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Sedition (Political Conspiracy #1)
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Meet the Authors > SEDITION by Tom Abrahams: an Thriller of the Month!

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Tom Abrahams | 6 comments Hi! My name is Tom Abrahams. I am a veteran television journalist and first time novelist.
My book SEDITION was named a thriller of the month at, it's currently in the top 100 on in the political thriller category, and I'm hopeful you'll consider taking a look at it.

It's a modern retelling of an 1820 British plot to overthrow the government. And so far, I've been blessed with great reviews.

Please add it to your bookshelf, and let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome.

Happy holidays!


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Tom Abrahams | 6 comments Here's the review from e-thriller (a British review site):

Beginning with the title itself ‘Sedition’ I like this book. A fast paced conspiracy thriller, the reader is taken on a whirlwhind journey which oscillates between the Washington corridors of power and a pub where a group of patriots plot the downfall of the democratic order. The author’s credentials as a member of the press shine through demonstrating his acute knowledge of the Washington power elite and the process of how American politics really works. With echoes of heavyweights like John Grisham, Abrahams rolls out the plot with precision and attention to detail giving us believable characters unlike so many of the other post 9/11 cookie cutter thrillers that clog the genre. In Mattie Harold he develops a strong female character pitting her against the impeccably dressed Moriarty type Sir Spencer Thomas. Giving the reader a great plot with a more thought provoking treatise on what ‘freedom’ really means, Sedition is a great read. Perhaps my only critique would be more explanation of why the Englishman wants to seize power in the US? Hopefully, Mr Abrahams has a sequel in the offing? If he has I’ll be first in the queue to buy it!
Rating: A solidly written début novel from a new author.

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Tom Abrahams | 6 comments Here's a link to the book's website:

You'll find a lot of cool information there...downloadable/printable documents, artwork, links to related news articles...

all of it enhances the narrative of the book. Check it out!

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Tom Abrahams | 6 comments Read a free excerpt at

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Tom Abrahams | 6 comments Have a wonderful Christmas to everyone and best wishes on a successful New Year!


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