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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 4 comments Dear fellow readers,

We are a group of students researching the subject of "the importance of speed reading on E-books".
We would appreciate if you would be able to fill out our survey (link below).
It will only take 2 minutes of your time :)

Thank you very much!
P.S - this post was cleared with Kara before posting.


message 2: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 766 comments I asnwered as well but I´m not sure if the education information was correct, since I´m Finnish and our school systems are quite different :)

message 3: by Georgina (new)

Georgina (georginathelibrarian) Same about the education system, I have a postgraduate degree, it is a Masters not a PHD, but I am not a standard graduate. Never mind.
Also I think you could have done to ask a bit more about reading habits, I wouldn't be interested in the software because I already read at a very high speed so do not feel it would be necessary but there was no option to input additional information.

message 4: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 4 comments Thanks alot... It's a very general survey that will help us understand the relationship between the importance of time saving and that effect on people's need to speed read. It's important to mention that the application suggested in the survey is hypothetical, and allows you to read faster without losing any information - It's not skimming, it will just allow faster reading.

message 5: by Kara, TBR Twins (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3965 comments Thanks, Dan! Will you be following up with the group on the results of the survey and your hypothetical tool?

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 4 comments sure thing! we recieved almost half the wanted amount of people to answer the survey! thanks alot...!
We will analyze the results using SPSS when we have enough answers :)

message 7: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 4 comments were almost there!

message 8: by Robyn (new)

Robyn | -15 comments done, good luck with your research!

message 9: by April Lyn (new)

April Lyn (aprilallyear) I don't understand how an application could help me read faster. I think I'd need to understand the premise behind it before I could truly say if I was interested or not. Reading faster doesn't necessarily mean that your comprehension/enjoyment level is the same..

message 10: by Maria (new)

Maria (reereads) | 136 comments I JUST gave in to an eReader and am on my 2nd book with it. I am reading alot faster using it, I don't miss holding a book as much as I thought that I would. Let's see, Im only on book #2 and it's only day 2. Things can change! lol

Mary  (Biblophile) | 315 comments I already read fairly fast, so don't see how an application would help. The point is to enjoy what you read, not race to the finish line. I do find my Kindle is much easier on the eyes and therefore, makes reading go faster. I still love the feel of a real book, though.

message 13: by Sheena (new)

Sheena | 174 comments Done!!! Good Luck

message 14: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) I did it. Not really important how fast I read any book.

message 15: by Bárbara (new)

Bárbara (barbarawmf) Done!

message 16: by Craig (new)

Craig | 826 comments Completed the survey

message 17: by Shasta (new)

Shasta Lantz (shastahun) Completed :)

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahmarie902) | 1 comments completed :)

message 19: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashleycrisseda) Completed.

message 20: by Robert (new)

Robert (robet12) | 5 comments Completed

message 21: by Alison (new)

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1083 comments Done! And to let you know I graduated with an Associates degree. i might go back for my bachelors later. I put Undergraduate.

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