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Do you think this is a good book? Why or why not?

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Cindy III I think it is a good book. Been a while since I read it, but I like the magic, adventure, story and characters. Plus the pictures included. I am thinking of re-reading it next year and the other books in the series.

Lígia Bellini Its been a while, since i read it.. and i loved it!! The story is funny and cool!! Its a good reading to relax!! ^^

♪♫Gloria♫♪ One of the best books i have ever read. You will not want to put this down. The author is making 7 books because you know, 7th son of a 7th son. Super-duper good, don't skip out on this awesome series!

lippy A good and relaxing read. I read this book ages ago, but I can still remember the action-packed magical adventures vividly, how the back stories of some characters gradually reveal themselves as I progressed. It's easily one of the best sagas (Sagas of this sort (magic, adventure)) written in the decade. :)

Aamrah This isn't as immensely popular as Harry Potter, but is still a great series. I really liked Jenna because of her spunk and Septimus cause he was Septimus. And the plot is great. So yeah, definitely one of my favourite books.

Emma Hannah it's been a while, but this was one of my FAVORITE SERIES! I love the mystery and adventure behind it all.

Rune Really really enjoyed this series. I am on Chapter 27 of Darke now and I can't wait to see what happens.

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C Not really. It is rather cliched, and the author's writing style is quite obnoxious, what with the SPECIAL, BOLDED, ITALICISED WORDS, the "Magykal" words.

Maggie I loved this book! One of my favorite parts was the epilogue, you know, where Sage ties up the loosed ends. Unfortunately it's pretty easy to tell who Boy 412 is. His Magykal aptitude, 4+1+2=7, etc.
Also, this series ties with Harry Potter for everything being linked together so neatly, like *spoiler* Nurse Meredith being Merrin's mom.

Elaney I think I need to reread this book. When I first read it I was eight and I don't think I fully appreciated it. I just read Fyre and loved it so I bought Magyk to give it another shot.

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Mohini It was pretty good, it seemed to drag on and unnecessary parts were included, but the ending was worth it, and it was overall great. The second book was a bit boring, however.

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Maggie Mohini wrote: "It was pretty good, it seemed to drag on and unnecessary parts were included, but the ending was worth it, and it was overall great. The second book was a bit boring, however."

Yeah. So was Physik. I liked Darke and Syren the best.

Akash Kulgod Horrible.

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C Lucia wrote: "It was BBE (the best book) well maybe not the best but it was pretty good and how old are you I'm 10"

You have to be thirteen to register on Goodreads.

Caraline I loved these books :) my childhood right there!!

Julia I'm 30, and I loved it. I've read a lot of book blurbs that attempt to compare books to Harry Potter (usually, just because it involves magic), but I think the Septimus Heap series is the only one that comes even close. The magical world is deep enough to leave you wanting more. The characters are all relatable. The adventures are engaging. Like Maggie said, everything ties together at the end.

Bellatrix mentioned the emphasized words - while that is a little annoying at first, I did get used to it. The emphasis identifies the magical elements. For example listening (without emphasis) is what normal people do when somebody is talking. Listening (with emphasis) is a magical skill that wizards use to hear sounds that normal people wouldn't pick up. I think emphasizing these words allows us to read the story in the same style that characters might tell it.

I should add, Magyk is not the best in the series. For most series, I usually enjoy the 1st book the most, but I think Angie Sage didn't really get into her stride until Physic (the 3rd book). I think the best books in the series are Physic, Darke, and Fyre.

If you liked the Septimus Heap series, you might try the Magic Thief trilogy. It's not as good, but I enjoyed it.

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Phil Sutton I actually liked it. Thought this was a child's book but it was a good read and I really enjoyed the light hearted read. It is nothing like Harry Potter and not similar at all. Was waiting early to see where Septimus Heap come into it but all fell into place and a really enjoyable light read

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Emmalynn Herbstritt I liked this book. I could tell that it was for younger kids than me, but I enjoyed reading it. The beginning for Septimus Heap's life is definitely a turn of events for everybody.

Lrubin I love it IM on the 6th!

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Ft i think it's a good advanture book.if u don't like it;it's your problem....
when i read it,sometimes it bored me but it's gooood at all

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Zara Anwar I loved this book!! I remember curling up many nights with this book. I loved being transported to the "magykal" and exciting world of Septimus Heap. I couldn't put it down I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun, light hearted, and exciting read. It is not another Harry Potter! (though I LOVE Harry Potter)

Maggie Personally Syren, Darke, and Fyre were the best. I still can't believe that Sage found not one, but TWO more bad guys for Fyre.

Lrubin I like flyte the best...has anyone read her other books...r there worth it????

Lrubin I meant are they worth it ;)

Maggie Absolutely!

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