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Nathan Deland Nathan (last edited Dec 23, 2012 06:17AM ) Dec 23, 2012 06:15AM
2 questions. The first one is what character is the book gonna focus bcause in Chains Isabel was the main focus and Curzon was the main focus in Forge, so I`m wondering if Isabel`s younger sister Ruth is going to be the main focus in Ashes? The last question is when are you planning to release Ashes?

It comes out the same day as the shadow throne by Jennifer nielsen

I have the same questions. I have been waiting almost a year and a half for this book to come out, but it seems as if I've been waiting a lifetime.
I've been looking around for any information on Ashes and I found out that it's going to be about the southern campaign at the end of the Revolutionary war.(here's the link: it's under "More stories to tell")
I'm hoping it's going to be from Isabel's perspective since she's the one who is looking for her sister, and I don't think it would make much sence to not carry on the story where it left off, from Isabel and Curzon's side. This book needs to come out!!! :)

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