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message 1: by A(nnabeth) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments A group similar to this one was mentioned on the Amazon forums, on a thread called 'Badly Behaving Authors,' by this Goodreads member:

She is also a member of the Goodreads group Badly Behaving Authors, which is dedicated to harassing and bullying authors deemed 'badly behaved.' They have now decided that swapping tags constitutes bad behaviour, and its members will shortly be descending on this thread to take down names, if they haven't done so already. They will then target each of your books with offensives shelving and labelling, downvote your positive reviews and, in extreme cases, post fake one star reviews.

If they've already taken down your names, there's not much point in deleting your membership in this group. Complain to Goodreads about this harassment.

You might also want to take a look at this website: It was created by Goodreads members who were being harassed and persecuted. You might find it interesting.

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (citywoman) | 86 comments I agree with Kandie. If I do a review it is completely honest. That bullying is pretty disgraceful and so poles apart from the Goodreads' concept.

message 3: by A(nnabeth) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments Ginmar wrote: "Except A(nnabeth) is lying. A(nnabeth) goes around defending authors who behave badly and stalk reviewers who give them less than five star reviews. This comment by her is harassment, considering ..."

The site I linked to, Stop the GR Bullies, has posted publicly available information only. That Ginmar would describe this as harassment or somehow illegal says a lot about the author stalkers and bullies gang of which she is a member.
In any case, I was warning authors that there is a group at work which seems to consider tag swapping as 'bad behaviour' and will punish authors who engage in it accordingly.

To get a measure of what this means, check out any book by Peggy Holloway. What happened to her can happen to you.

You have been warned.

message 4: by A(nnabeth) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments All I can say at this point is: go and check out the site and judge for yourselves. Authors have been hounded and stalked by members of the Badly Behaved Authors crowd merely for posting a comment on a blog. They've gone after reviewers as well, but that is usually harder to do. If an author rubs them the wrong way, it's easy to take it out on their books. So if you have books listed on Goodreads or Amazon, be very careful.

But don't take my word for it: try asking these authors youselves. Many are here on Goodreads, though some left because they couldn't take the hounding.

Oh, and Happy New Year to you too, Ginmar dearie.

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim Parish | 2 comments How about you point out the specific blog and comment to which you refer? Any GR member is free to shelve books any way he/she wishes, if that's what you mean by "it's easy to take it out on their books". If you mean bad actual reviews, it is my belief that the 'crowd' posts bad reviews only for poorly written books.

message 6: by A(nnabeth) (last edited Jan 01, 2013 08:11AM) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments My goodness, I see that the word is out on the BBA group (ginmar, jimmy)that I have issued a warning to authors. I suspect that they will shortly be descending en masse to give me a piece of their minds, so I plan to make this my last post here.

Ginmar dearie, just because someone disagrees with you or tells you some unpleasant home truths doesn't make it 'lying'. On the other hand, posting a very long, self indulgent screed about how you've been receiving death threats for which you are unwilling to provide any proof whatsoever might well be called lying.

Jimmy, I suggest you go and read that site I mentione, particularly the second last entry (Bully Hipocrisy) if you want to learn more. Right now,what you're doing is wasting my time.

As for everyone else, I have said what I came here to say. There is no sense belabouring the point, which is that there exists a group of self appointed reviewers and internet police, roughly identical with the members of the BBA group here on GR, whose mission it is to make life as unpleasant as possible for self published authors. You can find a list of their names (most of them) on the sidebar of theSTGRB site. Now that you have this information, the rest is in your hands.

Happy New Year to all.

A(nnabeth) Hole, over and out.

message 7: by A(nnabeth) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments What is the point of your comment, posted 3 months after the last one?

message 8: by A(nnabeth) (new)

A(nnabeth) Hole | 6 comments I most certainly do agree that water is wet. That must be the first true statement you've made since I've known you.

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