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(Am I both?)

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(Let me think it over)

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The scarecrow glanced at his watch and sighed, the sigh became a cough and he doubled over for a minute, hacking. When he straightened up he glanced at his watch again, and sighed again. for twenty seven hours he had been toiling away in this old dilapidated supermarket, it had been a good two days since he had last slept, and he couldn't remember the last time he had eaten a proper meal. But neither his hunger nor his fatigue mattered now. The only want in the Scarecrow's mind was to cause fear. He craved it like a drug.
Scarecrow swung his tall emaciated frame up onto a empty shelf, checking and double checking the row of gas sprayers arranged there. Though they were shut off, trace amounts of the fear gas caused his throat to tighten and his pulse to quicken, shadows at the edge of his vision flickered and warped into nightmarish shapes, only to melt away when looked at directly.
But though scarecrow showed the physical signs of fear, the flush cheeks and pumping adrenaline did not reflect his inner feelings. He had long since become emotionally immune to the affects of his noxious vapor. Nothing excited Scarecrow; a man who lived constantly in a world of his own nightmares; save the fear of others. And that was what tonight was about. Tonight would be perfect, never before had such terror ripped apart the minds of so many people. like all of his scares it was going to be bigger, better than any before. Because scarecrow was addicted, and each "hit" had to be more potent than the last, just to get the same effect.

((Just a start))

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(A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! ^^ i cant wait to read more o.o )

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(Donts forget about the riddler too Damian)

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The scarecrow perched on the roof as the fifty odd young men and women made their way into the old building, many of them under the influence already, the lengthy process hurt the scarecrow like a wound. He needed fear. And he needed it now. The young drunkards stumbled about the decrepit building, exploring and cursing as often as they fell over. At last they were all in place, gathered in the center of the store around a makeshift podium. A semi hush fell and as the young man who had once been the captain of the football team stood up to make a speech, the scarecrow began to move. His spindly finger flipped a small switch starting up his machine of horror. He checked his costume, the ratty clothes, the gas mask and burlap sack, all was In place. As the store turned machine around him shuddered into motion the scarecrow's body tensed. For a moment he and his contraption were both paused before action and time seemed to slow down. Then the scarecrow dropped, a straight razor in hand. He landed on the once captain. And deftly cut his throat. The ease and speed at which this was done was lost on the audience who erupted into screams, just as the gas began to pour and the effects began to come alive.
Monstrous forms reared up from the dark recesses of the store. Knives and blades sprung into action and around it all the gas poured a swirled. To be in that place was to be in the worst nightmare one could imagine, a few of the group's heart stopped with in the first minute, but most stayed alive the scarecrow didn't want to murder these little people, after all, he wanted their terror. And they Were terrified, they watched as their skin split and cracked. They saw their friends morf into loved ones who were slaughtered horrifically by wires that slid from the walls. Blood mingled with the fear gas, making it a choking pink smog that muted the sounds of machines and amplified the cries of terror and despair. And through it all the scarecrow sat and laughed, and deep hoarse laugh that cracked often. He felt so alive, his mind was sharper with every cry for help, every scream of agony gave him a burst of energy. The weeks without food and sleep disappeared and he was filled with vigor, he danced around the traps and prone bodies. The screams still rising in pitch as the victims snapped, and the monstrous creatures of imagination plunged them into insanity. Scarecrow rose above them, his tall frame silhouetted against the flashes of fake lightning.

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((Almost done. I swear))

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Redhood knocked down the door, his gun raised and loaded. He stalked into the smoggy building, protected by his helmet. All around lay the screaming insane, their blood coated the floor and walls, mixing with the fear gas to create a thick fog that clung to Redhood's clothing as he moved through the building. Scarecrow had vanished as Redhood entered, but his devilish laughter still floated around the dark interior, just audible over the low moans and wild cries of the suffering victims. With terrify swiftness Scarecrow sprung from the darkness, a large scythe in one hand and hose leading to a plastic bag in the other. Redhood fired twice but the bullets sailed through the scarecrows baggy shirt, missing his emaciated torso by several inches. Scarecrow wrapped the bag around Redhood's head, synching it closed on his neck then sprung past him, using his scythe blade to knock Redhood's feet out from under him. Redhood tore at the plastic, but it fit too tightly to get a finger under, the bag seemed to contract down around his helmet, while the fear gas trickled in. Redhood held his breath, his heart racing as he desperately tried to remove the suffocating plastic. He thrashed about as the noxious fumes wound their way through the cracks in his helmet, tickling his nose. The Scarecrow perched next to him, his scythe resting on his shoulders. This was simply too good. The more confidant the victim, the more they feared him in the end.
Redhood choked and gasped. his panicked breaths sucking the chemicals into his lungs. As the potent mixture took control, the room shifted and morphed into cavernous cellar, and his helmet and clothes Into the mysterious chemicals of R'as Al Gul's pit. Redhood began to violently shake as he felt the sickly sweet mixture slide into his nose and mouth, coating his throat and heart with thick heavy liquid. Then the humming began and Redhood convulsed in on himself. Tearing at his skin and clothes. The humming rose in pitch until in climaxed in a blistering shock of pain. As Redhood lay on the ground of the abandoned supermarket his mind and body were forced to recall and endure the absolute pain and terror of the pit. The agony of thousands of volts of electricity trying to wrench life from the grave, and the terror of the penetrating liquid's foreignness in his own throat and blood stream. For a long while Scarecrow stood over the broken and petrified Jason Todd. He watched as Jason threw up in his helmet, choked on the bile and then threw up again. He watched as Jason rubbed the skin of his neck to a bloody pulp, trying in vain to remove the bag. He watched until the sun rose and cast it's light on the soiled remains of Redhood. Then the Scarecrow stood and left. Still chuckling softly.

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((Finished, what y'all think?))

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o.o scary but....


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YES YES YES..ill be scared of him tho i didnt meet him o.o

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who is that? and maybe we should get some more Heroes? we seem to be lacking in that department.

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xD i cant play heros xP i suck at being the good guy

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as do I

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And you say you loved my Poison Ivy? O_O that was nothing compared to your's. This, was brilliantly terrifying..>.< *rolls up sleeve of jacket* See that? that's goosebumps

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Ha, thanks, I haven't gotten a chance to play him much yet.

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I pity the poor hero that should come across Scarecrow >;)

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Well there aren't many heroes in this group. And those there are seem to fluctuate almost immediately.

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That's cuz the heroes fear us villians >;)

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I don't think so, Damian; the more groups I'm in the less time I spend in any of them.

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I can join, but my point is I won't be very active, which I assume is what you want

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