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Waters of Grace: Christianity for the Nonreligious
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message 1: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 2 comments Hello, I just submitted my application to be a Goodreads author. It hasn't been approved yet, but in the meantime, I already add the Kindle version of it:

In the next few weeks, the paperback will also be published. Do I have to wait until it is officially published to add it to Goodreads? All the information is here:

And if one of the Librarians can do me the awesome favor of adding it, can they also link it to the existing Kindle record? That way it will show up as one book in different formats, and not two different books.

I've been doing my homework and seen that it's good to create giveaways before the book is published and I was wondering how that was possible. I think I may have found my answer. Thanks in advanced!

message 2: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments We certainly can. And here it is:

Did you contribute to either of the following books?

message 3: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 2 comments That was really fast and awesome! And no, I'm not the author of those two other books. That was going to be my next question, on getting help with that. Thank you so much!

message 4: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments OK, seeing as that was an empty profile I've moved them.

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