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Andrew Klavan's new book

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Mojoboy31 "If We Survive" is excellent. I'm about halfway through, and anyone who enjoyed The Homelanders, needs to read If We Survive.

Daniel I'm getting "If We Survive" for Christmas and am dying to read it.

MizziQ Awesome! Thanks! Usually don't see this stuff so I appreciate you posting about it! :)

Mojoboy31 @Daniel... It's really good!


No problem :)

Daniel Awesome! Anything YA Andrew Klavan is just beast to the extreme.

Hollz okay i bought 'if we survive' and started reading it.... but it actually was really boring! like i just dont like how he wrote it. like the main dude was telling a story, and it was not just happening like RIGHT THEIR! instead it was all in the past.... if you even know what i am talking about.

and it might not have been like that the whole book, but as far as i got it was kind of boring. :( which is sad because i love Andrew Klavan

Mojoboy31 @Daniel,

I'm right there with you! lol


Oh, I know what you mean. The beginning is very slow. The way he tries to describe the other missionaries, and the stuff. It takes awhile to get into it. Which is strange, cause Klavan's other books catch you on the first line.

The other weird thing, is that the protagonist is not the best character in the book. Another strange one for a Klavan novel.

The rude pilot who the protagonist kinda hates at the beginning turns into the book'best character, hands down. Probably one of Klavan's best characters ever.

Since you bought it, I would recommend picking it back up on a day when you're bored, and giving it a second chance. I think it'll surprise you.

Hollz is it like in past fence the WHOLE time? because I really did want to read it but it was just SO boring! well no, I take that back... it was not boring just it did not catch my attention.

Mojoboy31 Past tense, yes. All of Klavan's books are in past tense, "said, did, was". None of his books use the "says, does, is".

The book opens with the shooting in the cantina, then goes into "background mode" with the missionaries, and the background mode is quite boring.

It gets back to the shooting by like chapter four, I think. After the shooting, it's a little bit of sitting around and talking, then they get taken somewhere else, and there's some more sitting around, and talking. But directly after that, it jumps into perilous danger mode, and really cranks up the action, and danger.

Hollz ok.... well I guess I will read it. can't stay on my shelf forever! but next on my booklist is ' Grave Consequences ' THEN I will read it!... hopfully ..

Mojoboy31 Never heard of Grave Consequences.

notyourfriend What is it?

Hollz its a girl book.... Hehe, but it is the second book to grand tour series.... its really Good!

@mojo: have you read swipe? well I guess I could go look at your books but I am to lazy. :)

notyourfriend *shrugs*

Mojoboy31 Never heard of Swipe.


Hollz hmmm....

Daniel *shrugs* LOL!

Have you guys heard of the new book coming out this year??? "Nightmare City" by Andrew Klavan is coming out in November (such a long time).

Hollz nope.... sounds creepy. what's it about?

Mojoboy31 Oooh! I can't wait!... I still have to read Killer In The Wind.

Daniel Hollz wrote: "nope.... sounds creepy. what's it about?"

I'm not sure what its about. But its YA fiction. Killer in the Wind is Adult.

notyourfriend Nightmare city.... I like the title ;)

Mojoboy31 Nightmare City is YA!???????

Hollz oohhh ill have to read it, I love action things!

Daniel Mojoboy31 wrote: "Nightmare City is YA!???????"

Yep. =D

Hollz wait are you waiting for killer city or killer in the wind? andrew klavan has the weirdest titles!

Mojoboy31 Nightmare City is going to be YA!

Killer In The Wind is for adults.

Hollz oh. right. I totally new that! he. he. he:) I will maybe ( only maybe) read it someday!

Mojoboy31 I've read one of Klavan's adult books. It was good, but definitely rated R. And I tried to read a few of his others, but gave up after the first few chapters.

Hollz why was rated R? .... maybe I shouldn't be asking that. ;)

Mojoboy31 It wasn't what was rated R, but what wasn't rated R? lol. Strong language, strong violence, and strong other things too. The book I gave up on, the protagonist tries to explain what a messed up jerk that he used to be, and his descriptions are quite graphic.

Hollz hmmm... so why exactly did you read this? :)

Mojoboy31 The story sounded good. I had just finished off the Homelanders, and was desperately waiting for Crazy Dangerous to come out. It was free from the library...

I didn't know at the time that it was that bad, and I didn't read it, I quit in chapter three... Not that I couldn't have finished it, but I didn't want to.

Daniel Mojoboy31 wrote: "The story sounded good. I had just finished off the Homelanders, and was desperately waiting for Crazy Dangerous to come out. It was free from the library...

I didn't know at the time that it was ..."

I want to read his Adult stuff. . .but then I don't. You have kind of reinforced that suspicion. I'll probably read one just to say I did. Sometime in the way future that is.

Hollz yeah.... he's definitely not my favorite auther, but I still love the homelanders, but that's probably the only good book by him. to me I mean.

Mojoboy31 @Hollz,

The Homelanders is actually four books, lol!


I enjoyed The Identity Man. It's storyline was great, the pacing was good, the message was pretty great. There were a few scenes that pushed my tolerance, and one that was just off the wall strange.

notyourfriend @ Mojoboy31: Wait so you havent read Crazy Dangerous yet?!

Mojoboy31 @Paigetwo,

Yes, I'm read Crazy Dangerous. Even reviewed it cause I liked it so much! The only "adult" Klavan book that I finished was The Identity Man. And I read it before Crazy Dangerous was out.

notyourfriend Oh. ok ;)

Mojoboy31 Crazy Dangerous might just be my favorite YA book ever.

notyourfriend Yea right! ;) Its just soo great! I wish it was a series. I miss Sam, and even Jennifer ;)

Mojoboy31 YES! Me too!

Daniel Mojoboy31 wrote: "YES! Me too!"

LOL! Me too.

notyourfriend ;) Looks like were on the same team again. What about you HOLLZ? Oh wait didnt you say you didnt read Crazy Dangerous?

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