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Book Chat > The day after the end of the world is a great time to get an e-book!

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Ryan Toxopeus | 15 comments Well, happy "day after the apocalypse"!

Were you holding off on getting gifts for people because you thought those tricky Mayans were predicting the end of the world? You actually thought it was reasonable to make an infinite calendar with no end?

Well, if you can believe THAT, maybe the fantasy genre is up your alley, because it's no less reasonable than believing that the world is going to end because a calendar shouldn't have an expiration date.

Get your fantasy fix here:

Put in the code TC33E and you get it for 50% off! So whether you enjoy it yourself, or give it to someone else who is a total whack job and thought the world was ending, you'll enjoy this little break from reality!

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Chris The Story Reading Ape (chrisgr) Thanks for the referral and 'secret' discount code, I'll call in there once I've finished digging myself out of this Armageddeon Shelter I accidently fell into!
Anyone ever wonder why the Maya had their calender start 3500 years before the date they actually made it?

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C.E. Martin (cemartin2) | 24 comments Maybe they were tracking the Doctor?

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