Hobbies: pulling pranks, drawing, doing hard puzzles, playing wizard chess, quidditch, anything that seems like a challenge.

Family: Father: Thomas Oakwood. Popular artist, smart wizard. Brother: Grant Oakwood, Ginger's twin, they did everything together until Ginger got her letter, he felt left out and abandoned and wouldn't speak to her. Mother: Grace Standers, muggle who got married to Thomas without knowing he was a wizard and he finally told her after they had their twins, she didn't believe him until he showed her and she freaked out and ran away, Thomas was filled with grief as he had to find her, she wouldn't calm down and he had to wipe her memory of everything that had to do with them and the wizard world.

Animal: screech owl. Tanish color with darker streaks throughout her fur. Her name is Blair

Appearance: Ginger has bright ginger straight hair that goes a little past her shoulders. bright big curious green eyes, a crooked nose that looks like it's been broken but it hasn't. Her ears are slightly pointed and she gets teased a lot for being an elf (she's not though);) she's 5'3 and she weighs 113 pounds. She has freckles all over her arms and face that she wishes she could remove, but she hasn't found a spell to do that yet. Her teeth are all a bit crooked but nobody really pays attention to her teeth.

Favorite food: the house elves French onion soup and garlic bread and rolls and croissants and bread (she likes bread) and her favorite drink is butter beer but if she can't have that egg nog or sweet tea or root beer will do.

Blood type: half-blood mother's a muggle, father's a wizard.

Other: favorite color Is neon orange, she likes attention but she doesn't like bad attention, the sight of her own blood makes her naucious.

If you need to ask me anything about this go ahead, I wrote this as I thought of it so...yeah. :) I tried not to make her too Mary Sue. :)

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Rose (dottedlines) Name: Gemma Rose Cromwell

Year: 4th

Birthday: January 9th

Background: Gemma was born a bubbly, tiny baby to wizard parents Meridith Foster and Jonathon Cromwell. Along with Gemma, they were also parents to Nessa who was only two years old when Gemma was born and Nixon who arrived just seven months after Gemma.

Life was all and good for the first few years of Gemma's life. Her parents were much in love, even after seven years of marriage. Then, traders struck. Jonathon died tragically in a car accident. As they rode in a terrible blizzard, he and his three colleagues were thrown off the edge of the cliff and killed.

Unlike the mothers in stories who'd neglect or completely abandon their children, Meridith, while devastated, made it her mission to take excellent care of her children. They were raised well in their tiny cottage and when it came time, all three of them were accepted into Hogwarts.

Gemma, Nessa and Nixon visit their mother every holiday. She welcomes them home with open arms and a table full of their favorite foods.

Personality: Those who do not know Gemma too well would describe her as ditzy. Quite the contrary. In fact, Gemma is quite intelligent and soft spoken. While she does enjoy hanging among her friends, Gemma likes her time alone, spending it writing, reading or hanging out with her beloved cat Whisper.

Those who do know Gemma well would describe her as loyal. She would do anything for her friends, which is why many love her. She's a sweet girl who enjoys helping others, although she is quite shy when you first meet her.

Gemma does tend to blush a lot. When complemented, embarrassed or around a boy she fancies, Gemma is aid to turn a pale crimson. Her pale skin further accentuates the point.

Wand Type: 11" Phoenix Feather Core made of Willow

Favorite Class: Potions and Astronomy

♩ Writing-- poetry specifically
♪ Quidditch
♫ Painting
♬ Reading the spell book her father left her and just reading in general

♚ Father: Jonathon Carter Cromwell~ Deceased at the age of 30
♛ Mother: Meridith Foster~ age 38
♜ Older sister: Nessa Devine Cromwell~ age 16
♝ Younger brother: Nixon Brothel Cromwell~ age 13

Animal: A black cat named Whisper.
(view spoiler)

Appearance: description
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 pounds
Body type: Although Gemma is average height, she's quite slim. Her body type doesn't bother her, in fact, she uses her light body weight to her advantage. It makes her quick, flexible and agile.
Specific Markings: Gemma has a light sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her hip also has a heart shaped birthmark on it.

Favorite Food: Butterbeer, or course, and her mother's homemade pumpkin pastries.

Blood Type: Pure-blood but she doesn't tell many that fact.


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Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Name: Suzume Shigihara

Year: 5th, 16

Birthday: April 15

Background: Suzume is from Japan, her mother a witch. Her father is from Japan, which is why they went. She went to a normal school until she got her letter. She learned a few spells before that.

Personality: Suzume is very kind and bubbly. She's very kind, honest and loyal, unless you break her trust. You won't get it back.

Wand Type: 14.7" Unicorn tail core made out of Birch.

Favorite Class: Divination

Hobbies: A lot, but her three favorites are:

Father: Tamaki Shigihara
Mother: Laura Skye

Animal: A cat named Flow.

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Dark green
Height: 5'2
Weight: 96 pounds

Favorite Food: Sushi, specifically Tamago.

Blood Type: Halfblood


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Kathy ♡ (dattebayooo) Name: Alexis Jones (Likes to be called Alex)

Year: 4th year, 15

Birthday: July 17

Background: Alexis lived in San Francisco, California with her two Muggle parents. Her parents knew about magic, but never told Alexis about it. When Alexis turned 11, she finally got her letter from Hogwarts. Her parents then decided to tell Alexis all about magic. After her parents were done talking about magic, they packed all of Alexis's things and took her to the airport to take her to London.

Personality: Alexis is very shy and will not share much unless you're close to her. She's very friendly and is a great friend. She depends on her friends and does almost everything with them.

Wand type: 10 inches, unicorn hair as core, and Ash wood

Favorite Class: Potions and Charms

Hobbies: Reading, exploring, and hanging out with her friends

Family: Mom, dad, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her siblings are Muggles

Animal: Cat named Akali

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 102 pounds

Favorite food: Pizza

Blood Type: Muggle-born


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Name: Rae Ling
Year: 4th
Birthday: 12th June
Background:Rae's mother was a Squib from a rich pureblood background (think the Malfoys and the Blacks), who was disowned when she fell in love with Ling Cheng, Chinese Muggle. Rae's mother, Carlotta, ran away to marry Cheng, and it succeeded. It wasn't like her family was going to stop her.

But when the girl, Rae, was born, there was something wrong with her. She was born with a mental disease; synaethesia. It was so rare that even Cheng, who was a doctor, did not realize she had it until he took her to a specialist. Carlotta doubted the girl would hold a magical gene.

But she did. And when her Hogwarts letter came a week before her eleventh birthday, the time was ripe for Carlotta to reveal her secret to her husband. They had a big fight about it, and the fight left them bitter. Cheng filed for divorce, and they had another argument about Rae. Eventually Carlotta was chosen as her guardian, as she has magic blood in her and could relate-somehow-to Rae.

Rae went to Hogwarts and was Sorted into Slytherin, which Carlotta was very pleased about for some reason. She came home every Christmas and summer with fabulous tales to tell. Not once was Carlotta jealous of what her daughter had.

When Rae was thirteen she discovered she was a Parselmouth, but no-one knows this; not even her mother.
Personality: Quiet and intelligent, Rae is most definitely an obvious Ravenclaw. While she does not let things go easily and is very protective of her small group of friends, she can also be mean and arrogant, and rude to no end. She speaks her mind and can hurt people, but if she has you don't have to be afraid to tell her, because she will always apologize. Stubborn though, and she makes enemies easily because of her short temper and impatience, both great flaws in her personality. Rae is a person who hardly talks. It is only to her dorm mates and a few others that she really shows her feelings. They understand how she feels totally, and know that she is so engrossed with her own world that they know not to bother her. Rae always has a face that is contorted with thought. She is always thinking, the wheels in her head always whirring. It is true that Rae is fierce and protective about the things she is a fan of and particularly her rights. She is a little stubborn and isn't open to changes at all. She's intelligent too, very quick-witted and practical; she can make anything out of practically anything. Rae is an inventor and a thinker, not one to leave questions unanswered. EVER. She is, however, too proud to ask for forgiveness or anything like that.
Wand Type: Sycamore, unicorn hair, 13 inches, springy, good for charms
Favorite Class: Charms
-Writing (she is currently working on a novel)
-Practising charms
Cheng, father
Carlotta, mother
Narcissus, maternal grandfather
Rae I, paternal grandmother

Rae's barn owl is a female called Calypso.
(view spoiler)
Favorite Food: Fried cheese (Syrian)
Blood Type: Half-blood, I believe

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Shahdia wrote: "Name: Rae Ling
Year: 4th
Birthday: 12th June
Background:Rae's mother was a Squib from a rich pureblood background (think the Malfoys and the Blacks), who was disowned when she fell in love with Lin..."

Just so you know, you don't sort yourself in this group!

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Sorry! I'm really, really, really sorry!

message 11: by Night Owl (new)

Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Shahdia wrote: "Sorry! I'm really, really, really sorry!"

It's okay!

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How is she now? I put a blank for the House, like 'she was Sorted into ______________', how's that?

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Shahdia wrote: "How is she now? I put a blank for the House, like 'she was Sorted into ______________', how's that?"

That's fine! Just wait until Sofie comes on, because I'm not actually in charge of this group...gosh! I hope she doesn't get angry at me... :S

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How is she as a character though?

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Good. Wanna RP with Suzume? And BTW, the dorm in St. James....

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Claire Name: Faziah Fairlee Fink
Year: 4th, 14
Birthday: May 25th
Background: Faziah does not know her parents, they left her to pursue a career as carnies when she was five, and though she spent those first few years with them, she cannot remember them. She lived with her godparents (the Finks, she adopted their name) for the next six years of her life in Falmouth, a small coastal city in Southern England, but they were unaware of her status as a witch, having never been informed of such things. At eleven, she was received the letter and, after having verified it was not a prank, the odd things she accidentally did were finally understood. She immediately accepted.
Personality: Faziah is a very intelligent and stubborn girl, with no limits to how far she will go to make a point. In most cases, she seems a shy, quiet girl until someone tells her she's wrong; at which point, she will proceed to destroy them with her determined words.
Wand Type: Pear tree with dragon heartstring, 9 inches
Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Hobbies: reading, writing, eavesdropping, lurking in the shadows
Family: Godparents are only known family, no siblings
Animal: screech owl named Can
Appearance: Faziah has long, straight black hair that falls almost to her waist and equally straight bangs surrounding a slim, angled face enclosing bright blue eyes. She is rather tall with a slim figure, but not enough so that she seems unhealthy.
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Blood Type: Unknown, she refuses to research her parents and therefore does not know whether they possessed any magical abilities
Other: She enjoys being seen as a mediocre witch, that way no one pays attention to her.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Claire wrote: "Name: Faziah Fairlee Fink
Year: 4th, 14
Birthday: May 25th
Background: Faziah does not know her parents, they left her to pursue a career as carnies when she was five, and though she spent those fi..."

I don't think your link works...

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Claire Yeah, I realized that, first time I tried putting on a link... I edited it though and just put a description... would've in the first place, but it's late and I'm tired, but I can't get to sleep because my cousin is up too and I hate being asleep around other awake people if I'm aware of it... sorry, TMI

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Andr ~ Endertan! wrote: "Good. Wanna RP with Suzume? And BTW, the dorm in St. James...."

Yeah, I wanna RP!

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Hmm...what classes does Suzume take? Rae takes the core classes, Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments She takes the same classes except instead of Arithmancy she has Divination. the muggle one?

message 23: by Night Owl (new)

Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Andr ~ Endertan! wrote: "She takes the same classes except instead of Arithmancy she has Divination. the muggle one?"

Muggle Studies.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Sarah wrote: "Andr ~ Endertan! wrote: "She takes the same classes except instead of Arithmancy she has Divination. the muggle one?"

Muggle Studies."

Er, that's not what I meant, only Shahdia would get it.

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Name: Jared Jones
Year: 4th
Birthday: 20th April
Background: Jared's parents were both Muggles. He grew up going to a Muggle school. When he got his Hogwarts letter, as soon as his parents realized it wasn't a prank, they were overjoyed and allowed Jared to go without a thought on the matter.
Personality: Jared is a practical joker, lazy at school and cares more about pranks and jokes than his grades. He is arrogant and big-headed for sure, but very likable and popular. Likes to fit in and is 'cool'. Jared has great magical potential though he secretly has a very low self-esteem. He talks a lot and is often sent to detention.
Wand Type: Yew, 12 inches, phoenix feather, swishy, good for Transfiguration
Favorite Class: Transfiguration
Hobbies: Pranking, joking, pranking, cars, pranking, flying, oh, did I mention pranking?
Family: James Jones II, father, and Marissa Beecher Jones, mother. Also his younger sister, Gemini Jones
His cat, Hades, is always grumpy!
Jared has blond hair and grey eyes, tall and broad-shouldered. He has a Beater's build and is rather heavy; this does not stop him being good on a broom though.
Favorite Food: Cheeseburger
Blood Type: Muggle-born

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Name: Derek Holmes
Year: 4th
Birthday: September 13
Background: Derek is the only son of two magical parents, he does however have a Squib sister. She was disowned by his parents but he still writes to her everyday. He comes from a long line of pure-blood Irish wizards. His parents are very haughty and rarely speak to Muggles. When Derek was 7 he read about Animagus and decided to become one. In secret he read every book about them that he could and practiced every day. On his 11th birthday, Derek was finally able to transform into a wolf at will. (Turns out he needed a wand.)He still hasn't told his parents about this. To register, he told the headmistress and pleaded his case, she took him to the Ministry for registration.
Personality: Derek is rather quiet but once you know him he is quite talkative. He often employs sarcasm and snide comments to avoid people he doesn't like. Unfortunately, this trait often gets him branded as a trouble maker, so hrs decided it was just best to get in trouble for something he actually did rather than something he didn't and became a prankster, maybe not to the extent of Jared Jones, but a prankster all the same.
Wand Type: Ash 10 1/4 " dragon heartstring
Favorite Class: Charms
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, dueling, flying, etc
Family: A Squib sister, Olivia, and his parents, Nicholas and Alis
Animal: A white cat with blue eyes and black splotches named Alec
Appearance: 5' 8", thin, jet-black hair, wears casual clothes always, night green eyes that twinkle, pale skin
Favorite food: Sweet potatoes
Blood Type: Pure
Other: Derek's parents are very strict and want him to work in the Ministry even though he wants to be an auror or a Gringotts spell breaker.

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Daphne Name: Julie Tall
Birthday:April 16th
Background:She is the youngest child in an all wizard/witch family. Her mom, dad, and three older siblings (Hallie, Veronica and Gerald) all went to Hogwarts. To the great surprise of the entire family, Hallie was sorted into Gryffindor, Veronica into Slytherin, and Gerald into Hufflepuff. The family has decided that it would be extremely funny if Julie was placed in Ravenclaw.
Personality: She's intelligent, and loves books, especially fantasy ones. She has a muggle library card just so she can get fantasy books when she wants. She is a caring sibling, and loves her family, but is also independent. She is very curious about just about everything.
Wand Type: Vine wood, 12 inches, slightly springy, unicorn hair core
Favorite Class: Transfiguration
Hobbies: Reading, exploring, researching cool facts
Family: Mother and father, oldest sibling is Hallie (17), next is Veronica (15), and then Gerald (13). All her siblings still attend Hogwarts. Her whole family, not just immediate family, is very large.
Animal: Cat
Appearance: Very short and small, her hair is a curly black bob. Her eyes are very hazel. She wears large neon green glasses.
Favorite Food: Blueberry yogurt
Blood Type: Pure blood

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Alice (alice20) Name: Sarah John

Year: 4

Birthday: March 15

Background: Sarah is an exceptional witch who lived with an ordinary family, who lived ordinary lives. However, after a mishap with magic at the age of 4, Sarah accidentally damaged her brother's mind, for which there was no cure. Sarah has never forgiven herself to this day, and wants to use her brilliant mind to conjure up a cure for her brother's disorder.

Personality: Quick-witted, serious, down-to-earth, sarcastic when she's annoyed, friendly to people she likes, but is easily annoyed with people she doesn't like

Wand Type: 12 inch oak wand with a dragon scale core, stiff

Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, playing piano, practicing spells

Family: Mother (Kate), Father (John), 6 year old brother (Smithie)

Animal: A pink owl

Appearance: Dressed in Witch robes almost all the time, prefers to wear her hair up, curly red hair, enchanted glasses that change color, blue eyes

Favorite Food: Cream Tart

Blood Type: Half-blood

Other: Favorite color--pink

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» BENJAMEN MARTIN

Name: Benjamen "Ben" Martin

House: (unknown)

Gender: Male

Age: 16
» birthday: September 26

Year: 6

Background: Ben's family moved from the United States to England when he was nine. There has never been another witch or wizard in his family, as best he can tell, but his youngest sister seems to have some magical tendencies. Needless to say, his family was incredibly surprised to find out he was a wizard. He has three siblings, one older brother, and one younger brother and an even younger sister. His childhood was remarkably unremarkable until he came to Hogwarts.

Personality: Though a genius for all intents and purposes, Ben is insufferably shy. The only time he comes out of his shell is when he plays sports. Except Quidditch. He's never been able to adjust to the feeling of flying.

Wand Type:
» wandwood: Cedar (view spoiler)
» core: Unicorn Hair (view spoiler)
» length: 11 and 3/4 inches (view spoiler)
» flexibility: Yielding (view spoiler)

Favorite Class: Transfiguration

Hobbies: football (American)

Family: (father), (mother), (brother), (brother), (sister)

Animal: As dogs are not allowed, Ben got a cat from the animal shelter. His sister wanted him to name it Grizabella, (she was undergoing an obsession with the musical Cats at the time) and he did as she wished. It is large and covered in grey fluffy hair, with bright green eyes and a slightly crooked tail.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Ben has sandy blond hair and light blue eyes. He's on the taller side, and has a larger build, more like that of an athlete. He has a deep, rough voice, but really though, he just a big, skittish teddy bear.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese.

Blood Type: Muggle-born

Other: He's a mudblood. He stays with his family back in America every summer, where he spends his time playing football and hanging out with old friends. Still has his American accent. Electives are Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies. (He was always curious what wizards thought of muggles.) Goes by Benjamen or Ben. Only his family calls him Bennie.

(view spoiler)

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Do characters have to be approved?

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» AERIS K. LOEWE

Name: Aeris K. Loewe

House: (unknown)

Gender: Female

Age: 16
» birthday: January 19

Year: 6

Background: Aeris grew up in a very, wealthy, semi-influential family. Her mother stayed at home most of the time, but rarely made time for Aeris and her little brother, while her father was typically gone at 'work'. It didn't take Aeris too long to figure out her father's work was on the shady side of things, but once she did, she stopped digging. She decided to not get any further involved, so she couldn't be implicated when he was caught. Her brother is the only member of her family that she really cares for any more than them simply being family, though she would most likely never admit it. Thus far, she has done very well at keeping up appearances at Hogwarts.

Personality: Masks are one Aeris's specialities. She has a strange skill for making people believe what she wants them to. Granted, some see past her deceptions, but most go along with her projection, and never discover that she has been manipulating them all along. To most, she comes across as very classy; kind and thoughtful, but most importantly sincere. One would be hard-stretched to find a thing further from the truth. She has a soft-spot for animals, though she does her best to hide that side of her.

Wand Type:
» wandwood: Hornbeam (view spoiler)
» core: Dragon Heartstring (view spoiler) and Graphorn Skin (view spoiler)
» length: 10 and 7/8 inches (view spoiler)
» flexibility: Rigid (view spoiler)

Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Hobbies: Manipulating people, fashion, politics...

Family: (father), (mother), (brother)

Animal: (view spoiler)
Aeris has a barn owl named Aurora. She is loyal to Aeris, who genuinely loves her.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Aeris's appearance certainly helps with her masquerade. Blessed with beautiful dark blue eyes and remarkably expressive features, the initial impression she gives is one of innocence and naivety. A slender, youthful figure does no harm to the impression either. And of course, being the vain, prideful creature she is, she has let her hair grow out nearly to her waist, though she usually keeps it up and out of the way in one elegant hairstyle or another.

Favorite Food: fresh Caprese (basil and mozerella on tomato with olive oil drizzled on top)

Blood Type: Pureblood

Other: She is a pureblood. The K in her name stands for her mother's name, Katherine. Her electives are Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. Shows a talent for legilimency. (view spoiler)

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Can Aeris be a potential legilimens? If not, that's okay. It's not an essential piece.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» wrote: "Can Aeris be a potential legilimens? If not, that's okay. It's not an essential piece."

Sure! You'll have fun RPing one.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» wrote: "Do characters have to be approved?"

No, you're fine. If there was something wrong, we would ask you to change it.

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Name: William (Will) Hunter Blue
Year: 5
Birthday: August 29
Background: His mother and father divorced when Will was six. He was sent to live with his grandfather because his parents didn't want him. Will's father hated Will and thought he was a freak. Will's mother just didn't want to take care of a little kid. She liked her life on her own. Will's dad remarried and had two children and he no longer cared at all about Will.
But Will loved living with his grandfather. Will finally had a family, someone who loved him. He no longer had to hide his magic. He wasn't called a freak. He and his grandfather were almost like friends.
When Will got his letter to Hogwarts, he was sad about leaving his grandfather, but excited to begin at Hogwarts. He still writes to his grandfather often, and lives with his grandfather during the holidays.
Personality: Easygoing, likable, and friendly, Woll is the type of guy who has no problem finding friends. Will is extremely brave, loyal, and loving. To save a friend he would sacrifice himself. He doesn't get offended or angry easily, and is usually very laid back about everything. He seems to take nothing seriously, and jokes about everything, even in life-and-death situations. He is very restless and energetic. He doesn't ever stay still and never seems to get tired or lose enthusiasm. He's intelligent, sure, but not very wise or particularly sensible. He's impulsive and reckless. He doesn't plan before he acts, but in the middle of a fight or a tricky situation, he often comes up with the craziest, riskiest plans which somehow end up working out. He's good at hiding his real feelings, and hides his sadness under his humor. He has this weird knack for imitating perfectly anything he hears, like voices, sounds, anything. He has a wild, untamed bravado and an easy sense of humor. He doesn't dwell on things too long, and doesn't let life worry him.
Will's a good and loyal friend, but he also loves playing pranks and just joking around. Will is a master at the art of deception, thievery, etc. He loves making mayhem, and rules don't stop him. He's gotten into trouble more times than he can count.
Wand Type: walnut wood, core of dragon heartstring, 12 & 3/4 inches, unyielding (view spoiler)
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Hobbies: playing pranks, creating mayhem, charming stuff, Defense, etc
Family: Jessa Blue (mother, pureblood French witch), Orion Hunter (father, American Muggle), Lex Blue (maternal grandfather, pureblood British wizard), London Hunter (Will's stepmother, American Muggle), Gage Hunter (Will's half-brother, Muggle), Virginia Hunter (Will's half-sister, Muggle)
Animal: Wicked, a midnight black tomcat with green eyes who Will's had since first year: (view spoiler)
Appearance: Will is lean and lanky and very tall, at 6'2. He has messy black hair that isn't ever cut or styled in any particular way. It's always just all over the place. He has mischievous blue eyes, a wicked smile, and arching eyebrows, which mark him as a troublemaker. He has a narrow, angular face and fair skin. He's very skinny. He is fairly good-looking, but not unusually so.
Favorite Food: Butterbeer
Blood Type: half-blood

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Chloe Paul | 2 comments Name: Caprice O'Neilson
Year: 3
Birthday: October 6th
Background: Her mother is a witch, but father is a muggle. When her father found out about her mum's wizarding background, he left her, but she was already pregnant with Caprice. When she was born they travelled around a lot, going to different wizarding events like the quidditch cup etc. She really likes quidditch and got her first broomstick when she was 7. Her mum died when she was in year 2 of Hogwarts, so she now lives with her friend, Maddison Bystander, and her family.
Personality: Used to be cute and kind, but now really edgy and paranoid about loved ones leaving her again. Still kind though, just more aware of dangers in the world etc. Really loyal friend as she knows what it is like to lose someone. She falls in love too easy, which also hurts her.
Wand Type: Wood from the oldest oak, core of dragon heartsting, 10 1/4 inch
Favorite Class: DADA
Hobbies: She really loves quidditch and learning new spells
Family: Her dad left and mum died, so she lived with her friend
Animal: Ginger cat called Molska
Appearance: Brown, roughly cut hair and bright green eyes. When not wearing school clothes she likes tight jeans and hoodies
Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie
Blood Type: Half-Blood

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Name: Mathias Keenan
Year: 2
Birthday: December 19
Background: One of Mathias's older siblings is Clarisse, and when she received that magical letter one day, he was immensely jealous. He spent two years hoping the same would become of him, and to his delight, it did, as he soon received a letter identical to Clarisse's. Mathias is always trying to impress people, and it nost definitely impressed his parents. They were ecstatic to have another magical child. Once Mathias arrived at Hogwarts he developed a thirst for proving himself among others, and was willing to do anything to reach his ambitious goals.
Personality: Ambitious, rude, sometimes cruel, angry after years of being ignored by family.
Wand Type: Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches, inflexible, oak
Favorite class: Potions (he is fascinated about the damage carefully-brewed potions can cause)
Hobbies: Brewing potions, fooling others, impressing people, etc.
Family: Mother and Father, Clarisse (older sister), a regular twin brother, another regular older sister
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Favorite food: Roasted Duck
Blood Type: Muggle-born

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Ayah (shadowkisss1958) Name: Honey Entarla

Year: 4th

Birthday: May 1st

Background: Honey's whole family, on her farther's side (including her father) were all in Gryffindor. Mr Entarla married Slytherin Joan Smith when he was 25, 3 years later they had a baby girl Honey.

Personality: Honey is a quiet shy girl at first introduction but after you've known her for a while she won't stop talking.

Wand Type: 12 1/2 inch, Spruce, Dragon heart string and
Slightly Springy

Favorite Class: DADA and Potions

Hobbies: Reading, Talking.

Family: Mother (Muggle-born) Father (pure-blood)1 year old twin brothers.

Animal: Cat. Name: Misty. Eyes: Misty. Coat: Black, Brown and Bronze.

Appearance: Honey has exceptionally dark brown hair at first sight you would think its black and she has Blue eyes.

Favorite Food: Ice-Cream, sushi and Shepard's Pie

Blood Type: Half Blood

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) | 34 comments Name: Cassandra Pollux
Year: 2, 12
Birthday: July 6
Background: Cassandra is a half blood and to make her muggle mother feel comfortable her father is making them live in the muggle world. He actually didn't tell Cassandra about her heritage in the wizarding world until about a year before she received her letter. They were in northern California at the time and her father took her to see an old friend. Turns out, this friend was a wand maker so that's why Cassandra's wand is made from wood indigenous to the north west united states.. But before that, she was always just a "normal" kid at school. Sure she had a taste for alternative rock music and always wore combat boots, but she always thought of herself as normal.
Personality: Cassandra can seem moody and rebellious, but she is actually fun and happy. She is well-read but she doesn't know much about the history of the wizarding world, just the muggle one and the large scale collisions between the two (as explained by her father).
Wand Type: 11", madrona, phoenix feather
Favorite Class: Potions.
Hobbies: It may seem odd, but she has always liked baking. It was the closest thing to chemistry she could do often. She quite enjoys chemistry and that's probably why she likes potions class so much. Cassandra also spends a considerable amount of time reading or listening to music. She's tried composing/mixing her own, but she has completely failed.
Family: Father (Pureblood) Mother (Muggle) No siblings
Animal: She is a white and light brown kitten. Her name is Luna and she is scared of absolutely everything.
Favorite Food: Chocolate Champagne Truffles. But only the good kind you buy in the high quality chocolate shops.
Blood Type: Half-blood. (B negative to be exact XP)
Other: Not my best work... But it's what I've got right now.

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Beautiful :)

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Name: Brianna Persephone Zeller
Age and Year: 14/4th year
Gender: female
Birthday: June 4
Background: Brianna Persephone Zeller was born the youngest of ten children, and the only daughter. She was named Brianna after her paternal grandfather, Brian Queering Zeller. She was given the middle name Persephone for her mother, Persephone Audrey Zeller. Her family is relatively poor, but they manage. Her family is always loving and caring. Brianna was never treated any differently, although her family, and she grew up along with her nine brothers. The Zellers are a well known pureblood Wizarding family. They are known as one of the biggest, poorest blood traitor families in the Wizarding world. They have all been in Gryffindor. The Zellers' life is full of the strange and unexpected, mainly due to their crazy, fun-loving family of thirteen. Despite their relative poverty, they are happy.
When Brianna was nine, her grandmother and namesake, Brianna Alyssa Zeller, died. The family was heartbroken, but life went on.
Brianna's eldest brother, Nick, got married when Brianna was ten. Brianna's family was poor, but Nick had a high-paying job, so he took charge of Brianna's finances, because the Zeller family simply couldn't afford it. As a result, Brianna didn't have as much of a shortage of money as her family, because Nick made sure she always had money. Brianna came to Hogwarts at age eleven. Nick bought most of her supplies, and on her eleventh birthday, he gifted her with an owl, who Brianna brought with her as she began her first year at Hogwarts. The youngest of the well-known Zeller family, and the only girl, quickly established her own reputation at Hogwarts, wanting to be known as more than just "that Zeller girl." She wanted to be known for who she was, not for who her family was. Brianna is quite popular at Hogwarts, and lots of boys like her as well. She plays Quidditch well and gets good grades in most of her classes. She wants to play Quidditch professionally as Chaser of the Holyhead Harpies after she leaves Hogwarts, and she doesn't worry too much about other schoolwork, much to the frustration of her mother.
Personality: Brianna Persephone Zeller is fierce, proud, and independent, a talented and powerful witch, and a force to be reckoned with. Clever and exceptionally intelligent, she is sometimes underestimated because of her innocent appearance, but people quickly learn that she's very capable. Her name, Brianna, means 'the strong one,' and Brianna is undeniably strong, emotionally. She is stubborn, with an iron will, endless determination, and a fiery spirit. She never quits, never gives up once she's set her mind to something. She's tough as nails and undoubtedly brave, and she never backs down from a challenge. She has a bit of a rebellious streak, and does not react well to being bossed around. She has no wish to lead, but if the responsibility were forced on her, she would be a great leader. People often look up to her, and she commands a certain amount of respect. She seems confident and in control, fearless, and so others look to her for reassurance. Loving and fiercely loyal, she would sacrifice her life to save someone she loves. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't need others to defend her. She doesn't get offended or angry easily, but when she does, she really gets angry. She's sometimes impulsive and reckless, as she likes to tempt danger. She's a fighter, a survivor. She gets into trouble often, because she doesn't let simple rules stop her. She can be very charming and persuasive, and can lie like a rug, a skill that has gotten her out of trouble more times that she can count. She is very good at hiding her feelings. She is often sarcastic, cynical, and snarky, but she has a good sense of humor. She is quick witted and has a bit of a sharp tongue. She says what she thinks, and is sometimes blunt. She does not seek or want attention, but people just like her. She is quite popular at Hogwarts, and she has a lot of friends, although only a few very close ones. She doesn't give her trust and her loyalty easily. She doesn't bother others unless provoked, and she just does her own thing. She isn't someone people want to mess with, as always has a useful spell up her sleeve, and if somebody irritates her, she won't hesitate to pull out her wand and hex them. She learns very quickly, and if she makes a mistake, she'll learn from it and likely she won't make the same mistake again. She has a good and loyal heart, strong, proud, and brave. She is the best friend a person can have and the worst enemy a person can make.
Wand Type: 12 & 3/4 inches, wood of ebony, core of dragon heartstring, unyielding (view spoiler)
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts is Brianna's favorite class. With the exception of Divination, Brianna does well in all her classes without even having to try hard. She is a powerful witch.
Hobbies: Brianna has been flying since before she can remember. She's always supported the Holyhead Harpies. After she graduates from Hogwarts she wants to play Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. Since they were very young, she and her brothers would form teams and play Quidditch five on five. She is an excellent flyer. During her first year at Hogwarts, the Seeker had fallen ill right before a match. The Captain couldn't find anybody else, so Brianna was called in to play Seeker after somebody saw her flying. In second year, she tried out for Chaser, as that was the position she preferred, and she made the team. This is her first year as team captain.
Brianna enjoys playing Wizard chess as well. Her brother, Xavier, is an international Wizard chess champion, and he taught her how to play.
Brianna also loves learning trying out new spells. She always has a useful spell up her sleeve.
And of course, she loves spending time with her friends.
Persephone Andrea Zeller: Brianna's mother
Wade Queering Zeller: Brianna's father, works at Ministry of Magic
Alexander Queering Zeller: Brianna's paternal grandfather
Brianna Alyssa Zeller: Brianna's paternal grandmother, whom Brianna was named after, died when Brianna was nine
Nichodemus (Nick) Wade Zeller: Brianna's oldest brother, age 27, works at Ministry of Magic
Paris Martin: Nick's wife, age 27, works at Gringotts
Jonathan (Jon) Orion Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 25, works as a magical beast tamer
Grayson (Gray) Victor Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 24, twin of Alastor, works as an Auror
Alastor Ryan Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 24, twin of Gray, works as an Auror
Xavier Maximilian Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 22, plays Wizard chess professionally
Connor Quinn Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 19, part of a famous Wizarding band
Sean Theseus Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 18, twin of Seth, plays Beater for Puddlemere United
Seth Perseus Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 18, twin of Sean, plays Beater for the Puddlemere United
Hayden Flynn Zeller: Brianna's older brother, age 15, student at Hogwarts
Brianna has a huge extended family, too many to list.
Animal: Brianna has a tiny owl named Nut. She's had him since first year when she was starting at Hogwarts. It was a gift to her from her eldest brother, Nick. Nut is tiny, but extremely energetic, and what he lacks in size he makes up for with enthusiasm. Brianna often acts as though Nut annoys her, but in truth, she loves the little owl dearly and would be devastated should anything happen to him. He has been her loyal companion for years. (view spoiler)
Patronus: Brianna's patronus is a huge silver wolf. She learned how to cast a patronus in her third year. (view spoiler)
Appearance: Brianna is lean, wiry, and fairly tall. She stands at a height of 5'6. She has thick, wavy, midnight black hair that reaches to a little past her shoulders. Her eyes are a mesmerizing blue green, and seem to change color, from black to blue to green to gray. She is light and quick on her feet, and moves with an easy, unconscious grace that aids especially her on the Quidditch field. She is slim and athletic, with long limbs, long, slender hands, and unusually small feet. She may not look it, but she's strong. Brianna has a sweet, pretty face. Some may say she's beautiful, others say she falls more under the cute category. She couldn't care less either way, as she hardly pays any attention to how she looks.
(view spoiler)
Favorite Food: roasted quail
Blood Type: pureblood
~ Brianna can see thestrals; she's been able to see them since her grandmother died.
~ She is good friends with the caretaker, Dominic Maxime Hagrid, called Dom by most everyone.
~ Her favorite color is royal blue.
~ She is ambidextrous.

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I'll take the part about her being chaser out if she doesn't make Gryffindor.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) | 34 comments - -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Beautiful :)"

Not as good as yours! I'm out of practice.

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- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Name: Brianna Persephone Zeller
Age and Year: 14/4th year
Gender: female
Birthday: June 4
Background: Brianna Persephone Zeller was born the youngest of ten children, and the only daughter. She was..."

Wow, nice app! Long and detailed, something I'd never have the patience to do.

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- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "I'll take the part about her being chaser out if she doesn't make Gryffindor."

Sure thing.

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★Sofie★ wrote: "- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Name: Brianna Persephone Zeller
Age and Year: 14/4th year
Gender: female
Birthday: June 4
Background: Brianna Persephone Zeller was born the youngest of ten children..."

Qᴜᴇᴇɴʏ wrote: "- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Beautiful :)"

Not as good as yours! I'm out of practice."

Thx, that's why it takes me a while to finish making my characters.

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- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "★Sofie★ wrote: "- -¤--^] å§måå [^--¤- - wrote: "Name: Brianna Persephone Zeller
Age and Year: 14/4th year
Gender: female
Birthday: June 4
Background: Brianna Persephone Zeller was born the youngest..."

Oh, well it looks like it's worth it!

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Donna | 3 comments Name: Lisbeth Farlour
Year: year 6
Birthday: 04/24/96
Background: Although born in the US, because of her father’s job, her family was relocated to Britain. After only a year, she was delivered a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She has attended the school for 5 years, and is on her ongoing 6th.
Personality: She is quirky but cares much about her friends. She believes in moral duty and is very prideful. She doesn’t believe in the world but it’s people and wants the impossible to be possible. She dreams and laughs for they are the two things that keep her in touch with humanity. She loves associating with others and likes to tease them in a kind disposition. She can be hotheaded and tends to get antsy and fights with others around testing time. She is very stubborn in her views.
Wand Type: 12’ Lotus root Phoenix ash
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Hobbies: Dancing, Telling jokes, Eating, Hanging out, Watching Muggle Films, boxing, reading, dueling.
Family: Father- Khalid Farlour, a muggle business man of Egyptian descent who had never heard of Hogwarts until the day Lisbeth got her letter. He was upset when she left the house.
Mother- Emily Skanindoff, a half-blooded Scottish housewife who became depressed in Lisbeth’s 3rd year at Hogwarts.
Garret Farlour: Lisbeth’s brother who already graduated from Hogwarts. He currently works at the St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
Josslin: Lisbeth’s younger sister who is a 2nd year at Hogwarts. They often fight.
Animal: Cat (American Bobtail) named Pumba
Appearance: Wavy long dark hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, 5’5, 148 pounds, well-built but not bulky (due to various athletic activities) yet slender.
Favorite Food: watermelon, green tea ice cream, pasta, beef stew.
Blood Type: Half Blood.
Other: Allergic to hazelnut.

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Tekyan (FeliAndKikuAreMahBesties) | 12 comments Name: Fawn Aria
Year: 5th
Birthday:February 15th
Background: Born in Britain, pureblood, has been studying magic for her entire life, But was very intrested on DADA and Potions
Personality:curious, funny, nice, caring, random.
Wand type:cherry, dragon heartstring
Favorite Class: Defense Agansit the Dark Arts and Potions :)
Hobbies: singing, reading, experimenting, writing.
brother-Jon. Finished. Is an auror.
Mom- Scarlet. Will risk her life for her family.
Dad- Jake. Same like Scarlet, but works in Ministry of Magic.
Sister-Sara. Finished. Owns a shop.
2nd Brother-Stephan. Sara's twin and helps around the shop.
Animal: Snowy owl named Taco.
Appearance:neon blue long, curly hair, light blue eyes, white skin.
Favorite food: Tacos, potatoes, cheese, turkey.
Blood type: Pure :)
other: has a temper, can stand up for people...but not herself.

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Gemini Ophelia Jones (Moved to Below)

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