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The Basic Deal

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The Basic Deal

• At Punk Hostage Press, a book is a project between the author and publisher/editor, a collaboration.
• All rights to the material belong to the author/artist.
• The publisher/editor is a vessel for the work to be disseminated.
• This is a non-profit – we are not a profiteering enterprise.

It is our intention to be completely up front and above board about how we can be of service to our authors, to the project goals and to the community, as well as what we expect (or don't expect) in return. Each book project is tailored to meet the individual needs of the author we are in alliance with and to foster the agreed upon outcome of the project using the resources currently available from Punk Hostage Press.
Following is an outline of our publishing model from which all projects are approached.


All books will be released and offered primarily as Print On Demand. Authors will be able to purchase copies at cost. Copies purchased by Punk Hostage Press will be sent out for review, placed in bookstores for sale and donated to programs we are working with. Profit from Print On Demand sales will be split 60/40. 60% going to the author at the end of every fiscal year and 40% retained by Punk Hostage Press. Punk Hostage Press will use this money to cover operating costs such as advertising, review copies and to put money back into the non-profit in hopes of expanding outreach in the future.


All authors will have the option to have their books available as e-books. Any profit from these sales will be split 60/40. 60% goes to the author and 40% to Punk Hostage Press.


A small print run, 100-500 books, is possible but completely optional. Punk Hostage Press is committed to working with independent printers that are already involved in social justice and environmental issues, using recycled paper stock and soy based ink. As a commitment to the book, the press and the mission of Punk Hostage Press, we ask that authors cover the entire cost of a small print run. This is an option, not a requirement. Punk Hostage Press will not take into consideration whether or not the author is willing to make this commitment when deciding which books to publish or which authors to work with. The resulting books of this small print run will be split 60/40. 60% going to the author and 40% staying with Punk Hostage Press. The 40% that Punk Hostage Press receives will be used to send out review copies, place in bookstores and table at festivals and readings. Most importantly a percentage of these books will be made available for free to people that participate in our visits to institutions, outreach programs and creative writing groups.


Punk Hostage Press is committed to providing relevant literature and opportunities for discussion and reflection in such institutions as prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, homeless and women’s shelters and treatment programs. We work toward these goals by providing free books and contact with authors for people who are not able to access these things as easily as others are. Punk Hostage Press will provide opportunities for the author to participate in outreach by reading at these institutions so that there is a potential for a physical connection to writers made possible, not just their books. This is an option and not a requirement. We recognize that not every author will feel comfortable in participating at this level and we do not demand it. However, bridging the gap on literacy deficits by distributing relevant contemporary literature and providing opportunities for people to engage in creative writing of their own that is inspired by interacting with other writers and contemporary literature is one of the primary goals of the Punk Hostage Press and it's non-profit concerns.


Punk Hostage Press will use all available resources and connections to obtain book reviews, author interviews and opportunities for events and readings. Authors will be included in our efforts to promote the press as a whole in press releases, internet/social media campaigns etc. We expect our authors to participate in and enhance the promotional efforts of Punk Hostage Press wherein it concerns the projects we have agreed to work on together... putting effort into their own promotion, reviews, interviews and readings.
We do NOT want any author to ever promote at the expense of another press or author's reputation. They must refrain from conducting any promotion that is meant to harm or malign the reputation or work of others.


Punk Hostage Press has considered several distribution models that include well-established entities in small/indie press distribution. At this time we feel that we are best served by building our own alliances with independent bookstores and booksellers that we already have relationships with. Mainly these are bookstores in the greater Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area at this point. We are working on expanding that network into other regions and states, as well as other countries, based on personal contacts that we have had with publishers and booksellers over the years. We hope to grow in this sense and welcome all interested parties to contact us for more details about our offerings and how they can be obtained at wholesale prices. Quite frankly, we have lived D.I.Y. for nearly 35 years, and we are prepared to go it a little further down the road for now, but all offers of support and partnership are considered seriously and equitably. This is about a hopeful community that we want to be part of, so anything that is geared toward growing community among artists and support groups is important to us.

We are also grant writing and donation seeking for more support as soon as our
non-profit status is secure, in order to be able to provide more free books for other
non-profit programs, such Prison Literacy Project and the like.

All of this is done in the spirit of partnership, never a hierarchical approach where we attempt, at any point, to manipulate that an author owes us anything other than what we asked for up front. Our support will remain even after the author publishes with others or if the author is unsatisfied with their experience with Punk Hostage Press. We stand by the commitment to the work and the art.
We want to foster an unconditional approach based on a common love of the form:
the written word as presented in books.

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