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Why is goodreads blocked by Etisalat?

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message 1: by Rachel (last edited Jan 04, 2008 07:15AM) (new)

Rachel | 15 comments Mod
Why is goodreads blocked by Etisalat? I don't get it!

message 2: by Creativemf (new)

Creativemf | 1 comments interestingly, I've consulted for many clients on the moral criteria of the UAE and the what makes it past the UAE web proxies. you must realise that western values are HEATHEN in the UAE and must be monitored. God forbid everyone starts reading Irshad Manji and Rosie Mcdonald! haha i would recommend you get to know the 'internet city/media city' communities. especially the 'Serbs - there r some alternative proxy setting you can use if you have satellites access. I had them on my other laptop - but I dropped, running thru Heathrow. Good luck! (and bon anee!)

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 15 comments Mod
Happy New Year to you, too, MF!

I think they unblocked goodreads.

It's fascinating what gets blocked and what doesn't. In your consulting work, did you ever get yourself access to an actual written policy? I'm trying to figure out which of my western heathen values it was that made them block citibank...

It was really absurd stuff like that that eventually drove me to consider witopia-- you get a virtual private network (?) for $40 US per year.

Who are the 'Serbs? I mean, other than people from Serbia?

Irshad Manji! Dangerous! They let her on CNN recently!

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