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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments Welcome my love, to the 39th arena! You were luckily chosen and will be granted the honor of fighting in this beautiful and extraordinary time of the year. You will confirm your identity, and move on your way to the train, where you will be transported to the Capitol. Good luck.

District tokens:

District One:
Male: Brig Ryderknight (Sean)
Female: Engracia Summers (Alexa)

District Two:
Male: Koda Slain (Storm)
Female: Rose Woods (Alicia)

District Three:
Male: Roy Feller (Kieva)
Female: Buttercup Westley (Eleanor)

District Four:
Male: Dakota West (Amber)
Female: Terra Hollaway (Lizzy)

District Five:
Male: Chlor Wesjet (X)
Female: Kailen Bentley Rae (Amelia)

District Six:
Male: Zacharias Hufflebum (Master)
Female: Kara Reynolds (Monique)

District Seven:
Male: Kevin Black (Monique)
Female: Violet Valendoras (Amber)

District Eight:
Male: Slater Orhius Paxton (Amelia)
Female: Faith Dilmore (Kailee)

District Nine:
Male: Stephen Connery (Lightfeather)
Female: Flora Jar (Autumn)

District Ten:
Male: Howard Cavendish (Kanra)
Female: Lyra Matisse (Rose)

District Eleven:
Male: Amill Jurrims (Melanie)
Female: Sage Peterson (Infinity)

District Twelve:
Male: Kemp Stevens (Alexa)
Female: AnnaLaine Grey (Megan)

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Name: Violet Valendoras

Age: 16y/o

Gender: Feminine

District: 7, Lumber

(view spoiler)
••Hair: Violet's hair is a solid, pitch black color, darker than the night sky, or the feathers of a raven. It falls in long curls to her upper arms. Her hair does not glisten or shine in the sunlight.
••Eyes: Violet's eyes are deep hazel, and round. When in light, specks of brilliant blue appear. When in darkness, her eyes change to look like the bark of trees back home.
••Skin+Body: Violet has a creamy, fair skin tone, spotless of any freckle or skin damage, or anything to disrupt the smooth color. She has long, elegant arms and sturdy legs, which help her to climb and to run.
••Height: Roughly around 5'9 to 6'

Personality: TBRP (view spoiler)

History At the age of 25, her mother gave birth to the beloved Violet. A beautiful child with pitch black hair that sucked away any light it could catch. Violet's childhood was special and amazing, especially playing with her sister, Jordan, who was 5 years older than Violet, and her brother, Xavier, who was 3 years older than her. Her parents loved their three children dearly. Both parents loved children, and so they had two more; the twins, Clair and Carl. And the family lived happily for years. The mother worked at the laundromat, and the father worked at the Lumber Mill.

Violet and Xavier were best friends. They depended on eachother. Each had the other's back, and they told eachother of their troubles. These siblings were so much alike. While Jordan and the twins shared one side of the family most, Violet and Zavier shared the other side the most.

But that one Reaping, they thought their family wouldn't be torn apart by the Capitol's Games. That year, Jordan was 18, Violet was 13, and the twins were 9. And Xavier was 16. They called his name at the Reaping, they tore him away from Violet. No matter how much she screamed and fought and begged, nothing brought him back.

The next weeks were the longest and most dreadful of Violet's life. She watched her brother nearly get killed several times, and as the days went on, Violet actually believed Xavier might make it. The final eight came around and the boy from Two and the girl from One cornered him in an underwater cave and drowned him viciously. After that, she didn't bother watching the rest. What was there to see? It was like rubbing it in her face that her best friend and closest brother was ripped away from her.

After watching her brother die, she was sure her life had ended. Nothing fixed her. She couldn't talk for days at a time. Her parents finally decided to get her somebody to help her. Violet wa the ony one of her family who wasn't getting anyway close to getting over Xavier's death. Her recovery was slow, very slow. After a year and a half, she started to feel better, and began playing with her little brother and sister more, and Jordan was often away at work as atree picker, who chose which trees to cut down. Around Violet's time of recovery, her mother fell ill, and Clair quickly learned how to use medicines and began to nurse ther mother back to health. About a year later, their mother healed and the sickness was forgotten about.

But the disease came again, even stronger. It became very deadly, and Clair concluded that it was a Silent Sickness, a collection of diseases and fevers that started without anybody realizing it, and grew until it was extremely deadly and by that time, people would only notice and it would most likely be too late. Their mother had Pancreatic Cancer, a type of Silent Sickness. But Clair had learned enough of medicines and herbs and other medical stuff that she could possibly cure their mother, if given enough time. But the Reaping came around and Clair was chosen.

If Clair couldn't heal their mother in time, she would die. And a 12-year-old such as Clair would never survive the Games. So even if the Games finished in time for Violet's mother to be healed, Clair would not come home.

Violet did what she had. Enough said. She figured, nobody would care like she had when Xavier died. And she hoped that when she died, she'd meet Xavier in the Afterlife and finally reunite with him again.

- Aim is her best asset. From bows, to throwing knives, to slingshots, to spears, Violet is skilled with anything that requires aim. Especially a bow and arrow.
- Climbing is also a very good skills for Violet
- She is very intelligent and smart
- Violet knows a lot about traps, snares, et cetera
- She's very resourceful
- Fire. She loves fire
- She is a very fast runner, due to her lean, built legs.

Weapon of Choice: Definitly the throwing axes. Also the bow and arrow.

District Token:

- [Halle Yean(Maiden Name)] Mother, 41y/o, Deathly Sick
- [Tyler Valendoras] Father, 41y/o
- [Jordan Valendoras] Older sister, 21y/o
•• - - - Jordan --> (view spoiler)
- [Xavier Valendoras]Older brother, Died@16,would be 19
•• - - - Xavier --> (view spoiler)
Violet's place in the Family...
- [Carl Valendoras] Younger brother, 12y/o, Clair's twin
•• - - - Carl --> (view spoiler)
- [Clair Valendoras] Younger sister, 12y/o, Carl's twin
•• - - - Clair --> (view spoiler)


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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Full Name: Faith Dilmore

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 8

Token: (view spoiler)


Faith's unnatural smallness is what has given her bad luck in the past, and now it probably will in the future too. She is 4'11, and only 100 pounds, someone that could be thrown around by the hands of another tribute without making them break a sweat. But, despite to small appearance, she has been 16 for almost half a year now. She has naturally curly hair that is a deep brown with small strands of golden highlights hidden in between. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown and skin is a light medium color, her eye lashes thick and full.

Personality: Faith is a strong believer of the saying 'actions speak louder then words', and lives by the saying daily. The shy factor of her is the first layer of her skin, also built in with a protective shield, never being a big 'people' person. But once you deep deeper into her, you will learn all about her love for people and what kindness they actually can bring if they try. She is a genuine girl that likes nothing more then happiness in the world. If something makes her happy, she will show it and not hide it. If something makes her sad or angry, she hides it behind cowering in the corners and acting invisible to the world. She hates the evil in the world, even though it is everywhere around her at home. She can hold a grudge for a long time, especially if what you do to her really imprints into her mind. She is a big time pleaser, wanting to make everyone else happy, aslo wanted them to like her. She will do almost anything to please.

History: Faith was an accident child, never having been supposed to be born. her parents were both drunk when she was created, and they didn't even want her. But since abortion was not around in this time period, her parents did everything they could to get rid of her before she was born. Her mother ate bad food, didn't get shots to help with the birthing process. She was constantly trying to kill her in the womb. But Faith was a fighter and came out screaming and kicking, and her parents had cursed that day for the rest of their lives. She was born premature, which is why she is so small today.
Only a few weeks after her birth, Faith's mother mysteriously disappeared and never came back. Her father blamed Faith for 'chasing the love of his life away', and reminded her what a burden she was every single day. He made her do all the house work from the time she could walk, made her do work outside the house as well. He was a drunken man that cared nothing for his daughter. He beat her often if she didn't do what she was told to do fast enough, or if she refused to do something, which was rarely ever. She had marks all over her body that she tried to hide with her clothing, praying that no one would see them.
But despite all she was forced to do, she continued to live with him because it 'ment a roof over her head and food on the table. She knew what happened to the people that tried to make their own living... nothing good.

Skills: Since Faith doesn't go to school because she has to tend to her father's needs, she doesn't know how to read and write. But, instead of going to school, she works for hours a day at the sewing mill. She tends to to commonly occurring injuries there. They are not many large injuries there, only stitching up fingers or applying a small amount of medication to a small cut. But the job pays well enough to let her keep her house, which is the only thing her father cares about. She also knows a bit about cooking, having to do it three meals a day. She usually finds the herbs growing in the fields around the outskirts of town, so she doesn't have to buy them.

Other: All she wants to find is someone who can treat her right and make her feel safe. She has never had that before, and dreams of it every day that a miracle would happen so that she could one day be happy again.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 1292 comments Name: Sage Peterson

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 11

Sage is average height and very slim as well. She looks very fragile almost like a delicate glass slipper that could break with just a single touch. Sage has curly caramel hair that shines in the light of the sun. Her glossy olive eyes are captivating and hold many secrets.

Personality: Sage is meek and shy. She doesn't talk or interact with anyone or anything besides animals. She doesn't smile nor does she feel any hapiness or joy. She feels humans are demonic creatures after watching the crimson blood spill from the faces of her beloved family.(See other for more details) Even though she doesn't speak her facial expressions can tell a story with a million words.

Skills: Sage is amazing with animals and they help her when she needs it. She has some experience with plant knowledge but other than some faint knife knowledge she has practically no weapon use.

District Tokens:

Other: Peacekeepers beat her parents to death after they protested the reaping of her dear older sister Floressa. When Floressa stood up to protect their parents she was murdered as well. Sage is also quick learner despite her silence

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Rose | 255 comments female from 10, thanks!

Name: Lyra (Lie-RAH) Matisse

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: 10


Lyra was always pretty, but nothing out of there ordinary, with curly blond hair and storm grey eyes. She is the size of a eight year old, and only weighs about 75-80 pounds. Her face is dotted with freckles.

Personality: Lyra is kindhearted and free spirited. She is an open book, and believes that emotions are meant to be shared. She is protective of the ones she loves, and will do anything for them. She loves to talk and is very outgoing. She believes in equality, and thinks everybody has the right to be heard.

Skills: Because she isn't very strong or never really had any training, Lyra can't use a sword, but with a good instructor, she would be able to learn to use a dagger or a throwing knife, maybe bow and arrows. She is a fast learner. She can climb trees and has pretty good aim. She is really faster and agile. She is educated, and loved to sketch and sing in her free time.

District tokens:

It was supposed to be her fifteenth birthday present from her mom and dad, but considering she might never be fifteen, her mother gave it to her now. Lyra had always admired the necklace, her dad gave it to her mom when Lyra was born. The flower had been passed down for generations, but it was her grandmother who had turned it into a necklace to give to her daughter in law.


Lyra's house has always been a loving, happy, artistic enviroment. Her family wasn't poor, but not rich, and she would spend most of her time after school cooking, dancing, drawing, or playing with Lainey and Josie, her best friend who is so close to her they are like sisters, Beau, outside, climbing trees, running around, playing ball. She had lots of friends, and was very loved. In her house she had both parents, Alex, who is 19 and works, so he leaves at 6 a.m and comes home at ten at night, Laney, her two year old sister, and Beau, her dog.

*She volunteered for Josie
*Alex was shot for protesting against his little sister going to the arena.

the sound of Autumn Name: Flora Jar

Age: 17

Gender: female

District: Nine


She's taller and leaner than her older sister was. Her legs are packed with strong, lean muscle, and she had decent upper body strength- though she's no weight lifter. Her eyes are a greenish blue, and her hair is a dirty blonde. She almost never smiles, and she's always got this serious look on her face, her strong jawline set in place.

Personality: Flora is definitely one tough cookie. She's got a thick shell, and doesn't let anybody in. Since the death of her beloved older sister, Clementine, there's been a big part of her inside that's broken, but she can't let anybody see that. No, Flora always has her defenses up.

There's this dark look to her expression. She either has this air of anger to her, or there's no emotion at all. She has adapted a slight cockiness to her attitude, and has become a bit pessimistic. She doesn't really trust anybody, unless she absolutely has to.

Skills: She's incredibly fast, is good with throwing knives, and has retained a lot of the medical information that her older sister and aunt had taught her.

District tokens: It was her older sister's district token. The Capital gave it back to them, along with Clementine's body. Since Clemmy had been returned home, Flora had not removed that token from her wrist.

Other: She has a father who works in the fields, an aunt who works with her in the medical shack, and a little sister, Bonnie, who is about 15 now.

ALICIA-HUNGER-GAMES (Greenwater) | 4 comments Name: Rose Woods

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District: 2

Rose has thick, glossy black hair that falls to her shoulders. Her crystal blue eyes glisten in the sun ans sometimes show flecks of white. Her smooth tan skin is free of blemishes, scars or any imperfection. Rose's face looks symmetrical and everyone always sees her a perfect girl.

Personality: Rose loves to socialize and chat. She's bubbly, cheery and always in a good mood. Whenever someone is sad or down she always bounces over and cheers them up. She doesn't think being in the Hunger Games is a curse. She thinks everything has it's good points no matter how brutal.

Skills: Rose is amazing with the bow and arrow but her knack is throwing knives.

District Token: Rose has a bracelet that says "Be Happy" on it. She has it as a constant reminder to be cheerful all the time.

Other: N/A

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Name: Terra Hollaway

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 4


Personality: She is very timid and tense. She cant trust anyone. She will be loyal to you if you prove your worth. She can be rebellious and headstrong. She has a great sense of humor.

Skills: Throwing knives and daggers. She also has many other skills but tricks people into thinking that she has only one.

History: Terra was always the odd ball out. She never follows.the crowd and never gives up. When she was born she was a accident, was not supposed to be born. Her mother and father sent her to her grandmother in disgust. Her grandmother took her in and raised her when she was 1 month old. Her grandmother soon died when she was five so she was out on the streets because she couldn't pay taxes for the house. She was a homeless young girl when her best friend Valeria came to the rescue. She took her in when she was 8 and acted like a big sister to her. Years past and she was now 10 and her mother and father heard of the many great deeds she has done throughout the years. So they wanted to take her back. Her friend defended Terra and Terra' s family in despair commited suicide. when she was in the age range of the reaping her friend was reaped. She volunteered in return of what Valeria had done to her.

District tokens: A small necklace of a wave her grandmother gave her.

Other: She knows where to find a lot of food and water supply.

Storm [Heaven Above You, There's Hell Over Me]] (StormBloodBlade) | 821 comments Name: Koda Slain
Age: 17
Gender: Male
District: 2
Personality: Koda has an IQ of 200. He thinks steps and steps ahead in his head whenever he is in a situation. You wouldn't guess that he's a genius because he finds everything 'troublesome' and his extremely lazy. He looks at life philosophically, but doesn't know what it means yet, because he doesn't think it's logical. Koda loves a challenge though, if he's up for it. He loves to smoke even though he knows its terrible for him.
Skills: Obviously he's good at strategy, and outwitting people. He's pretty good with a sword, being from district two, and catches on to things quickly.
District tokens: a cross necklace his father gave him.

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Name: kara reynolds

Age: 16

Gender: female

District: 6

Appearance: discription

Personality: mysterious,smart, loyal she is also very rebellious and most of the time disappears in crowds some people see her as a threat she also pretty much doesn't tell anyone anything about it is all very secret but lots people know her brother murdered her father

Skills: she is good with knives and bow and arrows she is also very fast and pretty stealthy

Other: she is also single haha

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Name: Stephen Connery

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: Nine, grain

Appearance: Stephen is slightly shorter than most boys his age, only reaching to 5'5". However, what he lacks in height, he makes up for in muscle. Years of heavy lifting and a lean diet have made Stephen a pretty powerful build. Dirty blonde hair hangs over a slightly tanned face. Olive green eyes peer intensely out from under bushy eyebrows.
One distict characteristic? Stephen is missing both pinky and ring finger from his left hand.

Personality: Stephen is a careful, quiet soul. He doesn't make friends quickly, tending to be cautious around new people. He's stubborn, sometimes irrational, and can hold a grudge for an unhealthily long time.
However, Stephen has a kind spirit and tries to help those who need help. Back in D9, he was famous for figuring out what a family needed, obtaining it (if it wasn't too expensive) and leaving it on their doorstep without the family seeing him. Stephen simply enjoys the feeling of a good deed instead of the praise that comes along.

History: Stephen lives with his mom and little sister. His father died when he was really young, so the boy has no memory of him. He adores his little sister, Lily, and would do anything for her. He loves spending his days off work in the fields with Lily, romping through the grass and making things out of the plants around them.
Speaking of work, Stephen works at the grain mills, transferring bags of grains to trains or trucks to ship to the Capital. This is the cause of Stephen's more-than-usual muscle mass. Now, how did he loose those two fingers? It happened at the mill. No one knows the exact details, but Lily and Stephen were talking during their five minute break when Stephen's bracelet ended up on the conveyer belt leading to the thrashing blades. In trying to save it, the boy's hand got caught in the blades, tearing off the pinky and ringfinger.

Skills: None really, except for his strength. He has good aim, but no idea how to properly hold weapons.

District tokens: A bracelet, weaved from strips of leather. It was used sort of as a charm bracelet. If he found something small that he liked (a peice of cloth or a petal), he would pick it up and clumsily sew it into the surface.
(view spoiler)

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Kanra | 31 comments Name: Howard Cavendish
Age: 17
Gender: M
District: 10


Personality: To most around him, he'll be considered the strong silent type. He lets his actions speak for themselves, and on the rare times he does talk, it's in telegraph- Short. Choppy. Sentences.

Since he grew up mostly with his mother, he has a high respect for women. He treated her and his sister well while he was around- always making sure to do his chores and such. His dad wasn't around too much; he worked for the government, so he'd travel from place to place. In light if this, he has a solemn detachment from guys. He wasn't able to be taught such things, so his own ideas of manhood are a bit twisted.

Overall he's a good guy to have around though. Doesn't question things too much, and'll always protect those he cares for. It's only his lack of leadership that'll get in the way of things, if you had to pick a big flaw. It's like they always say- "I might not be a leader, but I'll be the best 2nd in command you've ever seen."

Skills: His strength allows him to use hammers and axes fairly well. He's great at hand to hand, but not because he's a great fighter, he just knows enough about human anatomy to make it seem like he does.

District tokens: He punched a hole in one of his mom's tarot cards, and he wears it as a necklace:
Other: nien, nada, zero

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Melanie (melanienmo) Name: Amill (ah-MILL) Jurrims
Age: 16
Gender: Male
District: 11
Appearance (No Manga, please):
Bright blue eyes, long fingers, lean muscle, dark brown hair

Personality: Comical, sneaky, defiant to authority

Skills: Truly, Amill's greatest skill is his learned ability to think under pressure. Any theif is logical and clever in any situation.

History: Amill's parents were killed when he was very young. They were thieves who stole bits of the crop and used it to feed their only son. When they were caught, they each received a bullet to the brain. Amill moved into his grandmother's house. He decided to carry on his parents' legacy and he began to learn the ways of thievery. He was quick fingered and sneaky. He could talk his way out of any situation, and his boyish good looks didn't hurt either. The twinkle in his eye gleamed whenever he took something, be it a piece of fruit or a dollar from a Peacekeeper.

Token: Because Amill didn't have a dime to his name, he found it a difficult task to bring something along to the Capitol with him. Even as he was walking out to the train escorted by armed guard, he was still puzzled on what to take. He looked sharply to his left. "Well, will you look a that!" he exclaimed. The guards turned to look as well. Amill frauds into one of their pockets wih swift fingers. As they saw nothing, they blinked at him confusedly. "It was a… butterfly. It's gone now. It flew over there somewhere. Sorry." They shoved him into the train. As they started moving, Amill pressed a shiny silver dime into his pocket. He now had a token. He had a dime to his name.

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Megan | 154 comments Name: AnnaLaine Grey

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District: 12


Personality: Very edgy and serious. Despite her innocent looks, she had virtually no sense of humor and is quite pessimistic. Deep down, she has soft, kind, side, but she hasn't let it show in a long, long time

History: Like most people in district 12, her family was poor. She lived in a small house with her parents, grandmother, 2 older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. She had to quit school at the age of 10 to start to help out around the house. Ever since, she has picked up odd jobs around the district to help provide for her family. She bought herself a bow and arrow when she was 13 and taught herself to use it, in order to maybe shoot small animals to eat or sell, but she rarely catches anything because there aren't many things to catch.

Skills: Bow and Arrow,climbing

District tokens: A silver ring with a small flower engraved on top if it

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Name: Kailen Bentley Rae
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
District: Five

(view spoiler)
Personality: Kailen at a very young age was diagnosed with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder - or in other words 'multiple personality disorder' - People liked to believe Kailen was some type of witch, some type of demon. They didn't like to face the truth- like most.

Before the change in Kailen's life she was.. innocent. She was sweet, careful, cheerful, everything a ten year old little girl should be. She was the girl who took flowers from the garden to every house in her district, she was the sweetest of the sweetest. Some say something inside her snapped, some say she was kidnapped and brain-washed, some say she lost someone really- really close. No one knows which is the truth or the lies within, maybe if you're lucky enough to meet her you could ask.

Skills: Working with her hands, and sometimes the man in her thought will whisper her things, and they are almost true. He will tell her to pull a circuit here, and another there, and eventually she's done a job in less than ten minutes that's supposed to be done in an hour, took the district quite a while to realize that.

District tokens:

No one knows where she got it from but I'll tell you a secret or two, Kailen had someone special in her life, and they left a long trail of hope and beauty in it's appearance here, but it is long gone, and it was very gracious, very humble. The question is where is it now?

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments I PROMISE I WILL BE ACTIVE IN THIS ONE.
And so...

Name: Buttercup Westley

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: 3

Appearance: Buttercup is long and thin - with a pretty face framed by soft, straight brown hair generally worn loosely - and stands at about 5'7". She has hardly any upper-body strength, preventing her from easily lifting even a common sword, let alone using it well in any sense of the word. She is, however, quite fast and has strong legs, after her hours of biking around the District. Her mouth hardly moves, contrary to her beautiful gaze, which constantly flicks around as it takes in everything it possibly can.
(view spoiler)

Personality and History: Buttercup, or Butter, grew up in a part of District 3 surrounded by buttercups and other similar flowers. She was the second child of Brandy and Crick Westley, whose first child is Butter's brother, Chip Westley. Her job was to deliver; she would ride her bike all over her District, and delivered news and reports from other parts of the District where they needed to go. She was one of the kindest and smartest people in her District and was thought very highly of by many. And though she detests the very idea of killing someone, she holds her own life above everything else, and has done tremendous things when her life was in danger. Unfortunately, Butter is exceptionally shy and would only converse with Chip and her only friend, Jay. But this shyness was not just an unwillingness to talk to people, but an incapability: Butter is a mute, and the only people whom she trusted and knew sign language were the two aforementioned children.

Skills, Weaknesses, and In-capabilities: As mentioned before, Buttercup really isn't strong at all, and can lift hardly anything. She is not flexible nor particularly agile, and has trouble seeing in both super-dark and super-bright lighting. She is, however, very fast and has considerably more lower body strength than upper(though that's not saying much) from biking everywhere. She's generally very still - even in 'conversation', the only part of her visibly moving are her eyes and, when 'talking', her hands - and can hold her breath for nearly 5 minutes. Finally though she cannot talk, or make any verbal noise, she's learned to either be very very quiet or loud when she wants to be.

District tokens: She has a silver door key on a chain around her wrist. Inside the little diamond on the head is a badly-etched 'B'. It was given it her by her brother Chip.
(view spoiler)


█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments You guys can make a second character now, if you wish.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 26 comments Name: Kemp Stevens

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 12

Appearance: description

Kemp has dark black hair and intense grey eyes, that wont give anything away. He has a strong build, and rough hands. His features are stiff and defined, he doesn't smile to people, at all, other than with his family and his smile is surprising when seen and is very silly and sweet.

Personality: Kemp is stern and very straight forward. He isn't mean but he is stern. He is not relax easily and doesn't trust many people, he tends to do better by himself. With his family he is a whole other person, he is smiley and nice he laughs and tried hard to ease the pain his family bears. He is not into violence, he doesn't like to see it or be involved in it, though he can carry his own in a fight. He has a tough outer shell but a soft caring middle.

Skills: Kemp is strong, he would good with hand to hand combat. He knows all different types of plants and is good at survival skills. He outdoes have training with knife throwing, swords or bows and arrows, but he is really strong.

District tokens: His mother sewed him a bracelet so he would think of her and his brothers.

History: The name Kemp means fighter and that is what he was born to do and what he lives to do, to fight for his family, to fight for there lives, and now to fight in the games.

Kemp grew up with six brothers and one little sister all younger then himself. He had a mother and a father for twelve years of his life till his father died from a disease that was passed through the mines. His family went into a state of grief and hunger, they had to apply for a lot tessera from his name. Kemp was able to work in some shop but got very little money and his mother didn't make much where she washed clothing and did laundry. It was hard and it still was hard to keep his family fed.

Kemp's baby sister died when she was 5 years old and that was a heartbreak for his whole family and it's was the point where he just couldn't smile for anyone but his family, he had to uplift them they were all in deep grief and morning, it has been hard.

The day Kemp turned eighteen he applied for a job working in the mines, he hated being down there but he needed to earn money for his family and he earned more, he was able to feed them better give them a little more then what they had, and sense he was young he was put doing harder work, This is how he got so strong,


((I though men could get a job in the mines once they turned eighteen but if it's nineteen when they can I can change it))

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Name: Dakota West

Age: 18y/o

Gender: Masculine

District: 4, Fishing

••Hair: Dakota has very dark bronze-like hair. It is thick and hides the two long scars that horizontal cross his forehead. His hair also kind of acts like a sun-umbrella for his eyes.
••Eyes: Speaking of which, Dakota's eyes are sea-green, very clear-looking and very crystal-like - It seems to catch light and reflect it off in every which direction, much like a crystal.
••Skin and Body: Dakota is tan, a light golden-white color. His has lean, muscular limbs and torso, giving him a nice, strong look (The picture shows that he is lanky and quite thin; Don't pay attention to that part, pay attention to the description! ;D).
••Height: Dakota stands at 6'4.

Personality: I hate writing the personality... TBRP! :D

History: Back when Dakota was a mere baby, he was left on a curb, only an hour old. Nobody knows who left him there, alone in the rising sun's rays, and nobody knows why. All they know is that he was about only an hour old. A young child, a little girl, found him. She was only about 5 or 6 years of age, but she was smart. She waited next to Dakota on the curb, waited for somebody to claim him, whilst she calmed his crying. After nobody came, she started going door to door, looking for the family who owned him. Nobody did, so she brought Dakota to the Orphanage, where she lived. The head of the Orphanage welcomed little Dakota. That was what the little girl named him; Dakota. Of course, the Head had to give him a sur-name. West. He was found in the west part of District Four. Dakota West was the name he was given.

After some years, Dakota turn 5 and he and the little girl, Sophi, would be brother and sister. Through the years, they were a mischevious two; alwas playing tricks and sneaking out. They welcomed more children into their family; Ariana, Jake and Sam, Andrés, Lily, and Nathan/Nate. These eight kids were the best of friends. They stood up for eachother, assured eachother. Dakota, Sophi, Ariana, Jake, Sam, Andrés, Lily, and Nathan.

But that day, she died. Sophi. It doesn't matter how, and Dakota hardly even knew how. All he knows is that she was caught in a car crash and she is no longer alive.

Throughout the District, a flu was spreading. A disease, though it wasn't deadly, was very terrible and somewhat contagious. It was something in the shrimp, something in the salmon, something in the tuna. Most everbody blamed the seafood. But it wasn't the seafood. It wasn't the seafood, though. Nobody really knew what is was, but it sure as heck wasn't the seafood. Somewhere, somebody had caught a disease which spread to his family, to his friends, to their families, and it just went on. A lot of people were catching the flu quickly, though a lot still didn't. No, it wasn't a deadly flu, it was more a weakening and tiresome flu. Medicine did little, though it still sort of helped. By the time the Reaping came around, not many people were willing to volunteer. So there was nobody to take Dakota's place as Tribute.

Family: Technically, nobody knows who Dakota's real family is. But he's chosen his own family...
--- Ariana, The Girl on the Left
Ari has short, dark, chocolate brown hair and deeply tan skin. Her eyes are pure brown, and she is 16.

--- Jake, The Boy on the Left
Jake has short, dirty blond hair. His eyes are a pale, translucent-like blue, and he has slightly tan skin. He is 18. He is Sam's older brother.

--- Sam, The Girl in the Left-Sided Middle
Sam has long, light brown hair and bright blue eyes. She is tan, and 15. She is Jake younger sister.

--- Andrés, The Boy on the Right-Sided Middle
Andrés has black hair and dark-ish skin, and black eyes. He is 18.

--- Lily, The Girl on the Right
Lily has long black hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She is 17.

--- Nathan, The Boy on the Right
Nathan has short black hair and very pale skin, with pale brown eyes. He is 16.

--- Sophi(Not in the Pic)
Sophi's hair is long and bright blond, shining off of every ray on sun. Her eyes are emerald green, and she has fairly tan skin. She died when she was 18 (Dakota was 13). She was the oldest in the "Family".

- Dakota is very, very skilled with a staff, despite his blindness. Although he has hardly used a staff before, he must have picked it up from years of wielding Tridents.
- His hearing. Because he is blind, Dakota's senses have increased very much, especially his hearing
- Dakota is surprisingly very strong, however he doesn't use this skill as much as you might think
- He can swim. Obviously, coming from District 4
- Dakota can see through lies pretty easily. 
- He has, indeed, trained for the Games, in case he was ever chosen - In which case he did. So he knows the feeling of hunger, he can hunt/fish, he is very powerful, and he's quick and agile. 
- Dakota has a quick mind, fast reaction time, and can figure out stuff very quickly.

Weapon of Choise: Staff, Trident.

((I will be hiding his skills, and will show the skills he shows off once he, well, shows them off. Once the Games begin, I will fill out all his skills))

District tokens:

Other: Oh, and he's blind. Forgot to put that in his History, but while Dakota was fishing, and the wind picked up. A storm was starting to come, and as Dakota and Andrés were packing up, three shards of glass blew over. Two cut his forehead, leaving those marks, and the third cut his eyes. Though, the shape of his eyes were fineand there was no physical damage. But he ha lost his sight and is now blind.

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Name: kevin black
Age: 17
Gender: male
District: 7
Appearance: description
Personality: ((do in the morning my brain's not workinggg))
Skills: he is fast and strong he is good with knives and a sword he is awesome at climbing
District tokens: chain necklace with a leaf on it that his father gave to him

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Name: Roy Feller
Age: 16
Gender: Male
District: 3
Personality: Roy is cocky, rude, outspoken, upfront, and the epitome of the word smirk, seeing as he can always be seen wearing one. He is carefree, and secretly passionate about art and music. But on the exterior, he's a bit rough and quite arrogant.
Skills: Sword fighting, hand to hand combat, strategy
District tokens: A simple, black ring that he crafted himself. To him, it symbolizes making something out of nothing, which describes his past rather well.
Other: His parents died when he was ten, and he has a seven year old brother who means more to him than he would care to admit. For a while after his parents deaths, all the food went to his brother. Roy did everything he could to ensure that he would survive. He got a job that paid little, but eventually worked his way up. Now he is a middle class citizen who goes through girls like chewing gum. He and his brother are very close.

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Sean | 67 comments Name: Brig Ryderknight

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: One

Appearance: 5'10.5", 142 pounds, blue eyes, dark brown hair

Personality: Brig is a very practical person. He heavily relies on his intelligence to get him out of binds. He sometimes comes of as condescending to others as it seems that he is talking down to them, though this isn't intentional.

He has lots of friends in the district but he wouldn't consider himself popular (though others might). He sometimes alienates people who he doesn't know very well with his wisecrack personality.

Though he sometimes acts rudely intelligent, he's still a nice person to be around. He's very loyal to his friends and people who he even hardly knows. He's a great liar, but he doesn't exploit this ability.

Occasionally though, he meets people whom he truly dislikes. He has no love for them. While he doesn't physically attack them, he verbally abuses them. It would take a direct verbal or physical attack on him, friends or family to illicit such a response.

He's not much of a player, but he has had a fair share of relationships recently and in the past. He's a bit awkward in relationships though, and doesn't always know how to properly talk to girls.

Skills: His favorite weapon is the spear, though it's not his best. He's very well trained with bows and arrows, and he was the best in his district and hitting targets with particularly strong shots. Being from a career district, he's very adept with all weapons.

He's also aerobically fit. He runs every day, and this will be an asset in the games. He's also been trained to swim (in his district home, they have a lap pool). He's not buff, but he has a lot of lean muscle.

Being intelligent, he knows survival strategies from the games. He's familiar with the plants of Panem and how to detect whether or not they are safe (for plants he isn't familiar with). He also knows different types of knots and how to make a fire and such. He's also familiar with fighting tactics and he's been trained in karate, so he can deliver a strong punch, should he not have a weapon.

District tokens: A large gold coin on a chain necklace. The coin has the words "nolite stulti esse" carved into it. His father also took this into the games, and it's been in his family for a very long time.

Other: Brig comes from a very large family, even in District One terms. He has 4 siblings of which he is the middle child. The older two are his sisters, at 19 and 18, then he has a younger brother who is 15 and another sister who is 12. His family is one of the wealthier families in the district, and they live in a victor's mansion as his father won the games years ago. They're a very happy family, though it's unclear what his participation in the games will do to their calm household.

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X Willis | 33 comments Name: Chlor Wesjet

Age: 19 (His birthday was the day after the reaping.)

Gender: Male

District: Five

Appearance: Chlor is around 6 feet, but, being on the lam, he hasn’t measured himself lately. He’s lost quite a bit of weight recently but can still throw a fair punch with his flawless fighting technique.

Personality: Cunning, intelligent and manipulative, the charismatic Chlor wants to survive so that he can eventually exact revenge upon the capitol. He is patient and ruthless and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes.

Skills: Hand to hand combat, knife fighting and guns are all specialties of his. Although he’s lost in a rural setting, he’s lived and, more recently, hid in the industrialized district 5 all his life and has the parkour skills to prove it.

District tokens: A clear bauble filled with promethium, a colorless gas. He found it in her mother’s things after her death. Chlor has no clue that promethium is radioactive.

Other: His distant father is a Peacekeeper and his deceased mother was a nuclear physicist. He was on track to become a Peacekeeper like his father, until things went haywire and he on the run. However, since it was only days before the reaping, the Peacekeepers didn’t bother trying to find him, as they could go through all the houses the day of. To elude the Peacekeepers and escape certain death, Chlor volunteered as tribute.

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 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 2790 comments Name: Zacharias Hufflebum
Age: 12
Gender: Male
District: 6
Appearance: 5'6, light brown skin, brown eyes, brown hair shaved down. Thin and wiry.
Personality: Sort of nervous around people, but he's clever. He's very good at reading people, but he's perfectly up for standing in the background and keeping his mouth shut. He doesn't want to kill, but he knows he must and he know he will, even though there is no way he can survive. He's also Christian.
Skills: Very fast and agile, but not super strong. He's very good at noting all the exits and can perform quite amazing feats of acrobatics, but he won't be able to break some buff 18-year-old's grip around his throat.
District tokens: A small wooden crucifix.
Other: Very good sense of rhythm; he used to beat on pots and buckets on the side of the street to try and make money.

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Adrienna Engle | 8 comments Name: Harmony Carmichael
age: 17
District: 1
Appearance: 5'4, Tan skin, Long Blonde hair, Ice blue eyes.
Personality: Shy, But when you get to know her, people start liking her, popular. she's single at the moment, but she's had her eye on someone special.
Skill: She's amazing with a bow and arrows, she's good wit swords and knives. And she is the most amazing singer in her district

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) The Arena's already up, and all the spots have been taken.

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Adrienna Engle | 8 comments oh.....ok:(

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments If you want you can join the never ending arena! Thats is always open!!

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Adrienna Engle | 8 comments ok.

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 2790 comments Hey, can you alert me when the character slots for Arena 40 are open? I've started making a character who I really like.

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Hailey | 9 comments Age:12
District: idk can I just pick if so(12)
Appearance: Brown eyes, Dark skin, Median redish brown hair(wavy/curly), tall,shoe size 8(womens),and very pretty
Personality:Shy, Gets angry easyly
Skills: Can find food every where, Resistent of cold, Good with knifes, and fast
District tokens: Mockingjay with a broken heart around it

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Hailey | 9 comments forgot the name my name is Stormy falls

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