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Who do you see playing the characters in the movie?
Serena Serena Dec 22, 2012 07:10AM
After years of being passed up, The Dark Tower series may finally be adapted to film! Supposedly, Russell Crowe will be playing the part of Roland, but the movie has been dropped so many times who knows what will happen. Who do you think would be a great fit for the characters?

For me, Roland has always been Viggo Mortensen in my mind. He just seems so perfect for the part. The other characters I can't decide.

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I still like the idea of Javier Bardem as Roland, but after talking about this subject at length with my best friend, I'd happily defer to her pick: Timothy Olyphant.

I always liked the idea of Zachary Levi as Eddie, and Zoe Saldana as Susannah. But wouldn't it be interesting casting against-type for the Man In Black and give THAT role to Viggo Mortensen? :))

Below is something interesting regarding Roland.

"... As for who’s behind The Dark Tower adaptations on the creative side, Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind) will direct the first feature film and the entire first season of the TV series and Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend) while write the first movie and the first season of the series. Both will produce the adaptations along with Howard’s Imagine Entertainment partner, Brian Grazer and Stephen King himself (I guess the author wants to have a hand in seeing this get done right)."

My Eddie was always (and he's too old for this now) John Leguizmo because he just kind of screamed "New York"

Its so funny how you guys mention viggo. I totally thought of him at the beginning of this book as Roland. I'd love to see this made into a movie!

I'd go for Jim Caviezel as Roland now that Clint Eastwood is too old. But Viggo Mortensen would be second choice. As someone else mentioned, certainly not Tom Cruise (so unlike Jack Reacher, It was ridiculous) or Russell Crowe, and definitely not Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is so hard! I hate the idea of Russel Crowe being Roland, I lierally threw up in my mouth. Although I will proablby get laughed at for who I like for Roland. Roland is supposed to be tall, lean, rugged and sexy- Therefore I like Alexander Skarsgard with a dye-job. Like I said, I will probably get laughed out of this discussion for it but hey, we are all entitled to our opinions right?? :) I always pictured Eddie as either Ethan Hawke, although he is looking rather old these days, or Norman Reedus. I know my choices are rather out there but I am not a movie-buff, I am a book lover. LOL

Viggo would be great, as long as the brain doesn't stray to Lord Of The Rings.

I sort of like the idea of Michael Shannon. He definitely can play an emotionless and hard ass character.

Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortenson are the 2 that first came to mind.

In my mind, Roland has always looked similar to Richard Armitage ( I've seen him in a lot of roles that require him to be reticent, but still carry a certain intense atmosphere about him, which is how I've read Roland. I think he'd be perfect for the role. (Russell Crowe definitely would not be! Yeesh.)

As for any of the other characters, I never really thought about it. I agree that Gina Torres would be very good for Susannah/Odetta/Detta, and I'm intrigued by the idea of Jon Hamm as Marten.

Thandie Newton would also be good as susannah. I agree Viggo Mortensen perfect as Roland.

Ok, I have to add one more... Cuthbert... I see Hugh Laurie as a great Cuthbert...

King has to do the voice of Blaine :D

But anyways, how about Bryan Cranston?
He's great at being cold, collected and calculated on breaking bad! Also has that weathered look (that i always imagined Roland having)

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I would have loved for this to be made into a movie at a time when Clint Eastwood was still young enough to be Roland. From today's perspective, I'd say Viggo for sure.

Maybe Ewan McGregor for Eddie Dean...or Jonny Lee Miller...or Norman Reedus...heck, Norman would be a good pick for Roland too...though he may not be old enough.

Would be nice to pull a fast one with Detta/Odetta/Susannah, if each one of the personalities were played by different actresses.

Imagine if this had been made years ago and a young Ricky Schroeder had been in the role of Jake....same with young Ben Savage...same with young Shia LeBeouf...same with young Lucas Black... :/ Really don't know who would work in the role today. :/

Good thought experiment though.

Lisa I cant even imagine him as anyone other than Clint - is there an actor like him.. someone stony and moody but intelligent and refined - I think Russel ...more
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I just finished finally reading the whole series and in my head I kinda saw Josh Brolin as Roland the whole time...

Clint Eastwood haha

no but Viggo Mortenson is a great choice

Viggo Mortensen has always been Roland for me, too.

I'm mostly up in the air about casting for other long as Viggo Mortensen was Roland. :) However, I do like the sound of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as either Eddie or Cuthbert.

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No, this is one of King's series I don't think would be successfully translated into film. The Stand was a good book nicely turned to film but not many people liked it who hadn't read the book. Found it too long and confusing. I think the same thing would happen with the gunslinger series. Aside from which Roland isn't politically correct enough and some studio would try to rewrite him.

Ed Harris 10-15 years younger

It obviously has to be someone that can pull of the cowboy look well and has to be semi-attractive (King did say that Roland was a looker). Paul Newman would be a great pick if he was still his young self, but otherwise Viggo Mortenson pulls off cowboy well.

My vote is for Viggo. To bad the director of the movie wouldn't listen to us. Like choosing Tom Cruize to play Jack Reacher from the Lee Child 'Reacher' series

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JGL would be perfect for Eddie as for Susannah maybe Zoe Saldana from Star Trek
Jake is a tough one Jared S Gilmore from once upon a time maybe
Roland, Timothy Olyphant for me maybe a little young but he kicks ass and if not him Micheal Fassbender :)

Donald Sutherland as the man in black. Dakota Fanning as Susan Delgato. Johnny Depp or Jude Law as Eddie. Haley Barrie as Susannah.

Russell Crowe as Roland? I know this is going to sound really judgmental and mean, but I think he's too fat to play Roland. He got the voice, but not the look. Roland is a lean, mean killing machine, but he is also noble. The first person I thought of was Viggo Mortensen.

Yes!! Viggo!! Perfect! I cannot imagine Russel Crow...(I don't really like him actually)

Lisa definitely, and Ana Paquin for the girl with the hair like rain, I can't remember her name.. :/ Its been so long since I read this book ...more
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Robert Downey Jr. would make an excellent Roland. If they went a bit older - Sean Bean would be amazing. Another interesting option would be Matt Smith. As for Eddie - how about Aaron Paul? I agree with Thandie or Halle or Jennifer Hudson as Susannah. For the Jake character, I hope that they don't go with a pretty boy but with someone like a young Ralph Machio.

I've always liked Guy Pearce for Roland. He looks the part, and is a fantastic actor.

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I agree - Hugh Jackman would be an awesome Roland.

I think Viggo Mortensen opposite Christian Bale in the roles of Roland and the man in black. IMO, Ian Somerhalder could also work as the man in black -- he has a sinister stare. If we wanted a throwback, how about Michael Madsen as the man in black? Hmm, just thinkin' out loud. :)

Aaron Paul as Eddie.

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For me personally Roland is the hardest. As many others think, Clint Eastwood has always been the face in my mind when I imagine him. (Although I will say I do agree now with Scott up there that Mads Milkkelson would be a good choice! He has that tall skeletal kind of creepy thing that Roland has about him: For other characters I have been able to think of some pretty good people as well that I would want to see cast.

For Eddie I think Aaron Paul would be perfect:

For Susannah, Gina Torres has always been the first person to pop into my mind:

For Marten (The Man in Black) I've always thought Jon Hamm could do a good job:

And for Cort I will say Michael Chiklis, since I just added this to a comment up above me lol:

As for Jake I also don't know. With how much this whole project gets put off that would have to be an "of the moment" casting decision, because Jake's a kid. I'm sure they would find a good person for that role. All I know is I do NOT want Javier Bardem playing Roland. That had to be one of the WORST casting decisions I had ever heard. I was horrified when that was first announced. I don't necessarily love Russell Crowe, but he's a million times better than Javier Bardem.

And I know some of you have said Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoe Saldana, but for sticking to the book Susannah has to be older than Eddie. That match up just wouldn't work.

I would have loved Sam Elliott as Roland, but that time is in the past now. So, I am thinking for Roland - Christian Bale or Jim Caviezel. Hell no to Russell Crowe. Susannah - Jennifer Hudson or Viola Davis. Eddie - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benicio Tel Toro, Matt Dillon or Michael Madsen. Randall Flagg - Jude Law, Christoph Waltz, Tim Roth, maybe Tom Cruise.

And Eddie by Jim Sturgess

I've had this discussion on a number of other forums and I'm still pushing Mads Mikkelsen for Roland. Think less Casino Royale Mads and more King Arthur/Valhalla Mads. I always felt that Roland came across as single minded and generally cold in the novels, even towards his companions, and that Mads could pull this off better than anyone else I could think of, whilst still retaining the look that would be needed.

I had an ex who always thought that the janitor from Scrubs should do it haha

I keep seeing Karl Urban as Roland

Ok, so I have to agree wholeheartedly to Viggo Mortensen as Roland... what a perfect fit! I think Susannah/Odetta could be played easily by Jada Pinkett Smith, Eddie by Noah Bean... I don't know about Jake... I hope the series is put into a movie at some point... I'd be so excited to see the characters brought to life on the big screen!

Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz

Karl Urban (his roles in Priest and Dredd are the clinchers for me).

I actually always imagined Sam Elliot as the Rolland, His voice and I've always seen him as the classic cowboy.

casting roland is going to be hard I don't like viggo for some reason and I don't have alternative suggestions crowe might be ok but not much better then viggo fuck that's such a hard question I do however like paul for eddie dean

Hugh Jackman as the Gunslinger

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Hugh Laurie from House would be my choice for Roland. Eddie played by Matthew Lilliard from thre movie scream
And PLEASE NO Tom Cruise!!!!

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