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Two face is inside the gotham bank flipping his coin and catches it as it lands on heads and it turns 2:22 and right as it turns the vault blows up and he grins as he steps inside and looks at the milliond of gold bars. He looked at the time again and looked around "Wheres that bat " he said his voice like gravel

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His good side of his face turns to a handsome grin as the bad side turns to a sharp toothed grin "My looks like the coin landed on the right side today then " He said while his other hand plays with his gun

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He lets out a growl which sounds like a lions roar "Lets get this done " He calls his grunts to go and take on batman while two face takes out his two guns and starts shooting them at robin with amazing aim

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"Twos my lucky number batman i was hoping you showed up though give this show a bit more fun " Two face motioned for his grunts to attack him again and finally tie him down in chains and walked him to the edge of the tall building as he chuckled walking next to him flipping his coin as robin all tied up hangs upside down almost being hung at the same time "Let me see batman..which side do you choose..Heads or tails?" He laughs

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He chuckled "Fine then..bats gets heads i get tails " He grins at them both flipping the coin in the air high then landing on his hand as he covers it aa sly smirk on his lips "It is.." he waits a moment then looks at it "Tails " He grinned "Well my job is done farwell and see you soon " He laughed walking off as the grunts stay pushing them off the building

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(I knows o.o xD i am watching lil brother so he peeps a lot >_> other wise xD haha yea it would be more viscous trust me ^^ )

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(Hmms >^ here let me try somethin xD so lets say they just tryin pushin batman off xD i kinda like robin better )

Two-Face suddenly stops and he grins wickedly and grabs robin now the rope around his neck tightening "Hmm hello there Robin..Seems like your bat is in a trouble-some situation " he chuckled " How about we play a game?" he looked at him his grip never losing and if he tried to escape he would cause his own death by hanging himself

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( o.o he is perfect for scarecrow xD )

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(Cool ^^)

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(Nightwing xD kinda like harley with the felxiablity and stuff just..good right?)

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(xD so like a mix of robin, harley, and batman xD weird )

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