Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.15) Seven Day Loan question

Same Book?

After downloading The Gift, I realized it was Seven Day Loan.
I read Seven Day Loan first. Then weeks later I read The Siren, not noticing it was from the same author. So it wasn't till much later that I made the connection that Nora is Eleanor. I was blown away, found Ms. Reisz's website and read every story she has posted.

Even though The Gift/ 7 day loan is a prequel, it has a spoiler in it, so is better to read after The Siren.
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Seven Day Loan and The Gift by Tiffany Reisz. I didn't know about the other books they are on my wanted too read list. It was a good book..

Seven Day Loan and The Gift by Tiffany Reisz are the same books. They are prequels to the novel "The Siren" I read The Siren First and then seven day loan but you could read them either way. On her website she has a continued version of seven day loan on her blog that finishes Daniel (from seven day loans) side of the story. The Siren is part of the original sinners series and has several books following it like "The Angel" and "The Prince" the final book "The Mistress" releases in August. All of these are about Eleanor (or Nora in the original sinners books, both the same person) as well as her relationship with the priest, Daniel is not in these books. Its all very confusing but I hope this helped

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