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Jude penguin

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Hauser And what does this have to do with the book? You want to have a pointless discussion like this, open a group for it instead of flooding people who actually would like to discuss books.

Kimberly Trick wrote: "And what does this have to do with the book? You want to have a pointless discussion like this, open a group for it instead of flooding people who actually would like to discuss books."

You're right it's pointless:o my life suddenly has no purpose......

Just kidding it still does/;)

Hauser ^^

Kimberly Hey..I didn't open the discussion/;)

Hauser I'm not ragging on you, then. ^^ Nothing to worry about

Bennett you wanna discuss the book?
Cause I'm fine with it

Kimberly I haven't read it in a while but sure;)!!

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Hauser Yeah, thanks.

There are three major things that hmmm leave me unsatisfied with this book - not say that it is a bad book because I do love it I just think the story could've been told differently and it would've been much better.

First, the green dragon. It's the last dragon egg believed to be in existence and it doesn't show up in the story until the very end, after the resolution. Am I the only one that thinks that this should've been a larger part of the story?

Second, the showdown between Galbatorix and Eragon. The entire series was building up to this moment and. . . well, it is very anticlimatic and less dramatic than I would think it should be. I was very disappointed with Galbatorix's defeat.

Thirdly, though minorly compared to the last two points, Murtagh. He's my favorite character and, in the end, maybe he's going to go build a castle somewhere? What? WHAT? You can't just dissolve his involvement in the story like that!

Kimberly Exactly how I felt!!! The ending of it all was just unsatisfying, too rushed..
I hope he does more books and tells more about all these mysterious characters and everything. and I hope Eragon comes back to Alegasia when he changes his "true name" if he can or whatever, and I really love reading about Murtaugh:)
But yeah the much anticipated fourth and "final" book was just a letdown on a few levels...
I kinda thought Arya was going to get the new dragon anyway, because she was never exposed to it and it just would create too much more of a needing for backstorys, more training, and just too many more books for Christopher to give the new dragon to some new character who didn't know anything.. Or much anyway.. With Arya, it just fits. If you're ending the story, that is.
Eragon shouldn't have had to leave.
Murtaugh, well good for him for wanting to get his life right and figure things out alone, but he can't just run away and not take any responsibility for what he did. He did too much bad to just leave. It's not all about him and his feelings of regret here!!!! Uncool.

Hauser Yeah. I figured the new dragon would go to Arya or Roran. I think Roran would've been an interesting candidate and I could see how the story could've been developed if the green dragon had hatched for Roran in the beginning of the last book. But then, I guess having a dragon would've ruined the simplistic nature of his barbaric-like character. Still, I think it would've been an interesting turn in the plot.

What about Arya and Eragon's relationship? Do you think it could've, and should've, been developed further?

I hope Paolini does write more (like he suggests in the acknowledgements). Perhaps some time in the future when there are more dragon riders. Maybe the main character(s) can be Katrina and Roran's child and perhaps a child of Eragon and Arya. An interesting concept, to say the least.

Kimberly I'm definitely glad he didn't make Roran a dragon rider.. That would have been bad news for Katrina and the baby and just his life. He's just a true human...
I was thinking he might make that little girl Eragon cursed a rider, or one of the two mysterious girls that he actually blessed, I guess... But maybe in the next series;) oooh I'm so excited for if he actually writes more, there are so many possibilities!!:)

Yeah I think Eragon and Arya should have gotten together, especially when I reread brisingr (I think it was that book) and they're traveling together and she disguises herself to look like a human, and she makes the boat out of leaves..:)
I think that maybe blodgarhm should have become king of the elves instead of Arya, that way Eragon still could have fulfilled his destiny/curse of having to leave Alegasia, and he could have been with Arya... But maybe in a few "hundred" years (when Roran's dead...:'(...) Arya and Eragon can get together.. And raise the next hero of the world;)

Hauser Yes, I totally agree. There are endless possibilities of where the story can go.

Hmm, that's an interesting idea, Blodgarhm as king of the elves. He would make a good king plus it would've freed Arya up to have a relationship with Eragon. She could at least be able to train with Eragon and Saphira. It is going to complicate any future series with her being queen.

Oh, yes, that would've been so much more interesting if that little girl had been a rider. And what about that mysterious lady with the cat Solombum (or something, can't quite remember his name, or hers for that matter)? There was a lot of mystery about her left at the end of the series. Perhaps he'll go into greater detail about her in a future series.

Kimberly Yeah Arya is going to have some problems training herself to become a good rider and ruling the elves.. And dealing with her "non" relationship with Eragon;) their magic Skype chats hahaha;) but she's like an unnatural superhero kinda elf so maybe if Christopher keeps writing on this story he will just be like "...and she was capable and she was amazing, girl power woohoo she ruled the world and everyone loved her and she never married Eragon but they might have a future together who knows or cares!! Yay" .... Or he could actually go into detail, ya never know... Make her more human.. Lol

Yeah Angela was her name, and she is quite an interesting character, I think he might do back stories with her sometime, she is old so that would work wonderfully;) also add her in new stories because she is so mysteriously involved in everyone's lives lol.

Hauser Angela! Yes. Maybe he could even do a sort of prequel where he'd go into greater detail of the riders' past and Angela's, kind of like Fable The Journey if you've played the series.

Kind of like he said with Murtagh at the end of the series: "Maybe I'll build a castle but then maybe I won't." After doing that to him, I could see Paolini doing that to Arya. . . I'd definitely like to see more of Murtagh. . . That's perhaps my biggest regret with the ending of this series, how he left Murtagh. . .

Kimberly It would be cool, no I've never played those..

Yeah maybe she changes her mind!

I agree, murtagh was just .. Dropped kinda. It felt like, on the last book, he talked more about Roran than anyone else.. Which is fine, I love Roran, but the story is about Eragon and he kinda skimped on him.. Eragon and riders! And murtagh is a rider.....

Hauser Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly what happened. The last book focused more on Roran than Eragon and the riders. There should've been a greater emphasis on Murtagh since, duh, he is a rider. That, too, there should've been more about the green dragon. And, really, the convenient "Vault of Souls"?

Kimberly Hahaha I know that's a noble cause for all the ancient dragons and such to dedicate their lives to keep hiding the eggs and souls, but it's unlikely!! But it was a good twist to the story, except it just makes it toooooo easy... This way it'll take just years instead of decades to raise the next generation of riders, which is just...too easy;)
He just kinda needs to write more on the three riders then the humans... Or at least give them equal parts.. like when he was writing about Eragon and Roran in the third book, that was well done I think.. maybe ran out of creativity for riders in the fourth book, and stuck with what he knew, humans... Or maybe he just became more captivated by the unnatural awesomeness in Roran's humanity lol... Which I was too;) but I did want more detail in the after story of "Eragon" ;)

Did you see the movie?

Bennett im not going to write that much, but i liked this book a lot and the only disappointing thing about this series is that at the end I kind of wanted there to be a sequel, or another series at least that tells what happened at the end when Eragon goes with Saphira to the place to raise other dragon riders.

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Jude Kimmie wrote: "Hey..I didn't open the discussion/;)"

i did

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